Disable Windows 10 Defender – Turn off Windows Defender Antivirus

Hello, tutorial shows you, how to disable Windows 10 defender turn off Windows Defender antivirus Disable or enable Windows 10 defender easily using reg file Steps in the video: First, how to create “reg” file to disable Windows Defender Second, how to create “reg” file to enable Windows Defender Step one, how to create “reg” […]

ZX-TEAM Meeting Mahlerts 2016

Rhön-Haus Mahlerts, Germany ZX81, no not a Sinclair but a TESLA A Sinclair ZX81 as car door opener, key code 42 (what else?) Pull the plug? TESLA Model S P85D Enter ZX-TEAM Meeting No. 20 Saturday March 12th 2016, 18:18 late afternoon First things to pick up More things to pick up (ZX81, Z88 and […]

Top 5 Common Mistakes Choosing Productivity Software

Hello everyone and welcome back to the keep productive youtube channel on today’s feature Taking a look at the comments, there’s always a struggle choosing the best productivity software, now the goal of this video today is to help you make better decisions around the productivity software software Did you go about choosing now? It’s […]

Earning $400 vs Losing $250 in a Day

People have a hard time talking about money because Money is the root of all of our problems My relationship with the money is I don’t like understand money … (laughs) Where did my other sock go? My name is Quinn, I’m 22 years old and I live in San Francisco I’m a software engineering […]

Container loading software EasyCargo

Easycargo Effective utilization of cargo space First, select prefered measurement system. Let´s add some items. Type in description. Set dimensions. Fill in total weight and items count and apply constrains. Importing items from Excel, is also possible. Choose your cargo space, or add more from our catalogue. Review loading options. Finally start the calculation. When […]

How Health & Safety Professionals Can Use EVADE Software to Assess Worker Exposure

Computer Software & Setup : How to Remove a Forgotten Password on Windows XP

Hi, I’m Robert, and today we’ll show you how to remove forgotten passwords from Windows XP. Windows XP is a trademark of Microsoft, and I am not in any way affiliated with Microsoft. If you forget your passwords in Windows XP, or if you just want to remove the password, for the, for that user, […]

Computer Software Tips : How to Make a Certificate Using Microsoft Word

Hi. My name is Dave Andrews. Today I’m going to show you how to make a certificate using Microsoft Word. To begin let’s open Word by clicking on the start button at the bottom, going to all programs, Microsoft Office and let’s just choose Word. To create our certificate click on the Office button at […]

Android Developer Story: Made for India

As you know India is a land of about 1.3 billion people, has a big demographic divide with people of multiple income levels, multiple literacy levels, multiple languages. What technology can do is to create a common layer and can actually improve the quality of life of people. I think the greatest tool we have […]

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