Canon Firmware Update First Look | Canon EOS R & EOS RP

Canon Firmware Update First Look | Canon EOS R & EOS RP

Wow! Sony has some serious competition in the autofocus
game. I got an early preview of the new Canon firmware
update that doesn’t release until September 30th for the EOS R and EOS RP and honestly,
I am shocked at the improvements! And the best part is that it’s FREE. Some people have said they prefer Sony’s
AF over Canon, but this update may change the game. Before I get into it, we publish new content
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our latest videos. We’ll go over installation in a minute,
but what can you expect with this update? The main nuggets are that it has: Better eye
detection auto focus at greater distances, Better Autofocus tracking on smaller subjects,
and Better initial subject recognition. Now when testing it out on the “R” and the
“RP”, I did notice that the difference in the performance of the EOS R was more substantial
than on the RP. The main upgrade is obviously the eye-detect
auto focus and tracking, but is it that much better than before the update? Well, see for yourself: Now here’s a side-by-side comparison between
the two as you see the eye detect cut off on the previous firmware about a couple of
steps back. Whereas, I was able to get about twelve to
fifteen feet back with the updated firmware. Both were shot using the same lens, set at
the same aperture. The autofocus is now so good that I was thinking
it performed just as good as a Sony. So that got me thinking if that was actually
the case and I couldn’t resist. I set up a Canon with the new firmware update
and pitted it against a Sony to see how good the Canon autofocus really was. And as you can see, both cameras maintained
eye detect AF to about the same point, where both switched to face detect AF. Now as I get closer to the display case way
behind me in the back…the Sony switches to the wide AF area, wheras Canon stays on
face detect tracking. So, what do you think? Who is winning the AF game? What team are you on? Now I’m very impressed with how much Canon’s
autofocus improved with the update. If you’re thinking this firmware update
was going to be another minor one, quite the opposite. This one is a game-changer and really improves
how this camera performs. I highly recommend that you do it, especially
since it’s FREE. So how do you update your firmware? Well, once the firmware update is released find your
specific camera on Canon’s website. Make sure you choose the exact model, whether
it’s the EOS “R” or the “RP”. Also make sure to download the correct version
for your operating system, whether you’re using Windows or Mac OS. Then click “Agree” and download the firmware,
save it onto an SD card. Now make sure that you format you SD card
before putting the firmware on there. Don’t put the file in a folder either, just
copy the file straight to the card. Then, with a fully charged battery insert
the SD into your camera. With your camera on a “manual” setting
go to the menu and select the firmware option. A dialog box will appear asking if you would
like to update and press “ok”. Keep your camera on as it does the update. Once it finishes, you’re good to go! If you have any issues or questions let me
know in the comment section below. Are you excited about this update? I know I was shocked at the difference it
made. If you liked this video remember hit the thumbs
up button below, subscribe to our channel and tap the bell icon. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you in
the next video.

100 thoughts on “Canon Firmware Update First Look | Canon EOS R & EOS RP

  • At 1:50, canon loses subject completely while the Sony changed to a better focus detection. You could see the box is to the right of the subject. Still a good update.

  • '
    both canon cameras are still problem with 2 things…
    1- bad blur focus and bad blur depth of field
    1- contrast brightness control

  • It seems to have issue on far distance which focus box is off the face and on the TV’s corner, is it a consistent behaviour or glitch ?

  • Great Video! Did you notice if the new firmware gave you an improvement in frames per second with tracking on? Does it work close to the advertised 8fps better than the current firmware (Which gets closer to 2-4fps?)

  • So here's the thing. Whilst the improvement in AF is great for an update, I feel there are more basic updates that Canon can make on the R that will improve user experience. For example, my biggest gripe is button customisation; it is really limited, you can't really map what you want because you're given only a few preset options per button. Another one, if possible, is allowing auto focus in the 720p high fps mode.

  • Sony's autofocus fails under low-light conditions. It's AF is no way near dual-pixel from Canon if you shoot everywhere, not just at good lighting.

  • it s great to see that improvement, after five years with dslr, i have finally made my choice to switch to ML world by the end of the year, and i will take canon over Sony due to the new rf lens

  • Team nothing but I have SonyA7iii and I like it, also like my Panasonic GH5, liked my 80D from Canon also.
    I like camera tech and that's just awesome!

  • any idea if eye and/or face tracking works in 4k on the rp? i know that dpaf is NOT available on the rp in 4k but what about eye and/or face af? thanks in advance. thumbs up.

  • Still rocking with the original 6D haven’t felt the need to upgrade to all this new juicy goodness. Unless all you shoot is portraits, eye af is not really much of a necessity. Invest in some fast glass and some wireless triggers for off camera flash instead. As tempting it may look 👀 👅

  • sony is still better BUT , canon will soon follow with even better DP AF and eye tracking that might outperform sony. but at least canon get's it right this time

  • Canon is listening to customers now where Canon was not premium:
    – providing firmware updates with significant feature boost during product lifetime
    – Full frame mirrorless, next step IBIS

    Canon is continuing running innovation strategy where Canon was always premium
    – precisely positioning game changing breaks like the R mount
    – performing technology rollouts with enthusiast market segments trailing professional and entry level market segments.
    – nicely balancing features, performance, size, weight and ergonomics

    Canon is on the way precisely building up a leading lens portfolio based on RF mount (but does not forget the segments DSLR is superior)
    And a body portfolio matching the market needs as soon as market segment relevant lenses are available.

