How to Be Productive as a Software Engineer | My Secrets to Get More Done!

hi everyone this is Lee welcome back to the channel if this is your first time here I make videos about game development in programming consider subscribing and turn on the bell then you won’t miss my next episode and this video I would like to talk about how I can be productive in my […]

Free Dictation Software in Google Docs – Dragon dictation software alternative

hey guys do you want to start dictation and be able to create your create your document so so much quicker than you ever thought you possibly could well now you can you can trial dictation without having to spend the money on Dragon Naturally Speaking however dragon naturally speaking is still the best dictation […]

Computer Software Tips : How to Make a PC Run Faster

Hi, my name is Dave Andrews, today I’m going to show you how to make your PC run faster. To begin, we’re going to clear out the items in our start up folder. Let’s click on the start button at the bottom, hit all programs, and locate in the list the folder called startup. These […]

Anet A8 Marlin Firmware Upgrade. Comprehensive guide.

Increase windows C drive space without losing data | Computer Hacks & Tricks

Low Space? Increase windows C drive space without losing any data | Computer Hacks & Tricks Please Subscribe if you Like this Video Subtitle already included in the video Please Subscribe if you Like this Video Please Subscribe if you Like this Video Please Subscribe if you Like this Video

Overview of the ENCODE Data Portal – Eurie Hong

Eurie Hong: With that, I’ll just — I’ll begin. I wanted to begin the workshop with A, to set up the subsequent talks of the workshop, but also talk about the ENCODE data flow. Mike Pazin this morning talked about a lot of the resources that are available to search, and query ENCODE data. And […]

MixPad Multitrack Recording Tutorial – Navigating the Software

MixPad is multi-track mixing software designed for professional audio production. This video gives an overview of MixPad’s layout. The program opens up on the Home tab, which has everything you need to put your audio project together. In the toolbar, you’ll find buttons for quick access to the most common actions used in MixPad, such […]

MiuiPro 9.11.7

Added by MIUIPro team: – New items in the settings – Security Status – Privacy – Location – Show unread notifications on the lock screen – A-GPS settings for Android 10 Updated: – Version of Google Play Services – Location of elements in seekbar in the settings of SIM cards – Version of the Keyboard […]

Behind the Scenes – Animation vs. YouTube

Hey guys Alan Becker here! So, I’m gonna talk about how Animation vs YouTube was made. First of all every video that play the duration of the animation was used with permission from the owner of that video that may not seem like such a big deal but we’re talking about Youtubers that have tens […]

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