How to Download Intuos Software (2018-2019) 🖍

How to Download Intuos Software (2018-2019) 🖍

– [Aaron Rutten] I’m digital artist Aaron Rutten and in this video, I’m going
to show you how to install the Wacom Intuos bundled software. (gentle music) First we’ll go to That’ll take us to this
page here where we have some instructions about how
to install the tablet, download the drivers and
download the bundled software. Now if this is your first time
registering a Wacom product, you’ll need to create an
account under My Account. Go ahead and fill out all
the necessary information and then click on the Next button. Answer a few quick questions
about how you’ll be using this tablet and then Create your Wacom ID. Now check the email that you
registered with and you should have this confirmation email
with an activation link. And now your account has been created. To download the bundled
software, you go to the left menu on your Software Library and
then click on Register Product. You’ll have to enter your Product ID and that can be found on the
bottom of the Wacom Intuos box. Enter that serial number on
the Wacom registration page and then go ahead and click Next. Then click on View Software Library. Next, carefully choose the correct operating system for your computer. If you’re working on a Mac, choose Mac. If you’re working on a Windows
computer, choose Windows but make sure not to
choose the wrong one here. That takes us to the Software
Library which shows us all of the bundled software
that’s available to us in our region depending on
the model that was purchased. Now, I have the Wacom Intuos
medium which means I can get ClipStudio Paint Pro,
Corel Painter Essentials 6 and Corel AfterShot 3 and I
can download all three of them. So you choose Add to Library, select. That’ll show you the license key that you can use to register the software. Then you click on Download to download the installer for the application. I’m going to go ahead and
download all three applications. Now it’s important to note
that you can always go back to
and you can access this Software Library page, your serial numbers and your download links for the software. So let’s go ahead and install some of the software and try it out. I’m going to start with
ClipStudio Paint Pro. I’m going to double click
on the Installer file and just follow all the
instructions to install it. Now I’m going to click on the program icon to go ahead and launch it. Now it’s going to go ahead
and take a minute to load some assets here but
once you’ve got it open, go up to the top left and click on Paint and that will prompt you
to enter your license key. Go ahead and type that in and then click on Register License, then
you’ll be able to use the full version of ClipStudio Paint Pro. So we’ll go ahead and click
back in the top left on Paint and then we can start painting. And I’m just going to do a
few test doodles here to make sure that this is working, keep
an eye out for ClipStudio Paint tutorial that I’ll be releasing very soon. There are also Pastels and Crayons if you click on that category. Let’s try the crayon. You should be able to
control the brush size and your opacity with your
pen pressure depending on the brush you have selected. If not, you may want
to go to the File menu and then look under Preferences
and then look under Tablet and just make sure that WinTab
is selected as your driver. If that doesn’t help and you
still don’t have pen pressure, watch until the end of this video
because I’m going to explain how to calibrate your pen in
the Wacom Tablet Properties. Now, let’s test out some paint brushes. We’ll click on the Paint Brush
tool and then there are some different categories of
media and then presets. We can make this palette wider if we wanted to by dragging it wider. Let’s try Transparent
Watercolor and our color picker is way down at the bottom left. That’s a strange place for
it, but that’s where it is. You could move it
somewhere else if you like. You can see if I use
light pressure then I get a lighter mark that kind
of blends and if I use firmer pressure, I get a more opaque mark. I’m going to go ahead and
choose a different color like this blue and I can
kind of mix ’em together depending on how much pen pressure I use. As I mentioned earlier, we can
calibrate that pen pressure which I’ll show you toward
the end of this video. Let’s try Oil Paint now. We’ll choose a green color. Put down some oil paint
and then we’ll pick another color to blend into it. How about something like
this gold color here. We can see we can blend
them kind of together and you get a nice oily effect. There’s also airbrushes if
we select the airbrush tool and we can make a very big
airbrush which is nice. I’m going to put down a
little bit of oil paint on top of that using a
lighter color and let’s take a look at the
Blenders because blenders are very important to
me in art applications. We’ll select the blender category. We have the Blend brush here which is kind of a wet blending, we
have this blender here which is a little bit more
spongy called Finger Tip and we have a Running Color
On Fiber which is more of a broken up kind of effect
and then Soothing Watercolor is a more oily look or kind of a wet look. And I think there’s a
pretty decent variety of blenders here, so that’s
as far as I’m going to go into the demo of ClipStudio Paint. Let’s take a look at
Painter Essentials 6 now. We’ll go ahead and install that. I’ll enter the serial number
from the Wacom website. And then once it’s finished installing, I’ll click on the application to open it and we can play around with
Corel Painter Essentials 6. Now in my opinion, this is
really the best application for painting and drawing
although ClipStudio Paint does work well, also
it just kind of depends on your preference and
what you’re going to use. If you’re doing more
comic books and manga, you might prefer ClipStudio Paint. However, if you’re doing
fine art and drawing and painting, photo painting, cloning, then Corel Painter Essentials
is going to be the way to go. If you want to learn how
to use this application in more detail, check out my tutorial about Corel Painter Essentials 6. I’ll put a link down in
the video description. But you can see just
