Arch Linux 2017.03 Installation + GNOME + Apps + VMware Tools + Review on VMware Workstation [2017]

This video tutorial shows Arch Linux 2017.03 with GNOME Desktop and Review on VMware Workstation step by step. Download Arch Linux 2017.03 ISO Create Virtual Machine on VMware Workstation/Player Browse to Arch Linux 2017.03 ISO (Optional) Start Arch Linux Base Installation View disks fdisk -l Use cfdisk command to create partitions. cfdisk /dev/sda We’ll […]

How To: Install KDE on Arch Linux Tutorial [2019]

KDE in my opinion is by far the most complete and refined desktop environment available and you’re gonna learn how to install it in arch right now so this is a super simple guide it’s only a few commands the arch meta packages make it super easy to install all we’re gonna do is we’re […]

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