How Blind People Use Computers!

How Blind People Use Computers!

14 thoughts on “How Blind People Use Computers!

  • Went from informational to blooper reel just like that lol. Oh and yes I’m grateful for zoom on my Mac. It makes working in Final Cut so much easier and I avoid the awkward lean in towards the screen.

  • Was actually on my laptop yesterday working on an assignment and MAGic was being mean to me cuz for some reason it didn't wanna read right. Usually I just use MAGic's zoom feature turned up to 8 with Invent colors turned on, but I like to listen to text after am done writing it

  • I just came across your stuff yesterday. While looking for accessible video editing software. I am total lights out, but that sure makes it interesting
    Keep up the good work.

  • I am too broke to own a Mac. But I do have a PC connected to a 60-inch TV and even with the accessibility options I can not see the text. Accessibility on a PC absolutely sucks. I wanted a computer that was as accessible as a Mac and I went for the next best thing, a Chromebook. Believe it or not the accessibility features on a Chromebook are not that bad. There is a few things missing that they could add but other than that it worked just fine for me. I purchased the Chromebook 15 it's got a big touch screen monitor and it was still cheap in the $200 range. Watching YouTube on it is a lot easier for me and the zoom is so much better than PC I can blow it up to the point where I can literally see it enough to read it. I will say though Chromebook hasn't been without its glitches but still doing the job better than a PC.

  • Hello, I am a 13 year old boy who suffers from very very bad myopia. I would get an eye doctor to check my eyes in a week or two, but I wanted to ask these to you beforehand. So, I see floaters, and it is increasing alot recently. When it's also dark, I see small random things changing colour every second and it is clouding up my eyesight. I can still cope without glasses but these are really worrysome, especially since I am only 13 and haven't got to enjoy life much. I just wanted to know what the things I see when it's dark are, and if these sudden increase in floaters (specifically just on my right eye.) is leading to something serious. Thank you, if you have explained this somewhere in your videos, I apologize for asking :v. I would appreciate a reply eitherway, thanks bro. 🙂

  • I am blind and I use the screenreader called Voiceover, on my iPad and iPhone, I am way too lazy to use the same screenreader on the Mac.

  • The begining of your video (“how does a blind person computer?”) was hilarious lol. I hate when siri misunderstands what I’m asking but sometimes the results are funny.

  • Thanks a lot for making this video! I just uploaded a video on how I personally use the Windows Magnifier, but I wanted to ask you if you are aware of a screen reader/voiceover option that actually works the same way you just showed on your mac? To be able to simply highlight text and have it read to me would be sweet! It doesn't seem like the windows narrator can do that…

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