Panasonic GH5 Auto Focus Settings That Work! (Firmware 2.4 – 2019)

Panasonic GH5 Auto Focus Settings That Work! (Firmware 2.4 – 2019)

without question one of the biggest
downfalls of the GH5 is that people tell you the autofocus totally sucks i’m
using it right now how does it look let’s find out howdy folks this is Shane
welcome to the channel if you’re new here don’t forget to subscribe and also
click that little bell now right now I’m using the autofocus on my GH5 I’m also
shooting with a 25mm f1.7 lens and I love this lens I think it looks great
now this lens wasn’t always the best with prior firmware versions with
autofocus but I think it’s pretty reliable now I’l 12-60mm or something like that it works even better but I’m gonna
use this lens because I really believe that this sort of one point autofocus is
by far the best so I set a little box up and I’ve got it
basically here here here and here I usually try to aim it at my chest
slightly and just a little bit on my face so if I decide to hold something up
to the camera it’s gonna shift focus pretty reliably I’m looking at my
reference monitor if I bring it back down it’s gonna snap back onto here now
one thing that I don’t like is the face detection mode in my particular case you
can see I’ve got some posters behind me if I shoot across the opposite direction
there’s even more posters with faces as well and I think sometimes it picks up
on those faces on the wall so if I was to get out a shot here this particular
face depending on the angle of the camera that would actually be in focus
now you can see that this focus is actually shifted back to the white
zombie poster there which is awesome because I’m actually out of the square
if I was to hold this back up there it is it’s in focus it’s not pulsing you
can see there’s no pulsing on the screen maybe just a fraction but nothing
noticeable since the Panasonic 2.4 firmware upgrade I probably produced a
hundred videos with this new firmware and I love it this one spot autofocus is
great even if I was to move forward let me just check it’s in focus hold the
camera look at it again check my reference monitor make sure I’m not
embarrassing myself too much and I move back it works this
is by far the best mode I haven’t got any particular custom settings or
anything so I’ll show some b-roll of that as well but overall this works and
like I said if you’re using the twelve or sixty kit lens or one of the other
lenses with a wider angle it tends to be even more reliable I do a lot of guitar
videos on another channel I’ve got over 2,500 videos on that channel and being
able to move save the guitar in and out of focus which I might do actually it’s
pretty cool so I’ll show you see it works put the headstock over the box
headstock becomes in focus put the guitar back over the box that becomes in
focus and I’m back in focus I’m looking over here because I got this big
reference monitor that I use just to make sure everything’s working I think
that’s still an essential part of it I’ve tried face detection mode a few
times on this geeky nerdy techy youtube channel and it’s let me down I had to
actually add b-roll over it so for my money I think one spot autofocus mode
works the best I’ve got a pretty cluttered background and I don’t see it
really doing anything too distracting unless the topic of the video is
relating to auto focus most people won’t even look for it on my guitar channel
with over 100,000 subscribers I’ve never had one person say hey the focus is
pulsing not one so you can take a take or leave that my situation shooting here
at home might be a little bit different to everyday life for example I got a lot
of posters on my wall and you can see this one right here depending on the
angle of the camera if it’s up a little bit higher and it seems more of that
face face detection I want to lock onto that as well it will get a little bit
confused so yeah if you do have a lot of posters of people’s faces and so forth
like I do on my walls face detection mode probably isn’t the best mode and I
do find if you’re shooting with a light source behind you even like this
computer monitor you do see that pulsing but on one spot mode I’m looking at my
reference monitor right now I don’t really see it moving at all and like I
said you can move nice and close I’m making sure I’m over the actual square
it should still be nice and sharp it is pulse it did pulse a little bit
there but I always find it’s one of those things with this camera
and the way that the focus system works if your basically if you set up the
square like I have and you stay over it it’s nice and simple if you’re also
behind the camera you can change the focus point of where you want that
Square to actually be positioned and it will sort of track the object in that
area I think this is by far the best mode on the camera and after shooting
hundreds of videos with this camera now for the last 12 months even through all
the different firmware upgrades this is still my favorite autofocus mode like I
said you can hold things up it will latch onto it at some particular point
in time a little bit slow there but because there we go I reckon it’s got
something to do this contrast base autofocus definitely struggles if it
something’s just black but if you can if it’s got a bit of white in there like
that or a bit of color it will see it a lot quicker let’s just try this again
yeah I don’t know I think it works fine and like I mentioned if you’re taking it
seriously and you shoot at home having a reference monitor is absolutely
essential if you’re on your own like I am every now and then I’ll just look at
the reference monitor I usually have it behind the camera but I’m shooting in a
different sort of angle here today so I’m checking it out and I think it’ll be
okay let me know what you think honestly is it distracting? Are there problems
with the autofocus? some people will say that everything will be out of focus
because that’s what they see I edit all my 4k content on my iMac and
I can also view it on my a Acer monitor back here which is a 4k monitor as well
you never really think and watch it and go you know what
there’s pulsing in the video I just think it looks good but you let me know
what you think thanks again for watching folks my name’s Shane this was a quick
follow-up video from my initial quick test where people said “you needed a
little bit more in the background to see if it was stable” and all that kind of
stuff I think it’s pretty stable let me know your thoughts thanks again for
watching don’t forget to subscribe and I’ll catch you soon see ya

62 thoughts on “Panasonic GH5 Auto Focus Settings That Work! (Firmware 2.4 – 2019)

  • What's your guitar channel?

