Get Started with the Mavic 2 (pt.1) – Setup, Firmware, and Calibration Tutorial

Get Started with the Mavic 2 (pt.1) – Setup, Firmware, and Calibration Tutorial

100 thoughts on “Get Started with the Mavic 2 (pt.1) – Setup, Firmware, and Calibration Tutorial

  • Charging: 1:31
    Activation: 6:20
    Firmware Update: 8:00
    DJI Go 4 App Setup: 8:58
    IMU Calibration: 11:55
    FAA Registration: 18:11

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  • Cool vid👍👍👍 can you shed some light on why i may blnot be abke to get the firmware update to work on my samsung A7 tablet. It keeps saying network issue disconected.

  • Hi!! My name is Steve. I tried your video on my mavic 2 zoom however, when time to upgrade the controller as the aircraft shows latest firmware, it's not doing it via my internet. Please help!

  • I went to the site that you had left and do your video in Hypertext. Things must’ve changed. The fee was five dollars but the registration was 25. If that makes any sense.

  • Ed Quick question. Are you having any issues with precision landing? I don't use it but if I do I want it to work. I just got this and it's not precise.. I updated the firmware. thanks

  • Excellent Vlogs, just got a spark will play around with it for a while. Love the Mavic capabilities, can easily see upgrading soon!

  • Thank you so much for this tutorial. Just bought mine and thanks to you I'm able to do everything right 😉 Best regards from Portugal

  • Nice video, very helpful – thank you! 🙂 …is this a painting of Giovanni Vetere in the background? Just curious… 🙂

  • During the return home mode, will the safety sensors still be working to detect objects to keep from running into? Just incase the height wasn’t high enough. I’m a new sub to the channel. Looking to get this drone. Thx

  • THANK YOU! What a phenomenal video. I really appreciate it, it really made setting up my new drone so easy.

  • I don't have the option of turning off my remote control charging my phone. Your clearly does, mine doesn't. My remote drains like crazy because I assume it is charging my phone.

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  • You know it’s kind of funny that it shows the gimbal cover attached to the drone as your suppose to calibrate the IMU. We know that’s wrong.

  • I am brand new to this and have just purchased a DJI Mavic 2 Pro. I am so thankful for your thorough and extremely informative video Your explanations are clear and helpful and even the visuals are perfectly right on! I have now subscribed to your channel!

  • Great tutorial, I have a question, unboxing for the first time and the antennas on the controller the left side does not rotate forward, any ideas of why? and of course, I don't want to force it.

  • You do an excellent excellent job of explaining " Getting Started with the Mavic 2 , You are to the point and not confusing at all Thanks

  • Awesome info! 2 questions, (1) what video software do you use for processing your videos?, (2) can you use the FAA # from an old drone ? Thanks

  • Hello from 🇺🇸Harrisburg Pennsylvania 🇺🇸 I have a old Mavic Pro & Phantom 4Pro Plus drones should I upgrade to a Mavic Pro 2 or Keep what I have And try to rig up my 📸Go Pro 7 Black 📸To my 1 st generation Mavic Pro drone ? I only shoot videos in 2k my I pad pro can’t handle 4K ,And I do all my editing with my iPad Pro any suggestions or recommendations ? ?

  • Hello from 🇺🇸Harrisburg Pennsylvania 🇺🇸 I have both Phantom 4Pro with 5 batteries 🔋 & Mavic Pro with 3 batteries , 🔋 The Mavic Pro I pretty much take everywhere when I’m Jetskiing or riding around on both of my motorcycles 🏍🇺🇸🛵 cause the Mavic pro is small enough to fit inside both of my compartments on my Big Boy Toys ,If I’m not taking my Woman 👩 with me I always take my Phantom 4Pro plus and can put it on my back seat 😎 My question is should I upgrade and get the Mavic Pro 2 with fly more kit $1900.00 or keep what I have ?

  • Pro just came in the mail, interesting enough, the box shows iphone compatibility, does the drone work best with IOS? or will a note 8 suffice? Great videos

  • Ed, What are the BEST PHOTO SETTINGS om M2P for doing a Time Lapse? I tried doing the FREE mode but flying forward was like being in Tripod mode. Couldn't get much movement which I guess is a good thing but Frame rate, shutter speed for Photo?

