Quickshot Mode and Dynamic Home Point Update – DJI Mavic Pro New Features Explained

Quickshot Mode and Dynamic Home Point Update – DJI Mavic Pro New Features Explained

what up welcome back to another episode
my name is Atti Bear and we all have been waiting for it DJI finally decided
to give the Mavic a new firmware update and what was included we all were very
surprised the quickshot modes we already knew from the DJI spark today I
will show you all the new quickshot features that were included in the last
firmware update and I will also show you the new automatic home point update that
was also included in the last firmware update but before we get to all that
nice footage don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and make sure to check out
my written articles at atti-bear.com so let’s get to it let’s begin by
opening up the intelligent flight mode menu marked by the controller on the
left side from here we can choose the mode quick shot after you selected a
quick shot mode you get a prompt that the camera settings were adjusted for
active track since I want the smoothest footage possible I’m switching back to
camera to manual the biggest difference with the quickshot modes in the Mavic
compared to the spark is that you can adjust your flying speed in order to
initialize the active track part of the quickshot mode you need to draw a
square around yourself by the way the spark also has a circle around your mode
but they kind of decided not to include it with the Mavic when you tap on the
quickshot mode itself you get a little preview what it does and since I’m going
to show you all the three let’s start with the Dronie set your flight speed
and in order to start the launch countdown just tap on the square
three-two-one and here you go The Dronie starts
automatically the Mavic is flying backwards at a constant speed and will
keep you in the middle of the frame also notice that the Mavic stops
automatically every recording and it will automatically launch a new
recording when the quick shut mode is initialized when the final Point of the
quickshot is reached the Mavic will automatically stop the recording and it’ll
return back to you but a big difference in spark the Mavic is coming back way
quicker than the spark did the spark was so slow when it was returning that you
almost could go in grab a cup of coffee next up is the helix quickshot mode draw another square around yourself select helix watch to preview hit okay
adjust the travel speed to your liking and hit go three two one
personally I like the helix the most it gives you one of the most epic view
points you can get out of the quickshot modes it starts an automatic spiral
around you and the longer it goes the further it moves away and the higher it
gets and as you can see in the controller preview on the right bottom
corner it is keeping you in the middle of the frame all the time
also the helix quickshot mode is the longest quickshot of them all it takes
about 45 seconds to travel along the predefined route and again when it’s
finished it will automatically stop the recording and it will slowly get back to
you but slowly is way faster than with the spark still now let’s get to the last quick shot
mode – which will be the rocket and again draw a square around yourself
watch the preview hit OK and hit the go and watch the countdown the
rocket is the second-longest quickshot mode cause it takes the Mavic about 27
seconds to reach its highest point with the rocket quickshot you definitely
need to check the clearance above you cuz the drone will rise 60 meters and
you cannot define the end height of this mode unfortunately the recording of the
image of the controller was a bit laggy so you cannot see the height of the
drone until the last moment and like with all the other modes it will
automatically stop the recording when it’s finished and it will come back down
to you I’m really glad that DJI decided to implement those quickshot features
also for the Mavic because it was a real disappointment when we learned of this
modes with the spark and we didn’t see anything like it would come with a
firmware update and since I promised you a little preview of the automatic home
point update let’s get to this neat feature first of all you need to
activate the dynamic home point feature in the menu for this select the three
dots on top right corner then select the main controller settings
and there you have it on the second point the enable dynamic home port in
order to test a new dynamic home point feature of the Mavic you need to select
one of the active track features so for this go back to the intelligent flight
modes menu and select active track and as you already know it from the quick
track features you need to draw a square around yourself and in this example you
can see that it is not always working depending on your background so
sometimes you need to give it a second try the homepoint has been updated please check it on
the map and here’s the first difference the moment the mavic recognizes you as
the tracked object it automatically sets its home point for you the home point
will not be updated every few seconds it will only be updated if the Mavic
traveled far enough since I’m just walking forwards not much is happening
but after I started the rotation of the Mavic it will travel way more and it
will automatically start to update its home point the home point has been
updated please check it on the map the home point has been updated please check
it on the map and these updates will now happen the home point has been updated
please check it on the map within every few meters the home point has been
updated please check it on the map so these updates will continue until you
hit stop the home point has been updated please check it on the map but if you
are in an object like a boat or something the home point has been
updated please check it on the map and the Mavic is losing the sight of you the
home point has been updated please check it on the map it will hover in its place
and at least go home the home print has been updated
please check it on the map so this is a big improvement to the previous features
the home point has been updated please check it on the map ok I know today’s
footage wasn’t as beautiful as promised but what do you think about the new
features is this something you are going to use hit me up in the comments and
tell me below I think the new features especially with the quickshot modes are a
really cool addition to DJI’s feature repository because this is the proof
that DJI continuously is improving their software and the features of their
drones also we have some more and better options with the DJI Mavic Pro compared to
the sparks because with this one we are able to control the flight speed with
the spark you only can’t start the feature and you can stop it but you’re
not able to define how fast your drone has to go when they are doing their
quick shopping the dynamic home point feature is something you will really
enjoy if you’re a lot outside your cycling or you’re on your motorcycle and
you don’t want your drone to go all the way back to the original home point if
it’s losing its connection or something happens so this is a really nice
addition but I would rather see it locked to the controller instead of the
drone and this way it would at least track you and if it’s losing you it
won’t just land or hover in place so it will follow you or it would have been
following you if this feature would be available so DJI if you’re listening in
please implement an addition to the dynamic
home point feature also DJI did some tweaking in the last firmware update
with the normal picture style they made it more vivid but I personally are
filming all my footage in D-LOG so I haven’t tested it yet but if you
guys are interested in something like this or if you want to keep up with my
work and see whatever I do next if I test new
features new gadgets or do unboxing stuff hit me up in the comments and
don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and as always thank you for watching see
you next time you

