Perch茅 ho smesso di consigliare Linux

A few days ago I’ve posted on YouTube the video “Tablet for University, Linux edition” Showing all I had to do to make the surface stylus work properly under Linux That is, until some of you guys raised a good question: Hi Morro. I hope you read and reply this comment Being interested in Linux, […]

Forensics Examination for the presence of Spyware on Mobile Phones

suspect your phone is being monitored the presence of a cellphone in every pocket nowdays allows on one hand the previlege of availability anywhere as well as the possibility to surf the internet or to talk to the world at any moment. However, private life has become less secure, spy apps can track messages, locations, […]

Belle Delphine’s Trollonomics, Disney Deletion, Halle Bailey, Alabama Reversal, China Spyware

Yi 4K Action Cam novit脿 firmware [1.9.0 – 1.10.7] e companion app

SoftCraft – Custom software development company

We are an IT outsourcing company with a solid software development experience We have started as small team to help companies reach their business goals Our portfolio consists of lots of great projects Our clients have always achieved their goals with our help shaping our team we always strive to select the best of the […]

Flutter 1.12, Dart 2.7, Android 10, & much more!

How to use NCK Pro box to flash Mediatek firmware (scatter)

In this video tutorial, I’ll be explaining how to flash a Mediatek Android phone’s firmware using NCK Pro box Android MTK module. First off, You need to have the hardware box and need to have set it up. We have a guide for that. You also need to have installed Your Mediatek USB VCOM drivers. […]

NHBSoft Channel Official Intro 2017

NHBSoft Channel Official Intro 2017

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