Use QuickFynd for Quicker and More Organized Data Search! | AI News | Intel Software

I’m David Shaw. And this is AI News. Data has become one of the most valuable assets of our time. And organizing the mountains of data is a huge and complex task. We can try to manage it ourselves. But what if you mislabel a file or can’t recall the exact file name to search […]

December 2018 | Intel® Developer Zone Update | Intel Software

I’m Stephanie Essin, and this is the last episode of the Intel Developer Zone Update. Since October 2016, we’ve brought you new stories around game dev, IoT, VR, and all things Intel. In this final episode, we say goodbye, but also give a hello to all of our other shows on the Intel Software channel. […]

AI on the PC Development Kit | AI News | Intel Software

I’m David Shaw, and this is AI News. Did you know you can build deep learning and inference applications on a P.C.? The AI on P.C. Development Kit from Intel, comes with everything you need to develop deep neural networks and computer vision applications. With hardware and software, source code, and even tutorials, it helps […]

Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition | AI News | Intel Software

Hi. I’m David Shaw. And welcome to the weekly edition of AI News. In this episode, we cover CVPR 2018, an annual computer vision event you won’t want to miss. Happening in Salt Lake City, Utah, CVPR 2018 includes 21 tutorials, 48 workshops, the Annual Doctoral Consortium, and a growing exhibition featuring over 115 companies. […]

Model Optimizer Developer Guide | AI News | Intel Software

I’m David Shaw, and this is AI News. When you’re training your model, there’s a transition point between the training and deployment environment. To help, Intel has come up with Model Optimizer. It’s a cross-platform, command-line tool that can perform static model analysis. In addition, it can adjust deep learning models for optimal execution on […]

Educating a New Generation of AI Developers | AI News | Intel Software

I’m David Shaw, and this is AI News. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. This time, we talk about the challenges with AI technologies, and how it’s impacting the world so quickly. How do we keep up with everything, and keep innovating on new fronts to drive this expanding market? The answer lies in educational opportunities for […]

PC Finance Manager Project | AI News | Intel Software

I’m David Shaw and this is AI News. This week we bring you a Developer Mesh project to inspire you. Adulting can be hard and when it comes to tracking your financial spending, well, we could all be a little better at that. Developer Bruce Hopkins from Barcelona has a vision to solve this problem, […]

Improving Biomedical Image AI Training and Analysis | AI News | Intel Software

I’m David Shaw, and this is AI News. We’re no strangers to the concept of using AI to assist in medical treatment. One of the challenges is the data used for analyzing biomedical images can be imbalanced, hindering effectiveness. What do we mean by imbalanced? Well, think of medical imaging datasets. They’re mostly composed of […]

Get Started as an AI Developer | AI News | Intel Software

Getting started in AI might seem a little overwhelming at first. All the deep neural networks and deep learning might be, well, too deep, right? I’m David Shaw, and in this episode of AI News, we’ll teach you how to jump off the diving board into the deep end, pun intended. [DIGITAL EFFECT] The exciting […]

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