Switch Firmware Update 8.0.0, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 DATED & Yo-kai Watch 4 New INFO!

Switch Firmware Update 8.0.0, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 DATED & Yo-kai Watch 4 New INFO!

What’s up everyone
OJ here welcome back to another video today we’ve got some great information
for you guys so let’s go in and get right into it and we’re starting off
with the Nintendo switch firmware update version 8.0 point zero is now available
for all of you to download this actually went live last night and at first we
didn’t know anything but there’s actually a ton of different details and
I probably said that it was better than the update 7.0 so let’s go ahead and get
into this right here Nintendo has released some patch notes on this so
added the following system functionality a sort software feature is available
after selecting to view all software from the home menu software can now be
sorted by time last played total playtime software title and software
publisher all software option displays when there are 13 or more software icons
on the home menu view all available news option is now available with the news
allowing you to view all news items currently being distributed you can go
to the news channel list and then view more select from 15 new icons from the
splatoon two and Yoshi’s crack the world games or your user to edit your user
icon just head over to your page on the top left of the home menu and then go
right there to profile a feature to transfer your save data is now available
allowing you to transfer your save data from individual games between your
Nintendo switch systems you can go to system settings save data management
transfer your saved data save data will not remain on your source system after
the transfer process is complete so keep that in mind a zoom feature can now be
enabled from within the system settings you can go on the system menu system
turn on zoom and there you go once enabled you can use the zoom feature by
pressing the home button twice an option is available to prevent the system from
waking from sleep mode when an AC adapter is disconnected which is
actually really good because that happens all the time so you can go to
the system settings sleep mode wake when AC adapter is disconnected this also
applies when undocking your console once again very good a VR mode 3d visuals
restriction is now a double within parental controls you just go there
you’ll be able to see it there for the Nintendo lab-volt Wacom form VR kit we
also added in Hong Kong Taiwan and South
Korea is well before region select also the following names have been changed in
terms of functionality that stays the same but the names are different save
data cloud backed up save data cloud and transfer your user and save data
transfer your user data so there you go they also said that there is a general
system stability improvements to enhance the users experience which means we’ve
also kind of blocked hackers on things and maybe your system doesn’t glitch out
as much or maybe you’re not gonna have any issues that you’d have before I also
want to note that there is a joy Khan update as well and if there’s a pro
controller update I’ll let you guys know about that but I know for sure there is
a controller update when it comes to joy Khan’s so you can go and update your joy
Khan controllers not sure if that’s fixing any drifting issues or anything
like that but you want to make sure that your joy Khan’s and everything are
synced up with your system update 8.0 so make sure you guys download that as well
so overall not the update that people were maybe looking for when it comes to
some of the things people obviously want themes they want folders those are
probably the two biggest things that I see the most when it comes to just stuff
to improve the UI of the switch they want themes and folders and that’s not
in this one here so hopefully they’re getting close to that they’ve tied up a
couple other different things here I like the zoom feature for people who
have issue with seeing stuff so being able to zoom in is nice on the smaller
text I do like the new icons some splatoon – icons that’s great but we
already had splatoon – I think it’s time for some xenoblade chronicles xenoblade
chronicles to tour in the golden country I would love to see some from that
franchise I’m not sure what they’re waiting on for that but yeah it would be
nice to do that also the sorting options are really good I like the fact that you
can sort when it comes to the all software buy time played and all that I
also like the fact that you can sort your news and find it and kind of
categorize it a lot better than before if you want to get research on a certain
game so that’s actually really good but like I said there’s still some stuff
missing but not a horrible update and I think it was better than 8.0 but they
still have a few things that they do need to add into the mix here so what do
you guys think about the Nintendo switch for more update 8.0 let me know your
thoughts in the comment section below alright and moving on to the next big
news here guys we’ve got a confirmed release date for Marvel Ultimate
Alliance 3 the black order on the Nintendo’s
switch so morville Ultimate Alliance 3 the black order will officially launch
for the Nintendo switch on July 19th for $59.99 publisher Nintendo and developer
team ninja have announced I’m not even in the Nintendo Direct or anything just
BAM right out there so let’s go ahead and talk a little bit about the game
based on the antennas description and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 the black
order game you assemble your team of Marvel superheroes from a huge cast
including the Avengers guardians of the galaxy and x-men among others while
iconic characters like Iron Man Wolverine spider-man Hulk and Captain
America are back newly announced heroes like Black Panther Deadpool spider-gwen
and Doctor Strange also joined the action each with individual abilities or
special moves in this new story super heroes unite in a race across iconic
locations in the Marvel Universe to find the Infinity stones before Thanos and
the Black Order used them to unleash cosmic chaos up to four people can play
together in local or online co-op with the ability to drop in and drop out at
any time Marvel Ultimate Alliance through the
Black Order brings gamers and Marvel fans together in a new action RPG
exclusive to Nintendo’s switch said Nick Chavez Nintendo of America’s senior vice
president of sales and marketing and this is the first time that we’ve
actually heard about who the new senior vice president of sales of marketing is
now that Doug Bowser is the president and Reggie fils-aime a has retired well
there you go it is mr. Chavez here mr. Nick Chavez is
that new position with a huge cast of superheroes to choose from assembling
your ultimate team strategically combining skills to unleash powerful
attacks and preventing galactic devastation with France has never been
more fun or immersive teaming up with Nintendo to bring Marvel Ultimate
Alliance 3 the black order to the Nintendo switch systems elevates the
Marvel Ultimate Alliance series to even greater heights said Jay young executive
vice-president at marvel entertainment with the ability to play at home or on
the go solo co-op and online with friends Marvel fans can save the world
from Thanos and high stakes threats in any way they like anytime anywhere plus
there’s also the box art and everything it’s actually looking really good and
I’m excited for this guys I’m a big Marvel Ultimate Alliance fan I played
the first game beat it but the second game beat it I played the
that were before the predecessors like x-men legends apocalypse all of that
those games are always really good Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 left a sour
taste in some people’s mouth based on like what they were expecting from the
first game this has never been one of those super graphically intense games or
as the best looking visuals on any system it’s been on since the sixth
generation it’s always been about having a lot of fun leveling up getting new
skills and teaming up to combine your powers using a bunch of cool Marvel
characters and just having a ton of fun going through the game lots of replay
value a lot of extra content side missions you can do good story as well
never been a bad story when it comes to these type of games so I’m actually
really excited to get into this one here but the only issue I guess maybe it has
is that it comes out a week before Fire Emblem three houses so I’m definitely
beyond that Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 grind with this game playing it and I
streaming it for you guys just so I can get everything done in hundred-percent
it before Fire Emblem three houses comes out so what do you guys think about this
release stage July 19th for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 the black order on
the Nintendo switch let me know your thoughts in the comment section below
alright I’m moving up to the final topic here yokai watch for introduces a brand
new yokai world yokai defending system and more there’s a lot of content here
guys I’m not gonna go over everything make sure you check out the link in
description below if you want to see all the different stuff that’s being added
in yokai watch for is launching fairly soon here in the next couple months in
Japan so let’s go ahead and get into some of these new features here so we
have the first look at yo Makai the yokai world
yo Makai where the yokai live is the fourth world that k-town company can
adventure to in yokai watch 4 players will be able to walk the wonderful and
dazzling city streets that appeared in yokai watch the movie forever friends
well it was previously confirmed that kata and DOMA can participate in battle
now that can be confirmed that a total of 6 characters will be able to
participate in battle as Watchers kata Fumi Chan Natsume Toma aki nori and shin
can fight alongside the yokai each character seems to have their own
special abilities you can also prevent yokai with the cone katsu yokai watch
for uses an all new system for preventing yokai called the cone Tatsu
or so Maxim cansado as mysterious yokai that will introduce you
to yokai you can befriend but there seems to be various conditions that must
be met in order to be introduced look forward to more information about the
system in a future update they let’s talk about new yokai as well and once
again you guys can check out all the new yokai based on the world that they’re in
but overall this is looking really good these new yo guys are looking awesome I
love the designs especially of these other ones right down here I’m gonna go
over two of them that I really like you have the foam gun the light side and the
shadow side that’s a big difference between the two let me also have right
shine on the light side and right chin on the shadow side which definitely gets
a lot more devious but I love the designs of both of them even on the
light side and the shadow side overall looking really good really polished
graphics look great gameplay looks like a lot of fun yokai watch 4 is going to
be a massive system mover in Japan so I’m looking forward to seeing how the
Japanese audience receives the game and of course obviously waiting for Nintendo
to announce that they’re gonna be localizing this in the West because we
all know Nintendo of America is gonna do that because level 5 isn’t going to so
what do you guys think about all the different topics that we discussed here
let me know your thoughts in the comment section below alright guys that wraps it
up for this video we’re gonna check out the links in description below we’ve got
Facebook and Twitter gonna give us a like enough on our social media hit that
like button if you did like this video but even though you guys want more
content than this going for in the future and subscribe the player since
with its RPG Japanese and in Tendo gaming news thank you so much for
watching I’ll catch you guys for the next one peace

