Fujifilm 16-80mm Lens Firmware Update 1.01

Fujifilm 16-80mm Lens Firmware Update 1.01

– This morning around six a.m., I woke up to a bunch of emails telling me that Fujifilm has just released a new firmware update for the
16 to 80 millimeter zoom lens. (upbeat music) So our regularly scheduled
programming will happen tomorrow, with another Fast Friday that
you’ll see tomorrow evening. In the meantime, let’s
check in one more time to this focus wobble issue, to confirm that it is
still doing it on this lens before I install the
firmware update, okay? Here, we’re gonna do it right now. I’ve got the camera in
video mode, all right? I’ve got the front on M for manual. Manual control, everything
is in manual right now, and the camera is in video mode. I’m gonna go ahead, turn on the camera, I’m gonna go ahead and
zoom all the way in, and I’m going to manually focus. All I’m doing is I’m turning
the manual focus ring. That’s all I’m doing. Just turn it right to about there, so that it’s nice and sharp, and all I’m gonna do at this
point is pull back the zoom. That’s it. Nothing else is being done. Zooming out, zooming in, zooming out. You see the blur? Look at the rocket, look
at the USA on the rocket. See that? And that’s why I recommended to hold off on getting this lens. However, let’s see if the
firmware has fixed it. I’m taking a formatted
smart card out of the lens, I’m gonna go ahead and put
it in the computer now. Okay, let’s go to Fuji’s website, and the firmware download page, it’s under 16 to 80 millimeter, and I’m gonna click on
Firmware Download, bla bla bla, scroll down to the bottom,
Agree, Begin Download. And then you have to click
the Begin Download button. Okay, it’s downloaded, there it is. It is now right here. I’m going to drag this file,
and drop it onto my SD card. So now I have the SD card, I’m gonna go ahead and put it in slot one. You need to put it in slot one. Then what you do is
you press and hold down the DISP/BACK button,
press and hold it down, and while you’re holding it
down, turn on the camera. Here, that’s what it looks like. And I’m just gonna say OK, boom. And then you get this, “Do
not open battery cover. “Do not turn off camera. “Don’t touch it! “Don’t even think about touching it!” You get this kinda warning notice. And you should take that seriously, because firmware upgrades,
once you start them, you’ve gotta see them all the way through. You can’t interrupt them. Which is the number one reason I would never do this using the app. I would never use an app to do a firmware upgrade on a camera. Always use an SD card, in the
manner that I’ve showed you. That is the safest way
to do it in my opinion. So I’m gonna go ahead and do this. I have a freshly-charged battery in here. Processing, see that? Processing. Okay, it looks like it’s done. Now I’m gonna perform the exact same test I did before I did the firmware upgrade. I’m gonna do it right now. Let’s see what happens. Okay, here we go. I am in video mode, checking, on M, everything is manual, exactly like before. I haven’t changed a
single setting on here. All I did was upgrade the firmware. Here we go. Zooming in, and focusing, and zooming out. Zooming in, and zooming out. (soft music) Now, I don’t think this fixed the problem. I was so excited. I was like, I can’t wait. I’m gonna have a party hat, and I don’t think this
fixed the problem, folks. I’m gonna try it again here. Okay, manually focusing on the subject, getting it nice and
sharp, now I’m gonna turn the zoom ring and pull out. Here we go. (soft music) (sighs) I don’t know. It’s still there. It seems a little bit better. What would help would be for
me to take this thing outside, to that fountain area where
I shot the original footage, along with the 18 to 55 millimeter, and do a full in-depth comparison. So it looks like there
has been some work done, particularly on the edges of it. It seems a little bit better. Would I still recommend this lens? We’re getting closer. We’re getting closer, but
I would really like to know what they fixed with this firmware update. It doesn’t say that. I literally just found out about this a few hours ago, from
some YouTube viewers. So I would say they probably
have fixed other things, and maybe slightly improved
the focus wobble issue. But it’s still too early to tell. My recommendation is, no matter what, you absolutely, if you
have this lens already, put the firmware on it, check it out. Things that may have bothered you, that don’t bother me, they might be fixed. The focus wobble issue was the main reason I couldn’t recommend this lens. So has that been fixed
with this firmware update? Not enough. That’s my initial impression. As I said in my other video, (chuckles) we’re not
done with this lens yet. I (exhales), I don’t know what to do. ‘Cause I love so many things about it. This is just one crazy lens. (laughs) It makes me nuts. So, sit tight. If you’ve not bought this lens already, and you have the 18 to
55, I would say sit tight. Honestly, let’s see what the
other reviewers say about it. Please, other reviewers,
put the firmware on there, run some tests, check it against
what you’ve already done. I will do the same, and let’s
see what we can find out. What I do wanna say is that I
think Fujifilm is listening. I think it is wonderful that they did release a firmware update. Whatever it was that they fixed, clearly they are eyeballing this lens, and if we continue to release videos, and we continue to talk about it, I think they are listening. Okay, that’s it. I have a new video coming out tomorrow. In the meantime, thank
you so much for watching, and I will see you then. Take care.

