November 2019 Firmware Updates — LUMIX S1, S1R, GH5, GH5S, G9 *and* GH5 vs G9 Update!

November 2019 Firmware Updates — LUMIX S1, S1R, GH5, GH5S, G9 *and* GH5 vs G9 Update!

100 thoughts on “November 2019 Firmware Updates — LUMIX S1, S1R, GH5, GH5S, G9 *and* GH5 vs G9 Update!

  • Thanks Joseph. I'm happy for the G9 updates as it signals that Panasonic isn't going to replace this camera, at least not yet.

  • Soon G9 will be better than GH5, and clearly G9 will receive more attention than GH5. Soon g9 will also receive a free V-Log! The joy of the GH5 users as they gave many on a device! Dislike Panasonic!

  • Fan Bloom Tastic – Your geeky tech skills never cease to amaze me- actually doing a video in this myself and will be giving u a huge shout out for those wanting more deets! Amazing Jospeh 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻🎥🍿💻

  • Bought my G9 almost a year ago. Agonized over not getting the GH5. Now, I have a new camera at no additional charge…an updated G9 that doesn't take a back seat to the GH5. WOW! Thanks Panasonic!!

  • So what would be a better camera for video if you’re doing run and gun, vlog style videos following a subject. I had my woes with a lower end canon model and it’s autofocus. I’ve had my eyes on the gh5s since I started wanting to so films but after this the g9 seems like the better option??

  • I love my G9, thanks Panasonic. Can someone explain though, do you only get 10 bit at 30fps when recording to SD card? Is that due to a limitation in write speed ?

  • For the GH5s I was really hoping for Prores, Prores Raw, DNXHR or RAW HDMI output haha, but I am really interested to see the AF improvements 😁

  • Excellent! Really looking forward to that S1 blue channel clipping VLog fix. That one hit me hard. Thanks for this video. You break down this information better than anyone else!

  • Very happy about the Profoto integration on the S1. I’m looking forward to HSS shooting with my Air Remote O and B10 strobe and A1 flashes. I imagine there will be Profoto FW updates as well?

  • I bought the G9 when it first came out and have been very happy. Now I am even happier and feel it is really the best camera out there for a hybrid shooter.

  • Hello Joseph, the MC-21 converter is better than metabones? I have some canon and sigma lenses EF, and I want to try its on a lumix g9. Thanks

  • Thanks a bunch for the info. I've been using the G9 mostly for photos and love it. Was hoping they might add their live composite mode. Still à fantastic update.

  • Hey, just wanted to mention that "THE NIGHT MODE" is available on the GH5 as of the last FIRMWARE UPDATE not only the G9 🙂

  • Thanks!
    Do you know if they've added the ability to change the menu language on the GH5S (Japan)?
    I live and work in Japan but can't (yet) read Japanese but there was no option to change the language (no….really!).

  • I don't know why they won't address the non linear manual focus of the native lens lineup with a firmware update to either lens or the cameras or both. They could even put a lens focus sensitive adjustment setting in the menu…at least you think they could without much issue.

  • Ahh, I would love an update for my GX80 to officially bring 29.987fps to Pal camera, but even more I just want to be able to refocus with the half shutter on my Lumix CM1 shooting 4K @14.987fps instead of having to use the AF button on the touch screen.

  • hey joseph, thanks for the great explanation. You are really the GoTo Channel for all Lumix news! Can'T wait for your detailed review video on this incredible firmware update

  • GH6 should be fantastic – GH5 heavily discounted here in Australia – G85 was heavily discounted just prior to the G95

  • Thank you for this upload. Always believed in Panasonic. Absolutely love my G9. IMO the G9 is one hack of a camera.

  • Question:
    1) Can the G9's VFR use a timebase of 23.98fps?
    2) Can the G9 record 1080p @ 23.98fps in 10-bit 4:2:2 internally?
    3) Can the S1 use [Synchro Scan] in VFR?

  • Do you think the S1 is worth the extra money for Video compared to the GH5? I’m struggling between buying these two cameras. I do eventually want to have the S1H as my camera tho but don’t have the Budget for it now.

