Malware Overview – Computerphile

When we think about hackers we first think about what was happening in the early times of the internet so before the mid 90s there were people having fun and trying out new things. The best representation, even if not the best movie, is the movie from 1995, Hackers, with young Angelina Jolie as well. […]

Squid buggy buffer, Google Play spyware, free antivirus vuln, and more.

Hi, I’m Paul Torgersen. It’s Friday, August 23rd, 2019 and this is a look at the information security news from overnight. From Multiple versions of the Squid web proxy cache server built with Basic Authentication features are vulnerable to code execution and denial-of-service attacks. The vulnerability is present in Squid 4.0.23 through 4.7 and […]

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