Best Video Editing Software for Mac – 2019!

Best Video Editing Software for Mac – 2019!

73 thoughts on “Best Video Editing Software for Mac – 2019!

  • Sir when will you put a video on Best Windows Video Editing software 2019 becoz the version of shotcut i am using its a little different and more confusing with the one you explained 11 months ago , please reply sir

  • Great vids Justin! Your videos are really helping my content get a lot better. Especially my editing. Love all the editing tips you have given!

  • Hi Justin! Thank you again for another great review of the different apps esp for Mac's. Do look forward to more from you too..

  • Awesome information Justin thank you for all your research on finding us the best editing apps, you are the best

  • I used imovie last year and found it nearly useless even for a pretty basic edit. I think its designed in a purposefully constrained fashion to encourage apple users to buy final cut.

  • This was such a great review. Thank you for making it, Justin. I got Premiere Pro through work on my MAC and having such problems rendering without losing color grading. I even used a suggested LUT and it does not work. I am wondering if I upgrade past Sierra if it will make a difference but I am afraid of losing files. I will try to back up if anyone thinks this would help. I do use FCP on my MACbook but need to be able to edit at work. I also like all of the LUTS I can get. I may have to pull out the PC in my basement lol. Thanks for the editing tips at end.

  • Really nice video and the software looks very good but I have pc so I can not download it but I use Adobe Premiere Pro for my videos and as you can see form my video from some random clips it has done a pretty god job!

  • WoW! Such a great video ! Thank’s !
    I started editing many years ago on Adobe Première Élément 11 and then 15 whit Microsoft . Since I bought a IMac last December i was still using Éléments 15 but in February i went whit FCPX….I am amazed! And just yesterday I added a bunch of Effects and Transitions from Pixel Studio that I haven’t tried yet …it’s completely new ! So anxious to try them out !
    Again such a good review! Congratulations! 👍
    ATB from Boisbriand Québec Canada 🇨🇦
    Hélène et Serge 💑

  • I started with Filmora for my very first video back in January and got that stupid watermark. Made it look even more unprofessional!? (Shocking to me that those views actually got better as time went on !) It took me a WEEK to get through the full edit! I went to iMovie and BINGO!! Takes max a few hours now (and I can actually accomplish that in my down time at work!!) I am trying to figure out Dazzle/Pinnacle now so I can use my dads Hi8 camcorder. (I have since “discovered” the rear camera on my iPhone and I can actually see if I’m in frame now!! 😊) Thank you SO very much for this!! 🙌🏻 Give those kiddos a hug from me!!—Nikki

  • Only been editing for less than a year and use IMovie . A bit reluctant to try something else as I’m still getting the hang of iMovie 👍

  • Hey Justin, what's the best video editing software for Android as of now? Specially for amazing fonts and titles and please let me know if there's any good software for splitting long video into short segments before editing! Thanks

  • One that didn't make any of the Short Lists, but i still think has gotten much better over time is Movavi. I've been using it a lot on my Mac. It does the job for me. 🙂

  • If you work with an educational organisation, they may have Adobe subscription which offers free usage for their staff. This is why I use Premiere Pro for free.

  • Amazing information. I’m still using iMovie. I don’t have a pc … it good to know I can use Adobe elements with my my ipad

  • AWESOME VIDEO!! Do you think a new MacBook Pro can handle 4k video editing on Premiere & FinalCutPro or it’s necessary to better get one of the new iMac ?

  • How can you seriously not recommend Avid in your over $200 category? It is the best software to learn for anyone who wants to work in the post-production industry. Adobe Premiere is for the most part modeled after Avid but lacks Avid’s robust media management and collaborative features. Also, placing DaVinci Resolve in every category is ridiculous. While it is good, it lacks maturity and stability compared to FCPX, Premiere, and especially Avid.

  • Another superb video Justin , thanks . Been on I movie for nearly 18 months now . I do like the look of Danici resolve , I’ll have to have look at that one. 👌🏼🧱👍🏼

  • Great video! I love the breakdown of price and features. This is helping me have a better idea what to use for my beginner heading to intermediate video editing level! Grazie Mille!🦋

  • Hey can you tell me that how the add the music in kinemaster please I need you to help me

    I hope you look at this thank you for help and bye
    From Alexa 😂

  • Hey Justin, love your channel. Quick question, on your video for Final Cut Pro, it shows a price of $299.99. Is that available for us here in Australia. I checked out the app store and it is showing a price of $499.99. Please advise as I would be only too happy to pay $300 rather than $500. Cheers mate and keep the videos coming.

  • I started a you tube channel a month ago and as a full beginner that had NEVER used any editing software before, iMovie seems very easy to use, and allows me to learn quickly.

  • I m new to your channel and thx for the tips of editing software suggestions, I love the editing on your channel. I want to be an editor and if you can give me feedback or tips that would be great if not is ok but still thx for your time btw I m loving your videos

  • Excellent video and tutorial Justin! Especially enjoyed your valued editing tips starting at 20:11 in.
    While most of us know the companies that back software like Final Cut Pro (Apple) and Adobe Premiere Pro (Adobe of course) I wonder about software that appear like Filmora, especially free ones, and whether they last and improve over the long term and not flame out when the sales or cash flow drops. Mind you, multi-billion dollar company Apple canned photo software iPhoto and Aperture, so you never know when a company decides, that's it…

    That said, I doubt Apple would drop FCP. It appears to be very popular – I've seen it in use at major TV stations in the Montreal area. So in that respect, you have helped solidify my choice to buy this software.

    Question 1: How good is FCP in working with different video formats, especially compressed footage from the iPhone, GoPro and various DSLR's?
    Question 2: Do you have an explanatory video on the best Settings and Preferences to use for max benefit and performance in FCP you mentioned at 21:25 ?

    Cheers and thanks!
    Frederic in Montréal.

  • I am a total beginner: Given what you know now, would you waste your time with the free versions and probably get confused all along or just buy Final cut Por as a Mac user and find the best way to learn it. Given the many choices to learn, i,e, Going to school, on line, Would you recommend one?
    Thank you for the guidance

  • Great video report, as usual. You give really excellent advice and education. Only comment is to emphasize the high hardware requirement for DaVinci Resolve 16. It is huge, as you know, and for beginners this is an important caution, as well as the steep learning curve. My son is a professional and whenever I call him for help, he says, “Dad, it’s time to upgrade.” 🙂

  • Hi Justin, I'm new to YouTube and have learned so much about product and SW from your channel. Glad you're here, thanks for sharing your expertise! I'm starting off with iMovie since I'm on a MAC. When I'm editing my video, shot on my Samsung V6, the fan on my MAC runs so loud, you can hear it on my voice-overs. Do you have any recommendations? Thanks again. Cheers

  • Hi Justin is there a way to take a photo on your iPhone and sent it to instagram story editor where I can add my animations? I can do this on my note 10 plus but not iPhone the iPhone wants to directly send it to post without any edits.

  • Thanks Justin! I’ve just been using iMovie but I’m planning to invest in Final Cut Pro after watching the vid. The fact that it doesn’t crash often is what tipped the scale for Final Cut Pro vs. adobe premiere. Many thanks 🙏🏼

  • Hi Justin, Love your vids! Question, I'm fairly new to video editing and started a YouTube Review and Vlog. Do you have a recommendation for software to use for this application?


  • Thanks for this video. It's really helpful. Can someone help me? How do I add text to my videos using iMovie except adding "Titles"? Will be very appreciated for that.

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