Best Video Editing Software for Windows (on every budget)

Best Video Editing Software for Windows (on every budget)

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  • I use Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 20, love it and it works well. I found your channel through "Nick Nimmin"and you give the best advice. I myself are also in Australia and I am a small channel which does gaming. I started three months ago and I love it so much. You might see you in your live streams from time to time. Also thanks to Nicks tips I now have a very nice presented channel and thumbnails, which there are also more room for improvements. Nick is good, but I would also like to get support from an Australian channel, as us Australians need to stick together. Tips and Advice are always good to get.

  • As a Lightworks free user I can confirm that exporting will get you a FILE and the uploaded video on Vimeo/YouTube. Aftwerwards you can simply delete the uploaded Video and keep the locally exported file.
    Other than that great video.

  • Don't get cyberlink powerdirector is bad don't get. I got cyberlink powerdirector 14 last year and it has given my so much trouble. Super slow and crashs alot.

  • Just have to say – subscribed to the highest level $8/month WeVideo after watching this video and it was really disappointing. The audio options are super limited and the cropping flexibility was super choppy across the board. Been trying to move from Camtasia and thought a web based option would be great but it seems like amateur hour over there. Guess I'll try PowerDirector.

  • Don't try Davinci. Downloaded it, used it for 30 minutes, and then it wouldn't let me do anything unless I bought the $300 version.

  • I haven’t got the greatest computer in the world and normally hit film 4 and divinci resolve lags when you input more than a minute worth of video and it’s then very difficult to edit.Out of the paid budget options and the free options which software would you suggest for a not so good computer so I can edit lag free?

  • Justin Brown Excellent channel, excellent tutorials! ✨😃🆒Thank you!!! Is it possible to ad your company logo and intros on free video editing software's or we should always go for premium versions?

  • Thank you so much for making this video because I have been looking for editing options like LightWorks and I have been a small YouTuber for a little while.

  • Downloaded Da Vinci Resolve. Installed it. Ran it and it complained that it couldn't work. Searched for solutions. 2 hours later uninstalled it. Well that was a lot of help.

  • Ive been using the free version of the Australian editor Videopad.. anyone know anything about it? As it wasnt mentioned on here. M getting ready to upgrade and thought I would just ask about Videopad pros and cons.

  • Cyberlink audio encoding is absolute garbage and clips/distorts audio worse than free mp3 encoders. Additionally, high speed video production quality is terrible and I've tried every CODEC and parameter permutation possible….1080P will look 720P when produced for anything moving at more than a few miles per hour. I can't comment on the others as I have no experience.

  • In Denmark Pr is about 40 USD! A MONTH!!! Getting ripped! and same price for Ae!! So for those 2 for a year is 864 USD a year! Thats insane!!!!

  • Thanks for the absolute worst advice all softwares mentioned have huge water marks and ruins your entire video, worst YouTube false advertisement ever Bravo I even bet they paid you to advertise them as good Wont watch you again Bye!

  • Great video !! very helpful indeed.. what is your opinion on TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works 6 .. it seems to be left out on alot of reviews ? Also they make addons for adobe etc. Just wondering..i know you can't cover all of them.

  • I do DIY repair videos on a windows 7 desktop with Windows Movie Maker, as long as I don't cut too much and use mp4 I get by. I'm getting into drone video which I can reduce to mp4 but with drone, everybody's doing the 4k now for the majestic footage, well I can't even do a short HD in my DIY videos, the best drone channels are using Final Cut Pro and Premier Pro on Mac which I don't have and am a bit scared to invest in not knowing how long it will take me to learn. How much power do I need in a desktop with windows 7 to do what I want to do, what software should I look at, or should I really consider the Mac and Final Cut Pro for the fast rendering? Please respond. Thank you. Gordon.

  • Hi Justin I downloaded davinci resolve 14 but my laptop goes up to 1920×1080 resolution and the app does not fit my screen. I've read that it is most suitable for 1920×1200 resolutions. Does that mean I can't use it on my laptop? Should I download a different editor which fits my screen? Any advice?

  • Thank you so much for doing this as I have been going crazy trying to figure out which Edit Softwear to start and learn. I want to start doing Automotive Content because I am a Car Nut that also loves Technology and do not want to waste time with Softwear and then find out after 2 months I should have tried something else. I am a Huge Adobe Fan so I think I am just going to go and start out with Adobe Premiere Pro at a Monthly Subscription. Awesome Justin and thank you again for doing this Video. I will send you a Link to my First Video 🙂

  • Hi Justin. I am interested on DaVinci Resolve. But I think you need a high capacity Graphics Card. But the Graphics card are expensive. I run a windows 10 custom built pc. I am a newbie into windows editor. I need help selecting the best software for me.