like in ClipStudio Paint there’s different categories of brushes and I can draw and paint. So let’s take a look
now at Corel AfterShot which is kind of like a Photoshop
or Lightroom equivalent. You can use it to edit photos. So on the left we have a file manager. Let’s go ahead and open file. We’ll select a photo here,
that photo will pop up over on the left and
we’ll just double click on that photo to begin editing it. It opens here in the
center in our art board and then over on the right,
we have all the different sliders that will control
the different properties. Exposure will make it lighter or darker. Highlights will help reduce some of the highlights if it’s overexposed. And we can add some fill light if we want to brighten up the background. Blacks we can use to make
it richer or more dull. You can use undos too
if you want to go back. Then we can add some saturation
to make it more colorful. We can also sharpen it
by turning on sharpening and then you can add more or
less sharpening if you want and you can toggle this box
on and off to do a before and after to see the effect
that the sharpening is having. Now if you don’t want to
mess with all these sliders, you can always click on
the Auto Level button and then there’s also Perfectly Clear which also gives you another result. And I think I kind of like
the way that that looks. We can do some more editing
over on the far right. We can go to detail and
there’s some settings for lens correction
and a few other things. For example, we could add a
vignette here which kind of draws the focus in towards the
center of the photograph and helps it look more dramatic. Let’s click on the Plugins tab now. We can play with the
different individual colors. We can click enable and
then we can adjust the reds to make them lighter or darker. We can do the same with the oranges. And we can control each individual color. You may also want to
optimize your preferences by going to File, Preferences. And then if you look under Performance, you can choose how much of
your computer is utilized. Especially look under I/O
Threads because if you’re using an SSD or Solid State Drive, you can increase this
to between two and four to get better performance. We’ll go ahead and
click Apply and then OK. Then on some computers that
can give AfterShot 3 a boost. So once you’re happy with your photo, you can go ahead and save it. To do that you can go
to File and then Export, Export Files and then you can choose all of your different settings here. I’m going to go ahead
and save this as a .tif which is higher quality than .jpeg. You’ll always want to save your
edited files as a high quality format because .jpeg
will compress your image. Only save as .jpeg if you
need to in order to make the file smaller to post it on the web. So you can feel free to explore all the different settings here. You can Export it to a source folder which is where the file is located currently, or you can choose a folder. I’ve gone ahead and Exported that image and I’ll open it here in Windows. And you can see here’s the
edited version of my photo of a mushroom, pretty cool huh. You can do a lot more with
AfterShot if you upgrade to AfterShot Pro, there’s a special deal you can get if you upgrade now. If you don’t like this
message you can turn it off. Same goes for Corel Painter. On the welcome screen you can
upgrade to the full version of Corel Painter 2018 which
I would highly recommend because then you’ll be able
to follow along with all of my great tutorials
that I post on YouTube and this is a great deal on Corel Painter. Now, I want to talk a
little bit about customizing your Wacom Intuos to work
alongside these applications. We’ll go to our Wacom Tablet Properties and we’ll look under Pen. Here’s where you can set
the pen pressure calibration so you can adjust the tip feel. I press really hard when I draw so I set mine one notch towards firm. You can also set shortcuts
for the pen buttons. You can have them do things
like resize the brush and erase and all that kind of stuff. We look under Mapping. Here’s where you can set your
tablet to work specifically on just one monitor rather
than all of your monitors. So just choose the monitor
that you want in your set up. Now depending on the kind of
monitor that you’re working on, you may want to set the
tablet area to customize it. You may also want to have
it only work on a portion of a screen, you could do that as well. If your screen is extra
wide, then you could also try forced proportions to see if
that helps with your tablet. Do a little bit of test
drawing in one of your art applications and you’ll be able
to see what’s working best. If you don’t like the ripple
effect you get when you click with your pen, you can
turn off Windows Ink. However, Photoshop requires
Windows Ink in order to be able to use pen
pressure in Photoshop so you’ll have to leave it
on for that application. If we look under Options,
there’s an option to adjust the pen
pressure for compatibility with older applications
that only support 1,000 pressure levels so you
can try that if your application isn’t responding
well to pen pressure. Next, let’s look under the Tablet tab and here’s where you can set the shortcuts for your express keys. You have four express keys so you could set this to undo or redo or select your brush or all kinds
of different stuff. Now you can set this for
each application as well. So you can have your express keys work differently in each application. We may need to add
ClipStudio Paint here so just locate the program file
and go ahead and add it and now you’ll be able to add shortcuts for ClipStudio Paint and
any other application. Now I should clarify that
there’s also a setting for all and other so that
would control the express keys and settings for all applications except the ones that you’ve
made custom profiles for. So there you go. That’s a quick tutorial on
how to get set up with the bundled software for
your Wacom Intuos tablet. Next, learn how to draw with your tablet with my Ultimate Drawing Tabler Tutorial. And if you’d like access
to over a thousand free digital art tutorials,
make sure to subscribe to my channel and enable notifications. Thanks for watching and
I’ll see you next time.

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