Over the Air Firmware Update

Hi everyone Alejandro here Autel Robotics! In this video, we’re going to perform an over-the-air firmware update. Welcome to the Flight Deck! Updating firmware is easier than ever with Evo! There are two ways to update your Evo’s firmware in this video we will cover over-the-air firmware updates you can also update the firmware manually, […]

Eken H9 Firmware Update – How to (GERMAN/Eng SUB)

Hello and Welcome to Suhlmann Today we wanna talk about the newest Firmware Update for the Eken H9. What you have to do and on which points you have to pay attention will be covered in this video! First, turn the camera on and select the settings. Scroll down until you find “Version”. Now you […]

How to download mp4/ mp3 by 4k video downloader program on pc

A6300 Firmware V2.0 Guide (Released June 2017)

Hey guys if you’re late to the party like I am then you need to install the new A6300 firmware update version 2.0. I’m going to go over the installation process and then talk about what has changed if you’ve already updated your camera you can skip ahead. Go ahead and open up the esupport.sony.com […]

How to update software over USB – Philips Android Smart TV [2017]

you can download the software on your PC and use a USB stick to upgrade the TV set to upgrade software via USB stick you will need an empty USB flash drive and the computer which is connected to the Internet the USB flash drive must be FAT formatted insert the USB Drive to a […]


Sony FS5 RAW Firmware Upgrade with the Atomos Inferno – 4K DCI in 12-Bit CinemaDNG

The Sony FS5 camera can record 4k UHD up to 30 frames a second in 420 8-bit, it can also do full HD up to 60 frames a second in 422 to 10-bit, both internally to SD card. In terms of slow motion can do up to 240 frames a second in full HD, but […]


Soniya, someone is ringing the bell. Go and open the door. I’m able to hear that door bell. If she is aware of this, I have to travel from here to there. That is highly impossible So Chill!!! I know that the door bell is audible to you still you ain’t opening it intentionally. Can’t […]

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