Grammarly vs ProWritingAid Review: What’s the Best Editing Software?

Grammarly vs ProWritingAid Review: What’s the Best Editing Software?

A while ago I did a review of Grammarly However in the comments you guys left a lot asking how did it compare to ProWritingAid as well as telling me how much you love ProWritingAid so with that I decided to do a Grammarly vs ProWritingAid YouTube check so we can see them side-by-side and figure out which one is the better between
the two if you enjoy videos like this would like to learn more about writing and self
publishing sure to click the subscription button below as well as the little bell icon so that you
can find out when my next video comes out and with that let’s begin the things about spelling and grammar checkers is that we want to make sure that they integrate into all forms of our writing that could be online as well as when we are sitting to write next book or even blog posts so the way for grammar checkers to be able to do this seamlessly is through the way
they integrate into all the different ways of writing so let’s go ahead and compare
which integrations ProWritingAid and Grammarly have to see how they stack up and then we’re going to
do a side-by-side comparison of each to see which one is better to start off both ProWritingAid and Grammarly have a word integration plugin however that this is only for windows word not MAC word come on can’t you make a
Mac Word plugged in so that we can use it also both have a chrome plugin which allows them to check your grammar and spelling when you’re on Facebook Twitter
or writing your Gmail any of that they both have a online web editor where you can go ahead and write
your documents and checked in there and they both have a downloadable app as well however
ProWritingAid has a Google docs plug-in which Grammarly doesn’t this seamlessly integrates
into any writing you do a Google docs which I personally do a lot of writing so that’s kind of cool
in ProWritingAid also has a Scrivener integration we are going to get into that in just a little bit so as you can see ProWritingAid
has a lot more integration capability then Grammarly so we’re going to give a checkmark
to them for them now let’s do a side-by-side comparison of each one of those integrations to see
which one is better working with word for both of them I didn’t see any noticeable
difference so I can’t give a check for this one however when it came to the chrome plug-in
Grammarly’s was a lot better I found it with ProWritingAid I kept kind of hovering
over there about a button and it would have that pop-up box and he got really intrusive and obstructive this became pretty annoying since it happens quite often so I’m going to give a
checkmark to Grammarly for this now with their web editors as you can see they are both very structured and pretty stream lined but if you can tell with ProWritingAid there are a lot of great option at the top ProWritingAid has 25 different
reports and ways to check your writing but one thing I loved most about ProWritingAid’s web editor is that I can select the style of writing that I’m doing so when
I’m working on a blog post I can select but when I’m working on say one of my academic
papers which I haven’t done one of those in a long time but if I did I would select
academic I love that it switches the way it looks and I found that a lot of the suggestions
it gave where a lot better because of that so a checkmark to ProWritingAid for their web editor
and finally let’s go ahead and look at their downloadable app now this one was a little bit confusing because Grammarly’s downloadable app actually opens up the web editor that we just saw but it allows you
to do it from your computer however with ProWritingAid the downloadable app is actually the Scrivener
integration that we just talked about while you can open up the ProWritingAid app and
you can open up certain file types and do some riding in there I didn’t exactly like
this instead the main function of this downloadable app is to be able to open up any of your Scrivener
project inside of it make edit and then save it and it saves it inside of your Scrivener
project so that maintains your formatting but in allows you to use the coolness of ProWritingAid to be able to edit your Scrivener work So in truth since both of them are not exactly the same I can’t give a checkmark to either okay so with that now that we know how they integrate into our work and the difference between those integration let’s go ahead and look at the pricing now for this I actually have
a 40% discount that you can use on ProWritingAid so the numbers are going to see her using
that coupon which you can find in the link in the description below in my ProWritingAid Review so using that 40% coupon you can actually get one years worth of ProWritingAid for only $30 where is with Grammarly on the other hand it’s $139.95 ouch but what I love most about ProWritingAid’s pricing is they also have a lifetime access I’m not a fan of subscription so
I love the ability to buy up a great product immediately and never have to pay again and with their price it’s only $105 using
that coupon code that’s actually cheaper than one year of Grammarly so for that I’m
going to give two checkmarks to ProWritingAid because not only are they cheaper on and annual basis but they also offer a lifetime for one price and finally eats look at the core components
of both which is the spelling and grammar checker the question is is which one is better
which one gives better options as well as a better recommendation to do this we open up
25 different articles of mine to include blog posts books even my thesis and we ran it through
both of them and in truth our results were kind of inconclusive there were times where
ProWritingAid was much better and there were times that Grammarly was better so we didn’t have enough data to say that one gets the checkmark so I can’t
give one to either but then again one thing that I did love most about ProWritingAid which we did talked
about earlier was that I could select the style and that really change the way I recommended
things to me with that I felt like the recommendations given by ProWritingAid were much better and I can
also use those reports that we talked about to learn even more so I guess I should give
a checkmark for ProWritingAid for that alright guys so as you can see ProWritingAid is the clear winner with a lot more integration
and usually better integrations a much better pricing and also in the end I thought it was
much better at teaching me how to write but it doesn’t mean the prorating it is for
everybody I still like the functionality of Grammarly as I’m using on the Internet it
doesn’t intrude on the things I am working on but with the goal of improving our writing of ProWritingAid is much better
so if you’re looking at a grammar and spell checker that just seems the integrates into
your operations and is easier to use that would be Grammarly however though if you’re a true rider that you’re
trying to develop your writing skills make your next book and those sorts of things ProWritingAid has much more tools to do
it and to do it more effectively and efficiently plus it’s also a lot cheaper now again if you were thinking about getting ProWritingAid be sure to click my review below 40% discount
that we talked about please understand to that every link that’s on that article is an
affiliate links so I do get a commission but that goes straight to my coffee funds so I
appreciate that if you guys do so with that I’m Dave Chesson of Kindlepreneur signing
off cheers

