Overview of oneAPI DPC++ Programming | oneAPI | Intel Software

Hi. I’m Sravani In this video I give an overview of DPC++ programming, and cover basic data types, the execution and memory models, lambda kernels, and error handling. Make sure to watch the introduction to DPC++ programming video in the links for terminology of heterogeneous platforms used in this video. First, let’s talk about the […]

Creating with Data | LinkedIn Software Engineer | Omayeli Arenyeka

thank you so much for having me as we said in my bio I’m the engineer at LinkedIn I work on a design systems team but I would like to think that is the least interesting thing about me so we’re not gonna talk about that today outside of work I consider myself an artist […]

Intel® oneAPI on Intel® FPGAs Development Flow Overview | oneAP | Intel Software

Hi, I’m Alby, In this video, I describe the various compilation stages and developing designs with Data Parallel C++ on Intel FPGAs. The FPGA development flow has three stages of compilation, emulation, report generation, and hardware bitstream generation. First is the emulation stage. The emulation compilation flow is typically done to verify the functional correctness […]

Advanced Haptics: The When, What, and How of New Haptic APIs (Android Dev Summit ’19)

Replacing text & images with the Google Slides API (The G Suite Dev Show)

[MUSIC PLAYING] WESLEY CHUN: Hi, this is Wesley Chun, engineer at Google, and happy to introduce you to the Google Slides API. It’s new. We’ve never had an API for slides before. Isn’t that exciting? With the API, developers can write apps that create or update slide presentations. What does that really mean? Well, there […]

WinPure – Global Data Quality Software Company

WinPure is a global data quality software company and is focused on delivering a powerful range of innovative data quality tools and services – from data cleansing & matching through to email, phone and worldwide address verification. Our technology has long been trusted by some of the largest corporations in the world and we offer […]

Developer Training – Shotgun: Basics of the Shotgun API

Developers interact with Shotgun through the Shotgun Python API. It’s important to have easy access to that API in a Python console, so you can test commands while you are learning or building tools for Shotgun. In this video I will demonstrate several ways to gain access to a Shotgun Python API console. Here’s a […]

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