28 thoughts on “Quickshot Mode and Dynamic Home Point Update – DJI Mavic Pro New Features Explained

  • DJI screwed everything up! Our cameras are unusable now because of over exposure issue. Why aren't you talking about that?

  • 🔴What do you think about the new Features? Were you waiting for these ones too?
    🔴Grab your new Mavic here ➡️http://bit.ly/2qDF74R
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    Make sure to also check out the extended written article for this Video: ➡️ http://bit.ly/2HE5uLi
    Also it was brought to my attention, that you can edit the Settings of the Quickshot Modes. Here is a Tutorial on how and what you can adjust: ➡️ http://bit.ly/2HBNb9U

  • You can control the distance that the Mavic moves, and also the direction in Helix mode if you tap the selected QuickShot mode again. A horizontal slider appears at the bottom. As well as a direction slider for Helix.

  • You doing very good jobs,I have to mavic pro when I fly in normal setting but I start video and camera automatically shut down in every 9 or 12 secondsyou know why.thank you

  • I see all these flight modes as fairly useless gimmicks that bloat the software. How many videos do you really need of you standing or walking with your controller in hand? I agree that a better dynamic home mode would be to track the GPS in the controller, like the Yuneec has been doing for a few years now. I hate being "forced" to do firmware updates since each one just adds more and more bugs that make my Mavic Pro more unstable, unreliable and unusable.

  • The fast narrative of explanation combined with the background noise (music?) made this a video hard to learn from without stopping and starting. Otherwise thank you for your effort…

  • Hi this is Vince if you're quick on the notes at the bottom twice you get the distances, so this will help unlock it on yet the motor as well try it

  • Strange, my Mavic Pro clearly says that I'm up to date but I don't have these modes available. Also, I've heard some talk of this update creating some over-exposure issues…any news?

  • I was thinking the Rocket Mode will bring the DJI very quick away from Start point. My Favourite move is target an object and Maximum Speed backwards. Nice video thanks bro. ✌🏼🚀

  • Hey Atti Nice tutorial. I have only one question . Can you adjust the count down timer when you hit Go? In case that I wanna use it and I wanna hit Go and Hide my remote from my scene. Again great video.

  • Your music is VERY irritating . I will use this if I need that kind of shot to get the smooth motion. Otherwise no.

  • what is the point on Dynamic RTH placed on quad's position? it must be placed on controler in case of you are running/driving, the RTH will occur at your position!

  • Dynamic homepoint is useless! The only reason you want to enable it for is to make it hover or land at current position.
    But all DJI drones could do that beginning from original phantom. You just have to specify failsafe behavior in mc settings!

  • Wow, I just got the Mavic. And when I took it for a second flight last sunday I noticed the homepoint being udated when I switched to activetrack. Took me a while to figure out I had the dynamic homepoint setting switched on. First I thought it was a bug…turns out to be a feature. 🙂

  • So basically if I was on a boat which I want to do, I need to set my Rth to just hover if something happens? Am I right ?

  • Hi! Some days ago I want to use the tapfly – function, but the drone stoped after som meters of flying. Do u know why? I do know that there I were it is some interference…

  • And again a great and funny movie, like the dog and Mole part😀 and yes almost forgot… Selfie Stick-It Ken. You are on top of my channel list, keep it up 👍👍

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