[2016 version] How to set up the Marlin firmware!

So at some point, you might need to dig into your 3D printer’s firmware configuration, whether it’s to update to a more recent version or even to get your newly-built 3D printer going at all. So where do you get started? Take my hand, i’ll show you the world of C++ configuration files that control […]

BLHELI ESC Firmware Update – Arduino Nano

Hello everyone, I’m Mirko, and today I update the firmware of the ESC BLHeli with an Arduino Nano To update the BLHeli ESCs usually we use the Betaflight Passtrough method But sometimes it can happen that yours flight controller does not support this method, or because it is particularly old or because you have a […]

upload/flashing firmware Arduino Leonardo menggunakan XLoader, DIY Force FeedBack Steering Wheel

hello all… for this time, i will explain how to upload firmware… to arduino leonardo using XLoader so you can upload EMC firmware or aiwave actually, before latest EMC version… you must upload the firmware using XLoader XLoader app look like this small window in left side basicly, firmware extention you can use is .hex […]

Up Squared Grove IoT Development Kit | IoT Developer Show | Intel Software

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, I’m Martin Kronberg and this is the IoT Developer Show, where we look at IoT technology, share learning opportunities, and showcase cool demos and the creators behind them. In this episode, we’re talking with Joe Butler, a product manager here at Intel, about the out-of-box experience with the new Up Squared Grove […]

3 Free eBook Resources for Developers

what’s up everyone welcome back to code insights in this episode we’re going to look at three resources that provide free technology related ebooks but first be sure to subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already and if you like code insights and I want to support the show visit our patreon page alright […]

New Marlin Firmware features (for RepRap 3D printers)

Greetings YouTube! I just wanted to take a minute to show you some of the features that I’ve been cobbling together for Marlin firmware, because I’ve been having so much fun with it, and I just love to show off this stuff. What can I say, I’m a geek. I’ve been having so much fun […]

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