Flutter 1.12, Dart 2.7, Android 10, & much more!

Android Developer Story: Made for India

As you know India is a land of about 1.3 billion people, has a big demographic divide with people of multiple income levels, multiple literacy levels, multiple languages. What technology can do is to create a common layer and can actually improve the quality of life of people. I think the greatest tool we have […]

#AskAndroid at Android Dev Summit 2019 – Architecture Components

Developer Student Clubs Leaders Summit – Goa 2018

[MUSIC PLAYING] DEEPAK SRIDHAR: Developer Student Clubs program was launched in the middle of 2017 to ensure that students are able to learn how to explore the power of mobile in so many different ways. Welcome to the first-ever DSC summit from across the globe. We on-boarded 176 leads and then expanded to 119 student […]

What’s New in Jetpack Compose (Android Dev Summit ’19)

[MUSIC PLAYING] ROMAIN GUY: Good morning, and welcome to What’s New in Jetpack in Compose. I don’t know why it’s called that, because this is not really what the talk is about. It’s more, what is Jetpack Compose? Anyway, I’m Romain Guy. I manage the Android Toolkit team at Google. CLARA BAYARRI: I’m Clara Bayarri. […]

What’s New in Room (Android Dev Summit ’19)

[MUSIC PLAYING] FLORINA MUNTENESCU: Hello, everyone. I’m Florina Muntenescu, and I’m a developer advocate. DANIEL SANTIAGO RIVERA: I’m Daniel Santiago Rivera, and I work on the Android Toolkit. FLORINA MUNTENESCU: Room was created to simplify working with databases in Android by adding compile-time checked queries and an easier way to implement migrations and an easier […]

Navigating Your Way Around Customizable Delivery (Android Dev Summit ’19)

[MUSIC PLAYING] DOM ELLIOT: Hi, everyone. My name is Dom. I’m the PM for the app bundle and dynamic delivery. I’m excited to be here. This is my first Android Dev Summit. I’m going to be talking about the Android App Bundle today, then I’m going to hand over to Jason, Wojtek, and Ben who […]

Android Studio: Debugging Tips n’ Tricks (Android Dev Summit ’19)

Keynote (Android Dev Summit ’19)

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