Panasonic Lumix G80 G85 – FIRMWARE UPDATE – testing improved stabilisation

Panasonic Lumix G80 G85 – FIRMWARE UPDATE – testing improved stabilisation

hi everyone
my name is Marcin Rucinski welcome to my channel
this video is about panasonic G80 and this new firmware update which are which
I just updated yesterday the link is in the description so you can go to the
website and update this camera if you have one, okay i got three lenses with me
i got 14 -140 I got 12-35 2.8 that’s the one I’m filming with now and I
have 25mm f1.7 so I’m going to test them all
I like that Panasonic stepped in and they they put improvement into the camera
quite quickly that’s good it is definitely much smoother and with with
14-140 or pretty much with all those lenses there’s this choppiness this sort
of jerkiness that’s gone that’s gone definitely so that’s a good thing now
question is it better than GX80 I don’t really think so I don’t think so
but I’m not complaining about it I’m happy with this using this as it is now the question is am I happy with the
camera I’m happy with it it does what I need even though if it needs a little
bit of improvement I think they’re going to bring the new firmware anyway so I am happy
wouldn’t I kept a camera and they brought the new firmware so I am happy
with it If you were hesitant to buy one of those cameras because of
the stabilization issues I wouldn’t be hesitant at all I would just get one
because I think it works pretty good right now
after that firmware update there you go so let me know in the
comments would you be happy to use that camera with that sort of stabilization
I’m okay with that now I will see actually the footage one
when when I load it in a computer then I can actually look in it properly again I
want to do more comprehensive video about using this camera the way all this
menu works go through the whole menu as well so you can see yourself with the
options are there if there is something you interested in please let me know in
the comments don’t forget to put the like if you like the content and
subscribe if you are interested in more videos about photography about filming
stuff thank you very much for watching see you another video take care bye

47 thoughts on “Panasonic Lumix G80 G85 – FIRMWARE UPDATE – testing improved stabilisation

  • When you pan the camera quickly, the image becomes really blur. May I know if it's the micro jitters? This seem to be present in other videos too.

  • I don't do much video. Was there any issue with IBIS shooting still photo or moving object as in bird in flight photo (not video)?

  • Thanks man for the quick update. Waiting for another head to head comparison between G80 and Gx80. Wondering why you said you still prefer the latter one.

    Another question, do you have 30min video recording limit on your G80? I mean shall I go for G85 if that is the case or the American and European versions are truly identical?

  • You are the man!!
    Thank you for this little test.
    Would you mind telling me if you feel comfortable using your g80 with your all manual lenses?
    Or the stabilization only works fine with m4/3 lenses?

  • Even if it isn't visible better then the GX80, just the fact that now you can get IS on lenses that don't have IS is a monster plus that cannot be overseen. The ability to have IS on prime lenses (and maybe old vintage lenses) is huge! 😀

  • Is it not supposed to be same like gx80 stabilization system?
    After the firmware update yes it is better than before for sure but not same like gx80
    Also what I didn't understand why you turn of the stabilization end of the video, did you turned off lens or in body or both? when you turned on both or only lens?
    Thank you for the video!

  • After thinking about it, I think the new IBIS system in the G80 uses OIS at very long focal lengths and IBIS at short/medium ones. Since the 14-140mm is famous for having jitter issues, it could explain why you see them zoomed out at 140mm. It also means that GX80 use IBIS at every focal lengths and compensate jitters at 140mm successfully.

  • Hi Marcin,
    Thanks for this update, quite reassuring (I just sold my G7 to get the G80/85)
    I have an additional question: what about IBIS sound/noise?
    I read a few times it is quite noticeable and get picked up by the internal mic.
    Do you notice the same thing?

  • You're doing a good job! I made my choice on your advice. Could you now do the same video as you did first, with g80 gx80 together ? Thanks +++

  • What a refreshing and informative video. Not just a bunch of gibberish thrown together into a "review".

    You should definitely touch more in depth of the video autofocus capabilities. Many of us are just looking for a "handycam" to record family moments or children walking around the room or our pets strolling around. Nothing too extreme like a football game but definitely has some movement in it. I would be very interested on how the G80 can handle those situations.

    Once again great informative video. Keep up the good work. Subscribed.