  • Great 🎥 video done by you 👍🏻

    I cannot even tell you, how valuable such advice is for somebody like absolute beginner as me…


  • I’m just looking for one that lets you put a vid in a vid like those lets play gamers have the game and then their face in the corner.

  • Thanks! You may also try ApowerShow in editing your videos easily. Try it here:

  • Hi from Chile. Could you recommend a vídeo edition soft for doing a kind of karaoke but with text reading. I have a proyectos of VideoBook for kid that are learning to read in spanish. You can see more details in this link… Thanks you in advance. I find your channel so useful.

  • Have you ever heard of Camtasia? I have it b/c used it at work. I like the fact that it has a ton of tutorials. However wonder why I rarely hear about outside education or computer-based-training circles.

  • Hi Justin, thanks for sharing this helpful video. I'm looking to start from scratch. I used Windows Movie Maker on a pc using 8. It's been fine for basic learning, and I only scratched the surface. I have a new pc using 10, and am prepared to buy and learn a new video editing software. I would like something friendly when using a green screen. I'd like to use an overlay of a forest, or a yard with trees (something relevant to my industry). I'd prefer easy vs complicated. I'm currently considering Filmora (Wondershare), and Adobe Premiere Elements. I'm in the tree industry, and plan to start a Vlog where I'm simply providing answers to home and business owner questions. I'd be appreciative for your humble opinion on which will be easiest for me (keeping green screen in mind).

  • I just spent an hour loading and trouble shooting adobe premiere and it just refuses to open up my files. I tried codecs and stuff but it just seems to have limitations I guess on what type of files it will open. AVS video editor opens it np though on the same machine. I was just hoping to get something a bit fancier.

  • I have tried lots of these and keep coming back to Magix Movie Edit Pro. If I had to change I would go over to PowerDirector. PD has the cool ability to edit the movie clips' audio and put it right back into the project.

  • I realize this is a two year old video, but it was very helpful for me, so thanks!! After making videos with a GoPro session on their software for over a year, I just bout a Panasonic g85 and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. At least now I have an idea of what editor I'm going to use.

  • I bought Premiere Pro back when you could buy it. One day I had to replace my motherboard, and Pro wouldn't start- said I had to visit a website and get a code that no longer existed, and Adobe refuses to provide the code. I'm not a fan of Adobe anymore.

  • I use PowerDirector and I really enjoy it. I played around with Premiere the learning curve was steep so I stuck with PD. If I had the time to really practice with it, I would give Premiere an extended shot. That being said, it amazes me with what you can do with relatively inexpensive software these days.

  • I wanna try to support my family using youtube hence why I'm on a budget this video was very helpful

    Ps. This is not my recording account I'm working on that 😀

  • Windows LIVE Movie Maker is NOT Windows Movie Maker, which you can still get from Pixelan add-ons and other trusted sources. I recommend Pixelan. It came with Vista, the only reason for Vista, and they upgraded it to 6.0 to 6.2. It has a 64 bit version and you can easily get HD. It accepts any. wmv file, even After Effects files. Runs on 7/8/8.1/10. It can take scripts. Free! A pittance for the Pixelan Wizards. Kind of difficult with the add'-ons, but worth it!

    Around 5 years ago Power Director sucked big time. It wouldn't do what I asked and was unstable. But I love the Android version so I assume the PC version today is fine. And I intend to get it based on my happy Android experience.

    I can't afford Sony Vegas. Simple as that. I have Premier Pro is unnecessarily complex unless you are showing off the features rather than to tell your video story.

  • The main reason I like Pinnacle Studio is that they include multicam editing, which is a rarity at the <$199 price point. This is a feature I use all the time.

  • Hi.. I bought the hp spectre x360 (windows10 home 64bit, IntelR core TM i7 CPU 1.80ghz, 16GB). it's really not for video editing, but already paid for it.. which video editor would you recommend ?

  • I hate Adobe it's so laggy, I tried so much to stop it but it didn't work so just had to cancel subscription

  • What’s the cheapest video editing software that I can get that would be a huge upgrade to Windows Movie Maker my roommate is a small YouTuber and I feel like that it really slows him down with its limited functionality.

  • And now pinnacle 22 is really good for me
    My pc can still handle the PREVIEW unlike in premiere pro
    And can do what premiere pro can

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