Forensics Examination for the presence of Spyware on Mobile Phones

suspect your phone is being monitored the presence of a cellphone in every pocket nowdays allows on one hand the previlege of availability anywhere as well as the possibility to surf the internet or to talk to the world at any moment. However, private life has become less secure, spy apps can track messages, locations, […]

How to use AD FS activity report to migrate an application | Azure Active Directory

[MUSIC] Luis Leon Plata: Welcome back. In this video, I’m going to demo how to use the application activity report to migrate your applications from AD FS to Azure AD. Here I am in my AD FS server, where you can see the applications that I have configured with AD FS. Now, the goal is […]

Top 10 Free application and software for Windows – Must Watch – 2020

Hello Every one Please note English Subtitles/CC will add few hours later Sorry for inconvenient

How can developers learn more about how to use the DevTools | One Dev Question

[MUSIC]. How can developers learn more about the DevTools? So the DevTools are incredibly powerful, but we’ve also heard from your feedback that they can be pretty complicated and overwhelming to use. So we published documentation at this link to teach you how to use the DevTools. With help from Google, who’ve open-sourced their documentation […]

NHBSoft Channel Official Intro 2017

NHBSoft Channel Official Intro 2017

 Descargar software para Mac totalmente GRATIS | ViHuArHe| 2016 

Welcome to my channel What’s up guys? Today, I’ll show you how to download any kind of paid software for Mac completely FREE The first thing you have to do is open your browser Any browser should work Next, you’ll have to go to the web page that I’ll leave in the description Paste the […]

6 must-have Mac utilities

(slow music) – So in this processor video series we’ve talked a lot about the future of computers but honestly most of the time I just end up going back to my Mac or a Windows PC and I do that because you can really customize the way that the operating system works but here’s […]

The amazing PowerApps developer for Autoglass

Belron are the world leaders in repair and replacement of automotive glass, operating out of 37 countries worldwide employing around about thirty thousand. Here in the UK, you know us as Autoglass. We employ around 2,500 people. The biggest market we have is the US and in the US, you’ll know us as Safelite. So […]


Its jem droid45 and this is another app review in which i will be showing you the best antivirus apps for 2015 so i hope you enjoy this video so lets get started

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