  • I've had my GH5 for a little over a month now, coming from the G7 for over 4 years. I love the GH5 and it's just a bonus that we're getting updates.

    I wanted a G9 as well so these updates + price drop make it worth picking up to have as a C cam.

  • I am curious to see how significant the AF improvement will be on the G9. This will be the benchmark for DFD AF on Panasonic cameras.

  • This makes me so angry, why can't the new firmware add full frame to my GH5?! Just the other night I caught my wife zooming in on Instagram photos of a G9 in various states of undress. This firmware is tearing my family apart, and Panasonic doesnt give a CRAP!

  • Hi Joseph Again Thanks for explain video! I got quetion from another territory, I just bought samyang xp 50mm f1.2 EF lens (great lens btw). S1 closes aperture of lens every time I hit record button/shutter. It's happening on every aperture beside f1.2. I'm using this lens with SIGMA adapter L>EF. This is not happening on any other third party lens with S1 and this adapter. This issue do not happening on URSA G2 (Lens works as it should perfect) so I suppose that sigma's adapter do something wrong and probably firmware of lens and adapter/body do not corresponds proper way. It's happening in full manual mode. . i have capture short video showing this and this is on S1/S1R page on facebook. Maybe You got some ideas ? Thanks for help

  • Nice overview. The G9 is the sleeper camera no one really talks about. Wish the GH5 had the top LCD display along with the red night mode.

  • Too bad they can't remove the record limit from the G9, but I know there are tax issues with that in the EU. Couldn't they at least let us Americans do it?

    Is Panasonic going to show any love to us G85 owners?

  • I don't want a firmware update, I want phase detection autofocus.
    Panasonic isn't even an option for many. I know around 50 people that won't even touch it or consider Panasonic as a possible choice – because of the failing autofocus.
    I do hybrid video work and I don't have a camera crew with me at all times to manually focus the lens. Sorry for not being that rich.
    Panasonic is not a cool company. They don't listen to customer feedback.
    Panasonic Brand = Bad Autofocus
    That's what they're known for.

  • As a GH5, GH5S and G9 owner, I already use the G9 over the GH5 for video whenever long recording times are not required… the primary reason being the better colour science (its not mentioned in this video but its is a considerable advantage) and the significantly better AF. But I did occasionally miss the waveform and 10bit.

    Ok, you have to pay $100 to get the waveform on the G9 (with VLOGL thrown in for free), but at least its now available, and with everything else it makes the G9 almost a GH5.5 for less money.

    If I'm recording long form, I'll usually use the GH5S anyway because it'll be on a tripod, and the colour science between the G9 and GH5S is much more similar than between the GH5 and GH5S.
    So from where I'm standing, the GH5S and G9 make better partners than the GH5S and GH5.

  • Hi! I'd like to know if the firmware 2.0 addition of vfr on the G9 will bring full manual exposure control to the slow motion and if the 1080p bitrate will improve to gh5 level.
    The G9 had no exposure control when shooting slowmo and also the quality of the picture was pretty low with very low bitrate. It was soft and with many artefacts.
    Thanks a lot in advance

  • Sir, thank you for this video and thank you Panasonic for these changes to the G9. I currently have a G9 and was looking to add a 2nd camera for my business that allowed me to shoot video in V-log L. I literally have a GH5 sitting in my Amazon cart that I was going to purchase this weekend. After watching this, I don't have to get the GH5. I wish the limited recording was lifted off of the G9 but that is more of a want and hasn't become a need yet. This is AWESOME news!

  • I would love to have RAW files saved to card slot 1, and JPEG files saved to card slot 2. Might sounds odd, but it would be useful to me.


    Does the VRF literally mean I can set it to do slow mo video at say 120 rather than only have 6x or half speed options now? Or ANY Frame Rate I fancy between 2-180?

    Slightly annoying I'm going to Scotland with the G9 the day before release! Arggh!

