Orbi just got EVEN BETTER! Firmware update, NETGEAR Armor powered by Bitdefender

Orbi just got EVEN BETTER! Firmware update, NETGEAR Armor powered by Bitdefender

Firmware version landed on my Netgear
Orbi last night, bringing with it a decent number of bugfixes and new features, probably
the most notable of which is the NETGEAR Armor security system to make your home Internet
and all devices connected to it much more secure. So, let’s take a quick look. If you’ve not already got a Netgear Orbi
WiFi system, then you’re missing out! Click the first link in the video description to
check pricing and availability, and click the little “i” in the top right corner
to see my detailed setup, review and test. It’s an awesome system which blankets your
entire house in strong, fast WiFi so you get no deadspots and the full speed of Internet
access that you’re paying for. So back to the update, when you open up either
the Orbi mobile app or the web interface on desktop, you should see a notice informing
you that new firmware is available. If you don’t see that you can go into Advanced
Settings, then Administration and then Firmware update to check. As I said, the standout new feature in this
release is the addition of the NETGEAR Armor security service powered by Bitdefender, which
protects your entire home network right at router level. It promises “Advanced cyber
threat protection for your home and all your devices”, which certainly doesn’t sound
like a bad idea, and could be especially helpful for the less tech-savvy users out there . Features
include things like blocking fake or malicious websites on your home network, automatically
scanning your home network for devices which have issues and vulnerabilities that could
cause problems, or just that are using weak or default passwords, as well as ransomware
protection and blocking of unauthorised devices trying to access your network. Once the new update is installed, you’ll
see a new Security section on the web interface as well as on the mobile app. For some reason,
it seems you can ONLY do this stuff via the app at the moment. Once activated, if you
tap the new Security icon you’ll be taken to the Armor portal, and once it’s had a
little while to have a think about your network you’ll be able to see its assessment of
how you’re doing, as well as install the Bitdefender client on your various devices
like smartphones, tablets and PCs, if you want, so you can be protected even when not
connected at home. Whilst Armor got itself sorted, I got a barrage
of notifications on my phone as it said hello to each and every device on my network for
the first time! It’s worth noting that the Armor service
isn’t completely free – you get a 90 day trial after which you have to pay an annual
subscription fee, so I’ll keep an open mind over the next three months to see if I reckon
it’ll be worth paying. I’d be interested to know your thoughts, so let me know in the
comments. Other things new in this update include Netgear
encouraging strong Admin passwords which is certainly good practice. Mine is extremely
strong, as you’d expect, but it still told me it wasn’t – I imagine this is because
of being the first time this new process had run, and since passwords clearly aren’t
stored in a readable format, which is a good thing, it couldn’t have assessed it previously.
I kept the password I had previously and it passed the test. Now, I’ve been using the Orbi for about
4 or 5 months now and I’ve had to reboot it due to crashes a few times, maybe 2 or
3… so not awful, but disappointing and it’s certainly been a bit less stable than I’d
expected, so I’m hoping the “crash and reboot” error that’s meant to have been
fixed will sort that, although my issue did affect wired connections too, so time will
tell. It looks like they’ve also increased the
security on the OpenVPN certificate as well which is a good thing, although I’ve not
yet tested that out because I already use PiVPN to dial into my home network when out
and about. I’ll be doing a video on the VPN feature soon, so subscribe to the channel
to see that. I’ll put the full details of this firmware
update in the video description so you can see all the changes and enhancements. Has
it hit your Orbi yet? What do you think, are you happy with the changes and are you going
to use or even pay for Armor? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! Please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe
to the channel if you haven’t already, and if you like these videos and would like to
see more you can consider supporting on Patreon if you’re feeling extra super amazing. There’s
an unboxing video showing the RBK53 Orbi system with router + 2 satellites on screen now,
as well as detailed setup, test and review – so check out those videos if you haven’t
already. So that’s all for this video, I’ve been
@paulfp for Switched On Network, and I hope to see you again soon. Thanks for watching!

16 thoughts on “Orbi just got EVEN BETTER! Firmware update, NETGEAR Armor powered by Bitdefender

  • 4K 2160p60 YouTube video still buffers like crazy even when connected directly to satellite with ethernet cable with speeds of 103.1 Mbps down and 11.5 Mbps up. Never had this issue with my old Asus Dark Night RT-N66U Dual Band route.

  • Orbi is the only mesh system that works for me , tried google WiFi and amplifiHd they all trash 🗑 compared to Orbi

  • Activated the Netgear armor trial. Great timing as my family antivirus was up for renewal. Unlimited devices with Bitdefender AV is a lot cheaper than the 5 license AV I had before. Even if the appliance doesn't do much, the savings over the prior AV is a nice addition. Doesn't appear to impact performance but I do have 1 Gig fiber service that is faster than the 802.11ac capabilities of my TV and other devices.

  • I think netgear armor is potentially a good deal if you have a large household. Since it comes with an unlimited number of bitdefender total security, it might be worth the price. I have a large family and several of us have several computers. The reason I have doubts is that I don't know if it has an impact on my overall wifi performance.

  • I wont be wasting money on additional services for my orbi, if it isnt secure enough in the first place they need to be honest with buyers from the start and not try to push additional security on them at extra cost .

  • Thanks for the videos, I saw your comment below that you are planning to do a head to head comparision of mesh network solutions including goodle wifi. I'd appreciate that type of video. If possible please go into the controls you are using for the test. I've seen a couple of raw comparisions using speed test at various points in a house but what I am missing before I buy is things like number of connected devices at different points. A mixture of wired and wifi devices on these types of networks and how issues like cable quality and distance are affecting strength. These are super hard tests because no one test can replicate all use cases but for most people they will have a mixtuer of wired and wireless devices. Some of the complaints I've seen about the Orbi are that it trys to push traffic to the 2GH band rather than allowing the user to prioritize some devices like a smart tv. Thanks again.

  • Orbi 50 worked brilliantly for 2 weeks until I did this last update which killed the single satellite, it won't even power up, so disappointed. About to send it back but still searching for a workaround

  • Last update jacked everything up – frequent drops, throttling internet, randomly forces connections to main router and away from satellites.

  • Paul very good review video again. I just wrote on your other Orbi video comments about adding another satellite SRS60 at a carriage house away from a barn with existing Orbi network. I'm using ubiquiti locos to make a wifi bridge across the field to the carriage house and then plug the satellite in via ethernet. Hopefully this will work but what do you think? Please let me know. Thank you and great video!

  • Hi I am planning to buy RBK53 . However Netgear is currently selling V2 version which has no USB and Memory of 512 mb NAND Flash and 512MB Ram ( compared to 4GB Flash and 512MB Ram) do you think it will be as good as V1? Can you make a review of V2 ?

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