    In my eyes very professional for many decades now.
    As the market leader Canon will always be bashed by a lot of comments.

  • I rent this camera for a wedding almost like one month ago, the camera feels really good in my hand but I was not impress because the battery is not really good as others cameras and the autofocus is so bad in my opinion Sony is way better for weddings. I was trying to see if I can buy this camera for weddings but definitely not

  • hi,I am from lndia.I saw your Video about Canon AF update, but I am confused about magic lantern.I had a canon T3i.So the question is, Can I separtely update both, ml & AF, or only ML update to be me when possible.thnx

  • It really sounds like canon requires you guys to say it. you get a list of things to talk about and 'must include it's for free phrase'. it takes away the 'genuine vibe review' feel. what firmware updates are paid, please. and the autofocus – when you stand in the back of the room – Sony chooses different way of keeping the focus on you but it's on you. canon sadly locks on the tv and it took so long to jump back on you, you were almost at the camera when it happened. that surprised me.. will still try to get my hands on the R and test it out

  • its hard to say without results but going off how accurate the Face detect was before im not worried, the eyes were always nailed in on face detect! cant wait!

  • How did you get the update early? I have a wedding to shoot Saturday and this would be so handy but you're saying September 30, and Canon Support is saying "the end of this month"

  • Great stuff. Now canon users will be able to shoot 3fps with eye autofocus (that maybe works, because all we see here is a box – Panasonic fans will supports this), because 20 fps eye autofocus that actually works is a gimmick LOL.
    Back to the cave to mumble about "canon" colours too, because screw actual subject tests where canon only beats Fuji and loses to Nikon that then loses to Sony.
    Canon cameras are better at water resistance. It's something.

  • LONGTIME canon shooter here… and also have sony a73. Hard to tell in the video but i think it seems sony's switching to area multiAF is more useful that being stuck in face recognition focusing on nothing. but yeah, that eyeAF does seem like a huge improvement.

  • i am use camera canon R full manual mode but… my camera ISO automatically self change to 1600 then i am puss ISO button itis go automatic to auto mode ISO… it's very big problem…..please solve this problem

  • @Digital Goja, hello there, what we actually need to see is the RESULTS of this tracking focus. So please the most important thing that we want to know is if the resulting pictures are accurately focused?

  • Now if Canon could actually do anything in a timely manner. Always playing catch-up and doing so as slowly as possible. Release the update already. Then figure out the next step to reduce the gap with Sony full frame bodies. Maybe IBIS or redundant card slots?

  • Are really about to sit there and pretend Sony’s eye isn’t smaller and that Canon didn’t focus on the monitor while Sony stayed on subject?

  • try this in Portrait mode….. (important for photoshoots)!
    landscape mode -> EYE AF works great but works not great in Portrait mode .. in portrait mode the AF Field does not detect the eyes relieable and AF Field stays in the middle.. anyone has this problem too?

  • Proper testing should be based on the accuracy of the af by checking or comparing the photos taken and not just by looking on those af boxes! The box might be fast to move in screen but not really accurate in reality. lol. pls. test them next time.

  • Nice video! I'm doing the update NOW! Can you please tell me how can you record your EOS R screen with all the icons on the image? Are you using an external monitor?

  • Anybody facing issue that their is a lag when untake pictures, it freezes for fraction of a second. Seems it is when the camera is saving photo to the memory card. Its like a photo preview for 1/20th of a second. Kindly reply thanks

  • This comparison is absolutly meaningless. You didnt say anything about WHICH Sony you used nor the firmware used on the Sony. Was it the A7III WITHOUT the latest update? Or was it the A7R4 with the latest update? And thinking of bringing in the Sony A9? This beats the Canon in every situation. Iam not a fanboy on any of these brands, in fact, iam using Fuji, but these "comparisons" mean nothing but advertisement!

  • I’m canon game, but is see the face detection stay behind when you move forward, later detected your eye, but for a couple seconds you out focus

  • Great video Adam! But the firmware actually got release on the 26 of this month, which is awesome by the way! I love it!!! It actually made me fall in love all over again with my R..!
    Enjoy this Upgraded Update every R and RP owners.., I’m enjoying mine!
    Thanks again for the awesome sneak peek Adam!

  • Does the size of the "square" on the eye matter? It seems that the canon has a bigger square and therefore captures more of the face. Since the sony green "square" is smaller, does it mean that the eye will be much sharper? Should this be a deciding factor?

  • You test camera AF by showing us the camera eye detection overlay? Which may not related to the AF accuracy in AF-C.
    Is this video paid by Canon?

  • Good info. You Don't have to format the card. I have done the Update without formating the card.
    PS: it's not really free. You kinda have to have an EOS R… lol… 😉

  • great video, and thanks for showing us how to update the firmware. i just bought an eos r and i love it even before the update, but this update is a major improvement.

  • What about the continuous shooting capabilities of both the EOS R and RP? Have they improved with the firmware updates? I'm not into sports photography but I like wildlife.

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