Software Developer Career Information : Software Developer Salary

Software Developer Career Information : Software Developer Salary

A typical entry level software developer,
here in the valley, probably makes around 80 or 90 thousand dollars a year, out of school.
And typically you get- at first, like first 4 or 5 years of your career you get larger
raises because you are- your career is- you’re learning a lot and your and you’re improving
typically very quickly in those first 4 or 5 years of your career, so you would get raises
probably around 8 to 10 percent per year. And a senior software developer makes around
140, 150 thousand a year, at architect level could make up to 150 thousand dollars a year.
But salary is actually not the main source of income; I mean it is the main source of
income, but we do have a lot of alternatives sources of income, like bonuses and stock
options. If you work for a startup software company you could get up to, you know a certain
percentage of the company in stock options. And if the company goes public, or it’s bought
by another company, that could be very, very lucrative in the long run.

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  • Yes $80,000 is enough for living here in the USA. you will live in a nice house and have 2 new cars. and your children will never be needing anything because you can take care of them with this salary. And if your wife works that would put you guys over $100,00.Hope this helps 🙂

  • i know a brilliant mathematican and physicist before i educated him as a computer scientist. now i ge the impression that he thinks like an idiot.

  • @so2murad I hope everything works out for you! If you want check out our other videos and comment/like them as well. Thanks for watching.

  • hi sir i am an under graduate studen studying BCAS ( srilanka i am studying HND in software development hear is my question
    1) can i get a software development job in that quolification or do i wanna do the BSC or Msc pleas tell
    2)ware can I start my job (job role like junior )and the country
    pleas answer me

  • If I can add to your comment as well: I would like to include the fact that Health is a big issue being a Garbage Truck Driver and also I don't believe that you can work up to the age of 80. Hint Hint

  • I wondering if anyone can help me cone to a decision, as I love both architecture and also games programing I will study a BSc degree in one of these subjects but i'm unsure what will enrich my life most?

    Does anyone have information about the job roles and salaries?

    Also I hopes to work abroad as well, went completing my education in my selected course.

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