  • Hi Ed, I am an Australian living in the state of Victoria Australia. So happy to have found your YouTube sight and subscribe to your channel. You have dedicated your time, ability and energy in helping others to combat their fares of fly drones and getting stated in what is a great hobby and experience. Thank You. Ken.

  • Ok a question.when calibrating the imu it shows it with the gimble cover on.I had thought anytime the drone is powered on the gimble cover should be off.will it hurt anything (over time i guess as ive accidentlly done it 1ce or twice)if i power on with the gimble cover on???

  • Outstanding video. I’m in the research mode for an Mavic 2 Pro and this is the best detailed video yet.

  • Hi Ed, I notice in the smart phone go4 app just as the Smart Controller Go4 app there is on longer discharge times for the drone battery? 3 days to 10 days? don't know if they have built in preset discharge time and how long that would be? any ideas. thought you might have picked that up as you were in the battery section of General Settings. Tony form Australia

  • Before i purchase this, can this drone actually fly 8km away from you? surely it would lose contact with the remote? or is this what the GPS functionality is? Im trying to understand the difference between GPS and vision modes. I would presume vision would be the drond staying in contact with the remote where as GPS uses sats to communicate? But then as writing this wouldnt this need GPRS to do that?
    Also how high (elevation) can this go disregarding local regulations before anything negative happens?
    Also how long does one battery take to charge from empty to full?
    When you press return to home, can you intervene its home macro and change the course?

  • Thank you, because of your videos I was able to set up my brand new Mavic 2 Pro Zoom, still scared to go far and high though but I was able to go up, down, side to side and land and record videos.

  • I'm another new pilot (other than messing with Toy drones) that really had no idea on how to fly my newly purchased Mavic 2 Zoom drone, but after watching both Part 1 and Part 2 of your videos (several times over), I am finally up and running. I almost followed them exactly (but I'm still in the "Beginner setting"), constantly stopping the videos to make your recommended setting adjustments! Without these videos, I would have been completely Lost! THANK YOU!!!

  • Thank you Ed.. All the way from Papua New Guinea. Your tutorial here just helped me set up our first Mavic 2 Zoom drone.. Thank you so very much. Tomorrow morning it will be lessons from Part Two of your tutorial on how to fly a drone. Thank you once again.

  • Thank U so much. NOW I am very confident….. 1st Phase done.. Let me go to your next video for playing… Go to 2nd Phase for flying….

  • Best whises from Denmark! You are the absolute best teacher at YouTube. In other words, you have educational skills: good body-language, fine contact with the viewer and appropriate tempo.
    Thanks Ed! 🙂

  • why people get confused about firmware upgrades ….its so easy if you use dji assistant 2 for mavic, dont try to update any other way… the controller and drone seperately…youll be flying in minutes.
    also if you cant afford davinci or premier….filmora 9 is great software…..can install the dji mavic 2pro free LUT, and fixes barrel distortion….and much more.
    note: you may need to update your video player (I use potplayer 64bit….use madvr renderer) with hvec codecs.
    potplayer is completely free

  • walmart have amazing prices now on sandisk extreme plus U3 cards….$17 for a 64gb….its genuine and cheaper than online counterfeits!!!

  • Taking a moment to echo the sentiments of other commenters. As the new owner of a Mavic 2 Pro (and first time drone owner / pilot for that matter), your channel has been an incredible resource for me.

    From pre purchase, to purchase, setup and ultimately first flight, your videos have helped me feel more confident in my choices and helped settle my nerves as to what I should expect.

    I look forward to more content.

  • Im hopefully about to upgrade from p3a to mavic 2, i found your vid just the job for pre learning what i need to do when it eventually arrives thanks, now off to watch pt 2.

  • can anyone tell me how can i turn of charging mode im using android google XL with my controller if that is even possible with android thanks .

  • AWESOME VIDEO ! I'm a somewhat experienced Mavic 2 user…
    (Started in July/2019 and now have a pro AND zoom models )
    Your instructions are excellent and I actually sat through most of your instructional videos,
    learning new tidbits along the way.

    Thank you!!

  • You are officially my Go-To Drone Guy! Thank you so much for a clear & concise instructional video. I’m watching Part 2 next!

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