Edward Norton Does His Impression of Alec Baldwin’s Method Acting

-And I got this cast. Alec Baldwin and Willem Dafoe, Bruce Willis. -Bruce Willis, Willem Dafoe is great. -Gugu Mbatha-Raw, who’s this wonderful, amazing actress. -She’s great. -And Bobby Cannavale. -How was Alec? -Alec is an animal. He is, as everybody knows. -He’s a beast. -He’s a beast. But the thing is, like, over in […]

Switch Firmware Update 8.0.0, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 DATED & Yo-kai Watch 4 New INFO!

What’s up everyone OJ here welcome back to another video today we’ve got some great information for you guys so let’s go in and get right into it and we’re starting off with the Nintendo switch firmware update version 8.0 point zero is now available for all of you to download this actually went live […]

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