Overview of oneAPI DPC++ Programming | oneAPI | Intel Software

Hi. I’m Sravani In this video I give an overview of DPC++ programming, and cover basic data types, the execution and memory models, lambda kernels, and error handling. Make sure to watch the introduction to DPC++ programming video in the links for terminology of heterogeneous platforms used in this video. First, let’s talk about the […]

Intel® oneAPI on Intel® FPGAs Development Flow Overview | oneAP | Intel Software

Hi, I’m Alby, In this video, I describe the various compilation stages and developing designs with Data Parallel C++ on Intel FPGAs. The FPGA development flow has three stages of compilation, emulation, report generation, and hardware bitstream generation. First is the emulation stage. The emulation compilation flow is typically done to verify the functional correctness […]

Intel® Student Developer AI Workshop – University of California Berkeley | Intel Software

Use QuickFynd for Quicker and More Organized Data Search! | AI News | Intel Software

I’m David Shaw. And this is AI News. Data has become one of the most valuable assets of our time. And organizing the mountains of data is a huge and complex task. We can try to manage it ourselves. But what if you mislabel a file or can’t recall the exact file name to search […]

Scaling Business Using Channel Partner Software:A Conversation with Daniel Graff-Radford of Allbound

– [Voiceover] In this episode of UpTech Report and the Applied Tech series, I interview Daniel Graff-Radford, the CEO of Allbound. In this global technology-driven world, partner relationship management, or PRM, is more complex than ever, and Allbound is building the digital tools to maximize those relationships. Daniel shares his insights into this challenging mode […]

AI on the PC Development Kit | AI News | Intel Software

I’m David Shaw, and this is AI News. Did you know you can build deep learning and inference applications on a P.C.? The AI on P.C. Development Kit from Intel, comes with everything you need to develop deep neural networks and computer vision applications. With hardware and software, source code, and even tutorials, it helps […]

Computer Vision: Why Now and What’s Ahead | Intel Software

Hello, and welcome to Tech Decoded. I’m Henry Gabb, editor of The Parallel Universe, Intel’s magazine devoted to software innovation. And today, I’m here with Charlotte Dryden, who leads a team developing software for visual computing, from Edge to Cloud. Charlotte has 20 years of experience in semiconductors in international business. She holds a degree […]

Software is eating the world. And it’s only the beginning.

(soft music) – Check out this self-driving truck. These are getting pretty good. Waymo is testing autonomous tractor-trailers in Atlanta right now, and this Einride truck, you can see there isn’t any space for a driver. There’s no deployment plans yet, but when these finally make it on to the roads, they’re going to make […]

What is Google RAISR? Google RAISR Software | Smart Upsampling of Photos

Accept it or not, most of us today are obsessed with pixel peeping. Pinching and zooming to see how sharp your images are or how better is your camera or smartphone than your friends’. But let me tell you what, what if I told you that hey, no matter what the resolution of your camera […]

November 2018 | Intel® Developer Zone Update | Intel Software

I’m Stephanie Essin, and you’re watching the Intel Developer Zone update. This time, we jump ahead to the year 2019 to take a look at the newly released Intel System Studio. We see Intel and VR working in an unlikely realm– architecture– like buildings and houses, not like Intel architecture. And we see how Intel […]

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