73 thoughts on “Grammarly vs ProWritingAid Review: What’s the Best Editing Software?

  • You got the same results that :I did when I tried both. I chose Prowritingaid both by price and by what Prowritingaid told me about my writing, which was much more detailed and to the point of my writing , than the suggestions from Grammarly. I'm glad I wasn't just choosing it because of price. Thanks for replicating my comparisons.

  • Just purchased a Prowritingaid lifetime deal through your link. I've only been using it for five minutes, and I am already blown away and how good it is. It is much better than another one I use that I wont name here. Thanks for the video. Oh and I love KDP Rocket by the way.

  • I have been a ProWritingAid Premium subscriber for almost a year. Although I haven't tried Grammarly Premium, I come to the same conclusion as you. There are more options and "knobs" to turn on ProWritingAid that allows you to get as deep or shallow in the pool of checks as you want.

    A couple comments… The ProWritingAid downloadable app (at least on PC) allows you to open not only Scrivener documents, but several other formats (including Word). This sorta makes up for the fact that they don't have a integration for Mac Word since all changes made in the downloadable app are preserved in Word.

    Also, one feature that I love in PWA is the echoes feature. A lot of times, we repeat words in close proximity to each other that makes our writing seem repetitive and for lack of a better word, uninteresting. Having a piece of software point these occurrences out (and the ability to customize how close together these flags occur) is extremely helpful!

    I will state that all my writing with PWA is done in the realm of fiction, and although I have been curious about Grammarly's feature set, I must say that I am more than satisfied (and have improved my writing) through the use of PWA. Thanks for the great video, Dave, and keep on doing what you're doing 😉

  • I hadn't realize how much I didn't know about writing until I bought ProWritngAid last year. I used it for months on a story I've been working on for years. In that time, I learned more about the process and what I was doing wrong or should do differently. Without it, I may never have learned, having never taken a writing class. I've become a much better writer because of ProWritingAid.
    Con of ProWritngAid, IMO. I love the online checker. It's a much easier interface than inside Word (for me). But if you don't Save the project, which I don't really want to every time just to have it check over my doc, then things can go wrong. I've lost whole pages of edits by accidentally hitting a wrong key or something and wiping it out. The Undo sometimes works but not always. That would be my only wish for improvement of ProWritngAid. Otherwise I love it.

  • I have prowriting aid and hope someone can please instruct me, how to turn on prowriting aid to check as I'm writing like Grammerly does. The only thing I can do is check the document after I've finished. Is there a way to check as I'm writing in Microsoft word? Thanks!

  • Been waiting for this. Thanks, Dave. I will definitely tweet this out to my followers. I like the lifetime plan, too. P.S. As a naval officer, you're no stranger to commissions….ha ha. A little jarhead humor.