50 thoughts on “Fujifilm 16-80mm Lens Firmware Update 1.01

  • First of all great video. Secondly I use the app to update my XT3 when I first got it and it messed it up. All sorts of stuff was wrong. Being that I was new to Fujifilm I did not know what to expect. I did a hard reset and then that fixed it. To bad this update did not fix your issue. And your shirt was made for me, I always void my warranties.

  • It might help to be on a tripod to have a steady camera…..Probably did not fix it but it would be a better test on the tripod. Probably fine for still shooters.

  • It has another problem too…exposure shifting. When you zoom, do it slow, you can see exposure changes for a split second.

  • Wow, I'm getting same result with my XC 50-230, maybe even better … Can you try same test with boost on/off, just to see
    I can honestly say, I need a label maker, and some organization, should see my mess, lol..

  • It's your sample that have Problems. Now there are many videos on this lens but many do not point out problems of this type. Fujifilm does not have sufficient quality control.

  • Thanks for the update.
    Well i would return the lens and wait them to release a new production with this issue fixed… sometimes the first units are not perfect until they make adjustments…

  • This lens has terrible shutter shock problems with manual shutter between certain shutter speeds. I understand that this firmware has attempted to address that rather than the focus wobble issue. Check out numerous threads on dpreview.

  • I am not convinced. I keep the option open to buy one but it remains on hold. 18-55mm works perfectly on X-T3, nevertheless my copy is a bit used (second hand occasion). As far as this issue is solved, I reconsider purchasing one.

  • Did you shut down and reboot the camera after the upgrade? Do you think that might be required? Or was that part edited out? Thanks, btw…

  • I love Fujinon lenses and have many of them but this is a big disappointment. Fujifilm needs to recall this lens and start over. As a primarily a Prime user I have been waiting for a great 24 – 120mm equivalent for my long distance thru hike coming up next year and this lens would be the one and only as it is a perfect range for landscapes and video. I keep hearing about this zoom focus issue and also softness at opposite ends of the range as well as soft corners thru all mm range and most apertures.
    Come on Fujifilm Please don't make me go to Canon with their EOS R and very sharp 24-105. Get this lens fixed ASAP!!!

  • I was hoping that you were going to scream and throw the camera out of the window, yelling, you call this &$#@8(+ &$#@ update! Let them truely know how you feel!!!😄

  • Does this affect stills, or just video if you opt to zoom while recording? I think it doesn’t affect stills, but let us know your opinion. As I commented before on the previous video, the lens in not parafocal; they are using focus motors even in manual focus to try and keep it parafocal; so firmware probably can never fix it, but perhaps improve it only; and it is not a quality issue, but rather a lens design compromise chosen by Fuji to improve other performance aspects. Other Fuji lenses do this too. 18-55mm is parafocal, so it doesn’t. But a few of the other zooms exhibit the same behavior.

  • What are you waiting for to send this turd back to the manufacturer my friend? The new firmware doesn't seem to fix the problems of this lens in the least, no matter how badly you want to believe in it. Come on, man up and look for another toy to splash out your hard earn money! They don't deserve your loyalty.

