LGR – Lode Runner Online: Mad Monks’ Revenge – PC Game Review

[Eastern music] [typing] In 1983, Doug Smith’s Lode Runner was released by Brøderbund Software for the Apple II. In Lode Runner, you played a stick figure running away from other stick figures, navigating the platforms, shooting holes into the ground and trying to collect gold without getting caught. It also is one of the first […]

Clean Your iPhone and iPad [OLD VERSION: New version link below]

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the class! David A. Cox here with PCClassesOnline.com. Today we’re talking about how to clean your iPhone and iPad. Now, this class was originally taught live yesterday, which was July 25th of 2015. Unfortunately, we had a little recording error that took place in the very beginning of the broadcast, […]

5 THINGS: on The Truth About Video Editing Software in Hollywood (ep 213) Avid, Premiere, FCP + more

On this episode of 5 THINGS, I’ll tackle the uber common question of “What video editing software should I learn?” by sharing the truth about video editing software here in Hollywood. Who uses what? Why do they use it? And for how long? Buckle up! Hello and welcome to another episode of 5 things – […]

Deploying a Package Policy with Jamf Pro

Hey, this is CJ with Jamf Support, and today we’ll walk through Deploying a Package with Jamf Pro. Jamf Pro Administrators can use packages to deploy everything from software to settings to macOS devices. The most common way to install a package onto a macOS device is by using a policy. Make sure we have […]

Best Video Editing Software for Mac (on every budget!)

How to Clean Your Mac 2019

Hello, everyone. David A. Cox here with Tech Talk America, and today, I’m going to be teaching all of you at home how you can easily clean your Mac. Now for those of you out there who’ve watched my little tutorial videos over the years, in the past when I’ve taught this class, I taught […]

Malwarebytes – FULL TUTORIAL! BEST Anti-Malware for Mac

Hey folks. For those of you Mac owners out there, pay attention. Today we are talking all about malware and how to protect your Mac so that if you ever do encounter it, you can remove it easily. I’ve got a lot of little tips and tricks to go over with you today, so let’s […]

AntiVirus software for you Mac OSX – How to Install and setup easy! – FREE ( CC in Many Languages)

Hi todays tutorial is on how to set up some free virus protection software on your Mac if you go to the App Store and that’s that little icon that has an “A” on it I right in your Dock and you look for in a program called ClamXav you will be able to download […]

Software is eating the world. And it’s only the beginning.

(soft music) – Check out this self-driving truck. These are getting pretty good. Waymo is testing autonomous tractor-trailers in Atlanta right now, and this Einride truck, you can see there isn’t any space for a driver. There’s no deployment plans yet, but when these finally make it on to the roads, they’re going to make […]

Poppy – Software Upgrade (Official Audio)

You were never meant for me No true capability to satisfy me in a human way You got the weaknesses and I have to deal with it I restart you every single day I turn you off, I turn you on And off and off, and on and on And off and off, and on […]

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