  • Hey champ. There's a petition to add CinelikeD/V to the GX80/85… You should sign it. 🙂

  • Hey Marcin, quick random question. At the start of the video were you using the internal or an external mic? If external, what mic did you use?

    Thanks in advance!


  • Marcinie mam do Ciebie pytanie o faktyczna zywotnosc bateri podczas krecenia filmow UHD, w tybie mieszanym zdjecia i film. Producent podaje ze jest to 330 zdjec(do 800 w trybie oszczedzania). Znalazlem tez jedna recenzje ktora mowi o 600 zdjeciach i ok 20, kilkuminotywch filmow. Jak jest faktycznie ?

  • I would like to see a test of G80 with 14-140 lens with shots from tripod (especially on long focal lengths and with electronic IS turned ON). I want to see how it copes with 14-140 jitter issues.

  • Does anyone know where i could purchase a g80 in the UK or in Europe? I tried ordering one from a UK store but they have postponed delivery twice and ill probably cancel my order. Is there any store anyone knows about, that has it readily available and can ship within Europe??? Please let me know as ive been waiting for 2 months now

  • Just saw this more recent g85 video test with v1.1 and the stabilization/video looks terrible (worse than a years old gh2 with no stabilization).. you think this is a one off issue or the stabilization issue is still not fixed universally across all g80s/85s?

  • I would love to see some stills samples. especially landscapes. love this camera I'm torn between this and the Canon 80d. this will one my first system and I am trying to work out what I want to go with. video isn't the the concern however handy to have, I'll be shooting stills. Cheers.

  • Hello Marcin, I really need your help please.. I got my new g85 last night and shot a sample 4K video. When imported it to my MAcBook it was very choppy it looked terrible. My audio was fine. I had the setting on 4K 24fps. Do you have any experience with my issue and know how to fix it? Thanks for your help!!

  • My G85 won't update to firmware 1.1, I have used multiple sd cards and full batteries. I followed the instructions but no update inquiry after I click the play button. Can someone please help me figure out why it isn't updating? Thanks

  • Hi there. Thank you for sharing the insight. I'm in the market for a camera to shot 95% video. I am almost ready to buy but I'm indecisive on the GX85 and G85. I have a Zoom H1 so audio input is not a deal breaker. I need to travel light and film in a run n' gun style. Your video points out that the less expensive GX85 shoots better video while many others say it's more for photos. The only thing I wish the GX85 would have is the Cine-D and V-log features. Any insight to why you would pick one over the other if you could only buy one? Also, if you got a really good deal on an Olympus EM1 mark 2 would you take it over the Panasonic?

  • Te hace ruido (sonido) la g85. Dice Panasonic que es del sistema antipolvo. Yo creo que es del estabilizador. Pues sale en las grabaciones del micro de la cámara. Vaya cagada ha hecho Panasonic. Esperemos que un nuevo firmware se lo quiten.

    You make noise (sound) the g85. Panasonic says that it is from the dust system. I think it's the stabilizer. As it goes on the micro recordings of the camera. Shit has made Panasonic. Hopefully a new firmware will remove it.


  • I have a question.
    I have a green screen with 5 LED lights (2 Yongnuo YN-600's,3 Yongnuo YN-300's)
    Do you think i could get a flicker problem While using the G85 ??

    Thank You,Cheers from Niagara Falls Canada

  • I am one of those agonising over which to buy G85 or GX85. After Marcin revealed the stabilisation issue on G85 I would love to see a similar comparison after the update where the two cameras are strapped together.

  • Thank you so much for posting this up. There are so many old reviews out there before the firmware that I almost didn't get the camera. Cheers!

  • It’s so noisy when filming in dim light environments, is it ? I have been playing around for one month but find it quite disappointed… thank you for any advice you would give .

  • I have both cameras, and I definitely prefer the GX85 (GX80 to you) in this regard. I've grown to actually prefer the GX85 in a number of respects in regards to the spirit of small and light M43. Nice video, thanks.

  • Now (feb 2019) the latest updates are 1.3 (body) and 1.4 (lens), is this issue still present?
    I'm going to buy a g80 and I'll use it in travel mainly with this lens. If yes is present in all focal lens? Thank you

  • Panie Marcinie, czy spotkał się Pan z informacją iż mimo update'u oprogramowania podczas nagrań w 4K obraz nadal "skacze"?

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