18 thoughts on “Switch Firmware Update 8.0.0, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 DATED & Yo-kai Watch 4 New INFO!

  • I'm giving it up with them. Yet another major firmare jump from 7.0.0 to 8.0.0 and what do they do, they added even more profile icons to a already overabundance of profile icons and other mumbo jumbo changes that no one asked for. Buttom line; We're two years in and still no Netflix, still no browser, still no themes, still no system voice chatt etc. If they didn't add any of these basic functions after 2 years, then they never will, I don't feel like waiting for firmware 16.0.0 for changing my theme to anything other than black or white.

  • Yo-kai Watch 4 was really good and I actually had more fun with it than the latest Pokémon games. Can’t wait until it gets localized.

  • July is becoming extra packed now. For now I'm planning to throw my entire focus onto Fire Emblem for July, so I won't be touching other stuff as of yet.

  • Yokai watch 4 compared to 3DS actually feels like a generation upgrade where the new Pokémon feels like just going an upscale 3DS game. Which is weird as Level 5 is such a small studio compared to gamefreak. Honestly for Pokémon I feel like a couple years break and use a new engine …. so they can take they time re animating all Pokémon’s plus it be good future proofing for them.

  • thaks for actually showing what the changes were,. i seen some channels just briefly saying what they were,. it helps to actually see what they changed and how to do it,. thank you!!

  • Agreed with Super Dingus about Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. I've had it pre-ordered since last year. However; I think Marvel Ultmate Alliance feels more to me like a Diablo/Titan Quest like action RPG with a strong Streets of Rage beat 'em up element to it. All that said, can't wait for that one. Out!

  • Yo wassup PE Ninja Master. The Switch 8.0 Update was nice never big added but some cool little features tho. Marvel Alliance 3 coming July 18th is nice and it's gonna be a neat game too play on the Switch. Yokai-Watch 4 is gonna be a very good game, it's looking so good at the mo.

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