  • Great stuff…so what are the specific CF Express improvement/performance gains over the XQD? I know CF Express prices are but a few dollars more than XQD with similar GBs and this probably explains why Sony seems to have discontinued their XQD lines. Thanks for sharing.

  • for G9 users great news but for me as a GH5 user misfortune. A few months ago I decided between these two models. I chose a much more expensive model because it met my requirements. Now it comes from the right that I spent the money absolutely useless.

  • Sold my G9 to get GH5 and focus on video more with the 10 bit 422 and V Log L…. Then this Upgrade, but No Upgrade for GH5 users… SMH, Geeez WTF Man

  • Now let's look at what wasn't added, is absolutely possible without hardware changes, and folk have been requesting for years:

    – USB video class, allow the camera to be seen by any computer as though it were a webcam, no extra software or drivers required. Ideally at 4K
    – tethering live view at AT LEAST 1080p
    – wifi/bluetooth live view, such as with the mobile app, at at least 1080p
    – publicised bluetooth and USB protocol for focus control, enabling 3rd party focus controllers
    – linear manual focusing, allowing repeatable positions on the focus ring
    – hybrid focus, as with manual, but with auto assist to nudge towards the exact right position
    – support for open timecode sync standards over mic in, headphone out, and via bluetooth
    – support for audio level monitoring via bluetooth headphones
    – recording to an external USB drive

    Panasonic is so obsessed with the incredibly vocal critics of DfD AUTO focus that they've blinded themselves to all the potential they could offer for MANUAL focus, specifically in the areas of remote monitoring and remote focus pulling without ridiculous extra hardware (and really… why should I have to buy an external motor to do this on my lens when it already has a perfectly good internal one?)

  • Dam, I was going to buy the GH5, but now I'm considering the G9 or GH5 because of this update. I mainly do video and for the price, it's great. The only thing I'm bummed about is that both the GH5s and G9 have no in body stabilization. That's really important to me. However I do like the unlimited recording time of the GH5. Perhaps for video / vlogging and low lighting, GH5s might be a better. Thoughts?

    With this update, can you also do a GH5s vs G9 comparison?

  • I was just thinking about buying a GH5 as a second body. now maybe not. So instead I will keep my new and improved G9 and save my penny's for an SR1 or …wait for it GH6.

  • Regards from Stockholm!
    Is there a hack to give the G9 unlimited recording?
    The unlimited recording and the ability to choose between PAL or NTSC still has to keep me in the GH5 camp, but there sure are lots reasons to get a G9.
    I'm on a tight budget, I've finished buying my lenses, looks like a GH5 in February or March of 2020!

  • GH5 Exposure Offset Adjustment. I'm trying to understand what exactly this means. I don't use Auto ISO very much (for video), because the automatic calculation will very often burn out the bright parts of the scene. (Sometimes that is necessary of course, but often it's not). I'm wondering whether this control will allow me to rein back the exposure a little so there is a chance the highlights are preserved, but still keeping the advantages of Auto ISO being automatically adjusted with changing light/movement/pan of the camera.

  • As a G9 user this sounds great. Unfortunately, the one feature I really, really miss is: WHY DIDN'T THE G9 GET THE LIVE COMPOSITE FEATURE that the G90/G91/G95 got and that the Olympus flagships have??? I love this feature on my 2nd hand bought backup camera OM-D EM-1. Just why not, Panasonic …? This would have made it PERFECT for me …

  • I added timestamps for those who want it…
    0:45 S Series Updates (S1 & S1R)
    5:47 G Series Updates (G9, GH5 & GH5S)
    10:46 LUMIX Sync App
    10:56 GH5 vs G9

  • As a G9 owner, I am a happy camper. Very glad Panasonic isn't neglecting their micro 4/3rds cameras. If Panasonic stays true to substantially updating their cameras' firmware (like Fuji), then I will not be looking elsewhere when it comes to purchasing a new camera.

  • looks like G9 is better option for most users…. but for Pana to make the G9 close to GH5, makes me wonder if its part of GH6 release strategy i.e. selling GH6 at higher price that GH5 start price.

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