    I'm literally searching for vids on Panasonic GH5 auto focus vids, because I want to start my own Youtube guitar channel. Oh, and I'm ALSO left-handed… 🙂

  • I believe this mode is easily the best auto-focus mode. After shooting hundreds of videos with this camera over the last 12 months I have very few issues with the auto focus especially with the 2.4 firmware. Give this mode a try and see how it works for you or and please let everyone know if you also have any auto-focus settings you prefer. Thanks!

  • Awesome, I guess I need to upgrade my firmware. I tried the autofocus previously, and had some problems with it detecting the back of my chair rather than my face pretty often.

  • Looks OK for this situation, but what would you use for sports? How about closing w/a bit of guitar playing (sortta like one of the Photoshop YT channels)?

  • Was wondering if you have Custom AF set to ON or OFF. If you have it ON , what values do you have Speed and Sensitivity set at. Looking for the best settings to avoid that "pulsing" or "breathing" of the focus

  • I shoot very difficultly fast-paced surf photography/video with the GH5 and the 100-400mm lens with a 99% keeper rate. The 1% is usually user error. It transitions instantly from one surfer to the next. It's a great combo to shoot with handheld using the dual stabilization.

  • Thanks for sharing your experience. I had problems with the GH5 autofocus and decided to abandon it. I also had problems with the face tracking mode. The 2.4 firmware and its tip have regained my confidence in the GH5 which, despite the autofocus problem, has always produced an exceptional quality image. Greetings from Brazil.

  • Do you have specific sensitivity and speed settings in the actual GH5 menus for focus? I've set both to -1, not sure what's optimal.

  • Nice video I’ve been really wondering about the GH5 fix. I have a G85 and have been wanting to get a GH5 but have been worried about the autofocus. This video it seemed to work great.

  • Placing the square in your the neck/upper chest region is a great tip. When I put the square on my face it pulses much more than it does on the neck/chest

  • Excellent demonstration! Now I want to use 1-Area AF again. I've been using the Face/Eye Detection more since they've improved it so much in the two most recent FW updates. However, you have very effectively demonstrated that 1-Area is still more stable for this kind of talking head video in which the subject can be predictably in one part of the screen. Thanks for sharing!

  • Hey mate, any chance this works on the G7 lumix? Using it on my own channel, but I have stayed away from auto focus since day one.

  • I shoot mostly Rc Airplanes and Helicopters. Im rather new to mirrorless cameras and only use camcorders in the past. I try as often as possible to shoot manual but my wife shoot in auto when she is helping out. My problem is how to keep the planes in focus cause they are fast. Any tip on what focus mode to use?
    Tried writing many of the top users but they never reply. Bengt from Norway.
    Ps i only use native lenses. 12-60 f2.8 100-300 f3.5 and 42.5 F1.7

  • Great thanks ! Do you mean by default settings: speed & sensi : 0, or are the AF costum settings just OFF ? Thanks ! (I don`t remember the stuff stock settings)

  • Good job! Because Panasonic has had so much trouble with autofocus. That is the only thing people can remember. I have the G 85 and GH5 and G9.great cameras It's almost amazing how many You Tubers dump on the GH5 and yet use it to produce Their channel. I also have the Sony A7III and it truly is a fantastic camera especially for autofocus and lowlight. The cameras that I often walk with most of the time is the G9 because the Panasonic's in General are so easy to use

  • Dude, help, where in the setting, I mean show us step by step where and what you change on the screen and why as mine is spo screwed up its killing me, new to DSLR type cameras, gone from a phone to this and no one is showing how to set this crap up properly. Please help, if you do you will get far more views and subs

  • Great demonstration of the improved AF in the GH5 firmware. From my experience, I think the new firmware makes the AF completely useable. Many people just turn on AF and expect it to work perfectly without considering which AF mode they're using. With the GH5/s, you have 6 different AF modes. Surely, one of them will work for your needs. Thanks for this.

  • This is a good reference video. Thanks for sharing! Have you tested the tracking auto-focus mode? Is it usable? I'm thinking tracking someone on stage with the camera on wide-shot and locked down on a tripod.

  • which AF Settings for Video do you use? Speed Zero or -2? Would be great if you can poste this settings too

  • Thanks Shane. Great help. Just bought a GH5 and you answered a lot of important questions…then you grabbed a guitar and I knew, this guy can really help me out…
    thnx! Dave Goodman

  • Nice review, thank you very much! I still use the G85 (it was a question of budget), the AF with 1 field works, but not relieable in my opinion. Maybe because there istn't an update like 2.4 for the GH5, right? My question: Should I change from G85 to GH5 (2.4) because of AF, will there be an remarkable advantage? Thanks.

  • Hey thanks for the Tutorial !
    Question about GH5 – I can't use the auto focus in the VFR mode (196fps) – is there any way to make it work?

  • My autofocus never works. It will detect faces, track things, it will just simply not focus anything until I push a button.

  • Hi, Shane. Helpful video. I have a GH5 and GH5S and have struggled with optimal settings for AF, but never really used the 1-Area option. I'll give it a try. What are your thoughts about the Custom AF Setting options for Speed and Responsiveness in conjunction with the 1-Area setting?

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