How to install bitdefender a great free antivirus software software (Installation guide)

Bit defender total security 2019 free software download it from description link of get into pc site it is of two varient one is 32 bit and another is of 64 bit download which one is supported in your pc or laptop see my laptop’s configuration extract the file of downloaded bit defender and extract […]

How to install avast antivirus premier pro free (trial version + paid version)

download both files from description link open avast software and do as i am doing wait for installation keep in mind what your computer’s configuration is completed the installation do not do any thing if you want just protect your computer if you configure then it will ask you licence key if you want more […]

How to install a antivirus in laptop or computer for free

Guardian antivirus i will install guadian internet security which is best one at 799 for a year you can also install net scure of gardian antivirus also this is downloaded file now proceed to install wait for install keep refressing your laptop or computer to get installed antivirus very fast now see antivirus has been […]

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