  • Can you try setting the iso and aperture to auto? I think I had the same issue with my 18-55mm and setting them to auto seems to fix it.

  • I hope they can fix the issue by updating the firmware. It seems like a design flaw like the changing exposure of 18-55 and 16-55 when zooming in or out.

  • This happens with all Fuji lenses – believe it has something to do with the way the lens was built and the internal AF mechanism within the lens

  • I think u just got a bad copy. I’ve bought and sold a bunch of Fuji lenses over the years and I’ve finally figured out what the difference is. Simple – Made in Japan. Every lens I decided to keep was made in Japan. I didn’t even realize it until I was looking the other day. Even the inexpensive but stunning 55-200 and cute but crazy sharp 35f2 are sensational lenses that were, u guessed it, made in Japan. I don’t know what it is about the lens production facilities in other countries, but there are big differences in quality. Camera bodies seem to be ok, but lenses are a real problem. Just my observations anyway.

  • I returned my copy because I found it didn't auto focus in the corners in low light. I have to manually adjust focus to make it tack sharp. I'm very disappointed in Fuji in releasing a half baked product. No longer going to buy any of their products day one anymore.

  • I understand why some people might be disappointed by this but truth be told the 16-80 in my eyes simply is no lens for video. Back in the day I didn't shot video with the Canon 24-105 either. But then again I'm one of these old fucks who still use manual primes for video only. I think people should question themselves if they actually need a zoom lens for shooting video. I mean, who of the million ranty commentators out there is actually shooting something like "Jaws"? But if people actually think you need zoom for video than should stop bitching and spend the money buy a dedicated video zoom lens. There is a reason why these dedicated lenses are so expansive. If you could get the same excellent results with a relatively cheap multi purpose lens there would be no market for dedicated lenses costing several thousands of dollars… be realistic…

  • Fuji needs to remake this lens, I dont like f/4, It should be at least f/2.8-4.0 like the kit lens, which is an amazing lens, or create a new one with the red badge category, like the 16-55

  • I see the issue, but I just don't know why the hell that focus wobble would ever EVER be a deal breaker for anyone. When do you ever zoom during filming like that? Sure, it's an imperfection, but it's so minor. Pretty sure I would never notice it, especially since I mostly shoot stills, but I digress

  • Chris,

    I used the app to update the X-T3 a number of times. I fail to see what the risk is, for the app first transfers the update file to the camera, and only when that has completed succesfully the camera is updated. So if you fear that something might happen because the connection fails, I think you are mistaken.

  • I just wish B and H would get this problem lens back in stock. I shoot stills and just switched from Canon. I bought an xt-3 and am waiting for this to try it out

  • They got an excellent video on YouTube about using a len for video.Fujifilm Video lenses have what is called continuous focus and what you was doing with your hand with that len which is not designed for video is probably why you are having the problem. At least that’s my understanding… The 16 -80mm is not a continuous focus lens. You can use it for video but it is not pacifically designed for video.

  • Hi, I would be glad if you test the shutter shock issue reported for this lens. Just compare a 1/180s shot or so, with ES vs MS on a XT3 or XT30 (not XH1 because its shutter is very gentle and won't raise a shutter shock).

  • Yes, my 16-80 lens does the same double focus switch when zooming in and out. Very annoying if you’re shooting video. Let’s hope Fuji fix it fast!

  • Thanks for the video… food for thought! (I didn't rewind to verify, but I think there was a minor error: 1.4 inches = 3.5 cm (not 35 cm))

  • I had the problem with the XF16-80 f/4 that coupled to the X-T2 and shooting from a tripod it blurred the photos because of the OIS. When I switched the OIS off (in menue) the photos have been sharp. After the update I don't have to switch off the OIS anymore.

  • In my opinion this lens was designed to pretend to be parfocal while it's not. Since it is focus-by-wire, the lens can constantly adjust itself while zooming to maintain focus at a fixed distance with the help of its AF motors working even in manual focus mode(that's how manual focus works in focus-by-wire lenses anyway, the AF motors never take a break). Clever trick, but needs more work. I know Fuji can accomplish this!

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