Firmware V9 Release 2019.16.1 / 2019.16.2 Display Updates!

Firmware V9 Release 2019.16.1 / 2019.16.2   Display Updates!

software update I have been eagerly
awaiting this is 2019 dot 16.1 I was previously on 2019 dot 12.1 dot one so
let’s take a look because I’ll show you one of the big features that ever really
was waiting for that I should say looking forward to now for number one we
got driving visualization the driving visualization has been adjusted to
automatically zoom in and out to better utilize screen space and inform you when
a vehicle is detected in your blind spot the visualization remains zoomed out
when driving on highways and this is actually it was really kind of neat as
the actual car moves left and right just doesn’t show a car facing forward for
your vehicle I mean what you’re sitting in driving and it also rotates that and
the faster you go the further the smaller the other car gets to show more
of what’s going on around you as well as when other vehicles came around so take
a look in the if one of the corners because I’ve been I got a little overlay
of that in action limited action at the moment then we got sentry mode
improvements it is now easier to enable or disable sentry mode by tapping the
Sentry mode icon at the top of your touchscreen when your car is in park
that would be right there oh very cool now it’s also your car can also default
sentry mode to always be enabled when your vehicle’s parked by going to
control safety bla bla bla citizens security on ok so let’s just do that so
we got control safety and security do sentry mode you can turn that on we can
exclude home you can exclude work and now those of course
have to be those addresses need to be programmed into your nav to be excluded
and then you can also exclude favorites so any any addresses you save in your
favorites for navigation can be excluded as well so what’s the point of having
sentry mode on in most cases if you’re in your own home garage or if you’re
parked at work in front of you know dozens of security cameras or right
outside your office window where you can see it constantly you know because
remember sentry mode does prevent the car from going into a deep sleep
causing the vampyre losses of power so that’s kind of cool I’m gonna leave it
off for now I prefer to do it manually based on my power requirements software
update preference you now have the option to receive new software updates
as soon as they become available for your car configuration and reagent app
controls bla bla bla bla bla bla bla so controls and we go to software we’re on
it already and software update preferences standard that’s what pretty
much everybody’s used to and for the most part on right now unless you have
the early or on the early access program you go to advanced and you get the
software update as soon as it’s available for your geographic area and
trim level so ecto-1 will regularly receive over-the-air software updates to
add new features and enhance existing functionality select advanced if you’d
like after one to receive new software updates as soon as they become available
for its configuration and I can imagine most people are just gonna select
advanced I mean why not unless you’re like me and you’re trying to keep a
vehicle Han firmware eight or in other words my Model S because it gets almost
no benefit from firmware 9 and I really still hate the configuration and
user interface firmware 9 I’m not gonna stop complaining about it until they
actually do something to improve firmware 9 and Swedish language support well it’s not something I need and is
available so your touchscreen and navigation voice guidance is now
available in Swedish to change the language simply go to controls display
language or navigation language well in parks over go to display language navigation language English Spanish
French Canadian oh wow I didn’t realize they had all these on here italiano
I might switch it to Italian just for fun oh wow that’s written navigation but
I don’t see Swedish unless it wasn’t spoken but no its navigation League
which I don’t know it doesn’t show Swedish huh that’s a bug so that is it
for this firmware release and of course it shows the other release notes
previous release notes as well which was a update to navigate on autopilot on
route battery warm-up which I found out since my model US isn’t for service
because the whole car just decided to go dead on me and I had to remove my canvas
what cable it does fit on my model ex so I can start showing battery data from my
model ex and we’re gonna do on route battery warm up video once I get a cold
enough day to do it it’s been in the 70s well it’s 48 right now but I don’t have
time to go to a supercharger today software updates now shows you the
little bar a Tesla tyrese entry mode additional language support and auto
steer stop warning so that’s what I got for you
take it or leave it and life is short enjoy the ride
wave in spry in dot-com never mind

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