Werbung: Spy Frei – das Antivirus-Tool | extra 3 | NDR

Ihr Bundestagsrechner wird ständig gehackt, die Daten nach Osteuropa weitergeleitet? Ja, ja. Woher wissen Sie das? Egal, wir haben da was für Sie. Ja, was denn? Die neuen Anti-Viren-Tools von Spy-Frei. Der iSchnipp schützt Ihren Rechner besser als andere Firewalls. Hier kommt keine Trojaner durch. Aber womit schreib ich meine Bundestagsreden? Mit dem virensicheren iWriter, […]

Avast CommunityIQ – How we find new computer viruses

This is a typical virus analyst – finding and analyzing new computer viruses. And you need hundreds of them in a normal virus lab. At Avast, we do it differently. Imagine this lamp is you, an Avast user; Surrounded by the darkness of cyberspace. When your Avast sees something suspicious, it catches it. Gotcha! … […]

Always Turn off Wi-Fi When You Don’t Use the Internet

Ten ways to stay safe when connecting to free wi-fi. Free wi-fi is awesome! No doubts here. However, public networks hide numerous hazards, including even the risk of losing all the funds in your bank account… “Hmm…” “No!” We’ve collected the most crucial tips to ensure you never become a victim of web fraud when […]

The Importance of Antivirus for Windows Computer

Antivirus software is the “policeman” at the gate of a computer system. It protects the computer from incoming threats and seeks out, destroys and warns of possible threats to the system. New viruses are coming out all the time. It is the job of the antivirus software to keep up with the latest threats. Antivirus […]

Top Antivirus Software for Windows – 2020

Best Antivirus Software for Computer from Viruses and Malwares Best Antivirus Software for Computer & Mobile Baidu Antivirus Listed in 10th Position Panda Antivirus Software Amiti Antivirus Software Ad Aware Antivirus Software Microsoft Security Essentials Bitdefender Antivirus Software Avira Antivirus Software AVG Antivirus Software Avast Antivirus Software Comodo Internet Security ( 3Pc’s at $9.99 / […]

How to Install Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac

Welcome to this Tutorial for Trend Micro Security. In this video, we’ll teach you how to install Trend Micro Antivirus on your Mac. There are a couple of ways to install a copy of Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac. You can use the installation link included on the card in your package or download the […]

Unboxing & Review Best Comfort Antivirus-Bitdefender Total Security 2017.

Five Best Antivirus Software for Window 7 and Window 8 in 2016 | Best Free Antivirus software

Five Best Antivirus Software in 2016 Now a day Every Pc/ Window user needs Best Antivirus Program to be protected from Malware and to safeguard their online Identities and personal Information. Here I am going to discuss Top Five Best Antivirus Software, According to their user compatibility. There are both versions of Antivirus programs, Paid […]

DOS Antivirus Scanner – Microsoft Antivirus (MSAV)

welcome back to the adventure this is Adam and today we’re talking about computer virus protection virus is a broad term used to describe a program that manifests itself as either an obstacle to using a PC or destroys files we will discuss specific types of viruses in another video in the DOS era of […]

BitDefender Tutorial & Review – Antivirus Software

This in-depth Bitdefender review is brought to you by thetop10sites. Bitdefender is currently ranked as one of the best antivirus products thanks to its ability to adapt and learn faster than malware evolves. Their award winning technologies use machine-learning algorithms and reveal new or unknown malwares in seconds. The company has about 500 million registered […]

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