  • I've been using Grammarly – time to switch obviously! One thing I have noticed though – since you said PWA got in the way online and Grammarly didn't – if you attend a webinar – think it was with webinar jam – then Grammarly stops you from being able to comment in the chat box as it disables the submit button…. so there's definitely downsides to that online as well.
    One thing I couldn't tell from your video – since neither work with Word on Mac, do either work with Pages on Mac? and does the Scrivener integration work on a Mac as well as a PC?

  • I have both ProWrite and Grammarly in Word 2016 in Windows 7 and in Windows 8. While I love ProWriter for its features, I find Grammarly to be the more stable choice. ProWriter crashes whenever I ask it to "look at" more than a page of text. This renders part of its features useless. And the longer I use it, the worse it gets. A time or two, I've lost an hours' worth of work in these crashes. This makes it unusable for larger projects.

    I've contacted support multiple times and the techs are very nice, but the upgrade they assured me is coming hasn't shown up. It's been at least three (?) months.

    As I have it on both my laptop (which has Windows 8) and my PC and have the same results, I can only assume it's Word 2016 that it doesn't like as the friend who recommended it has had great luck with it.

    I am looking forward to the day that they work out the bugs. When ProWrite works, it's a terrific little tool.

  • Can someone please explain how to turn on prowriting aid suggestions and correcting as you are writing instead of having to go up to the top of the bar and manually have it check the document? Anyone? I want it to work like grammerly does as I'm writing.

  • Great minds think alike, wow! I just finished recording a video on the same topic this morning. Definitely a hot topic right now. Nice work!

  • Hi Dave, hope everything is well with you.

    I'm getting some wired Plagiarism warning on Grammarly. Sentences like these,

    "and have no one to care for them. "

    "All over the world, there are also people who"

    "quite different from that of the United States."

    "Just like most things in the world today,"

    These are just common sentences (or parts of a sentence) , nothing technical.
    Can we neglect these?

  • Hi Dave! I applied your coupon code and got PWA for life at such a considerable discount. Can't tell how happy I am. There's no way I can THANK YOU enough for all the knowledge and tools I now have THANKS to you. Got KDPRocket, too. Great tool!

  • I have made the transition from Grammarly to ProWritingAid after trialing it for a week and loving it. I bought a two year license using your discount coupon and wow what a huge savings. Thank-you very much!!

  • Hit a goldmine here! I am currently completing the last edit to my manuscript and was just about to purchase another writing app. So glad to have found your video! Thanks so much for the 40% discount coupon, I opted for the ProWritingAid Premium-Lifetime. Now, I have got to dig up—on how to use the app from Scrivener!

  • Two great videos! Question– Which one would you choose for your children if one child is a junior in High School for his advanced English class with Chrome book, and a Junior in college with a MacBook Pro? Our house has a Dell, Windows 10… Let me know. TY for your clear videos!

  • Got this PWA with the discount. Thanks. But the program does (my experience) foul up formatting (scrivener ) like changing " " back. Also indents. Have to reset the rulers. For us scrivener guys I suggest making a second scene and tag it with maybe Joes Bar-pwa, then run the edited version alongside the original scrivener , I still had a couple of speeelin issues.

  • I would not touch Grammarly. My partner started using it for her creative writing degree and her scores for her assignments went down because of poor grammar. She stopped using Grammarly and it went back up.

    Equally I saw a website dedicated to grammar and they tested Grammarly. The results were so disappointing they removed their Grammarly affiliate link.

  • I would like to get the coupon code but I have just tried and I couldn´t. The price is 60 per year. Could you please help me?

  • Thank you for doing a review that addressed different features, showed how each functioned, discussed usability in various applications, etc. I found it comprehensive and felt I could make an informed choice (something really important to me). I wish you did reviews of other software options. That I would follow.

  • Hi Dave, I was about to click into buying in Grammarly when I found your video. I am studying a master and I am not a native English speaker, so I am terrified about plagiarism, although I have not doubt PWA will help me to improve my writing by the comments I can see, does it also has a plagiarism checking tool?

  • For proper editing – nothing compares to hearing your own words spoken out loud. I believe if one listens to his or her writing – with eyes closed – and then edits it based on what's heard, the grammar checkers will give it a superior score. Keep in mind, a reader has an inner voice, so the better you can replicate and speak to that voice, the better you can predict your reader's reaction.

    I've been fond of using a combination of Pronounce and Notepad for Chrome. Pronounce requires a Chrome page to edit, and Notepad can provide that platform: &

    In the future, I would like to see an AI-based grammar checker that scans words and processes them as if they were spoken out loud – examing the transitions, pitch, and flow. Good writing has an appealing musical quality that these grammar checkers cannot embrace. The AI could utilize a deep-learning system based on successful writing and music composition. Depending on the writer's target audience, it could provide different types of advice.

  • Dave, you just converted me from a Grammarly user to a ProWritingAid user. Easily the best video for showing the difference between the two pieces of software. Thank you! I've been using Grammarly for a year and a half and really feel that ProWritingAid would do better for what I need. I also use Scrivener, so instead of copying and pasting so Grammarly can read it, the integration with PWA is going to save me time, and not to mention a lot of money.

    I feel like this conversion will really help with my writing. Power to the writers!

  • If Grammarly had a lifetime purchase… I would stick with Grammarly to be honest just because of how light and resource efficient it is. I am tempted for pro writing aid as I am a video game writer, indie, and I write upwards of… 40-80k words a month, which is hard to proof read especially when I take it out of google docs then go to grammarly and then I have to… CTRL+F the entire damn page haha. PWA has a google doc plugin which makes me moist…

  • Also, Grammarly cannot open and check a long paper like a thesis; you have to edit your long document piece by piece. ProWritingAid can open and edit a long paper like a thesis.

  • one question. if I write the credit card code, doesn't money get stolen? please, someone, tell me if they tried ProWritingAid, did their money get stolen? is it a scam? or not?

  • Two things:

    1 – I bought PWA lifetime license using your code with 40% off, thanks!
    2 – This guy stole your video: v=8EDIbqJzrac (semrushhelp, Grammarly vs ProWritingAid Review What's the Best Editing Software

  • Hi, I am planning to opt for 14 days of free trial before I buy from your link. This would help me to get a feel of it. However, I am unable to install it- MS word Add-on and at chrome. Could you please assist? Would appreciate your help.

  • Thank you, probably just saved my ass in school. There was no way in hell, I was going to pay $140 year for Grammarly pro, but ill spend the money on ProWritingAid.

  • I am a graduate student in the middle of my final semester and I wish I'd heard of PWA earlier. I discovered Pro Writing Aid through your web blog and I am trying the 14 day trial on my mac. For my first academic paper I ran through it, I have had a great deal of improved writing through better grammar usage and removal of passive voice. After the trial is complete, I will buy a year or two using your coupon code because I feel it can improve my writing voice exponentially. 🙂 I will also try out the Scrivener 30 day trial to see if that's something I'd be interested in. 🙂 Thanks Kindlepreneur.

  • It seams your discount code not working. Thanks. It is fine, at first I just couldn't find where to enter your code. thank you very much.

  • Dave. Just listening to this again I can say that Grammarly now has a Google Docs facility (beta option) that is really amazing.

  • With regards to ProWritingAid, their privacy policy contains the
    following line/s:

    What information do we collect?

    User Content – This includes documents or any other content provided by
    you while using our website or apps. Grammarly have something similar.
    All I know is that some of our information is probably stored in the

    Having my original ideas harvested worries me.

  • I don't see the discount. It still says $60 for annual and $210 for lifetime> is there a updated link or code

  • Thank you. I've just purchased a premium plus through you and it was so easy to do. Can't wait to check it out. I'm looking forward to hearing more of your You-Tubes. All the best t you.

  • Prowritingaid raised their prices a bit and has more subscription options now. Still the best deal

  • I just start blogging and need a tool like this. I was thinking about using Grammarly (which was the only tool I knew) and saw this video. Thank you for your review. I bought 2-year program even before I sign up. XD Just start testing it. I like it 🙂

  • Great video, thank you! I've decided to go with PWA. Although, I'm having difficulty finding the discount code! Is it still available? I clicked the link above, and it took me to a page with the following text in a box on the right:

    "Kindlepreneur Community 40
    ProWritingAid Premium
    40% off
    Buy Now"

    But there is no code there. And no code anywhere else on the page… If I click 'Buy Now', it takes me to the purchase page, where everything is listed at the normal price, but there's a separate text box where it asks for a discount code…

    Any ideas?

  • Hi, I used your discount affiliate link, and it worked.. Just a price base was already different from the year ago. Thank you.

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