Gopro Hero 5 Black: Firmware Update LATEST!

Connect your GoPro to a computer Then open Quik app You can always update firmware using camera settings You have to fully charge your camera before update it! After charging your camera, power on to finish updating. After that update will be finished! Thanks for watching!

Black Magic Micro Cinema Camera Firmware Update

Hello hello in the next episode, and in this episode we will update the camera Black Magic Micro Cinema Camera So the camera you see here It is a very small camera, we will see the camera without a frame and I will tell you exactly what will happen here Recently, Black Magic has released […]

Xiaomi Mijia Car DVR Dashcam – Setup, firmware update, sample footage

Oh no! Menu is only in chinese but don’t worry. The GearBest product page has English translation. Link is in the video description. Currently 45% off. Only $50.87 AUD. Scroll down to find the menus translated into English. I suggest to use a new app instead of the one shown. Head over to Google Play […]

Nikon Firmware Update D810

Hello and welcome! Today I show you how you can update the firmware on your Nikon camera very easily. To upgrade or update the firmware on your Nikon camera, in this case I’m using a D810 to do this upgrade. You have to go to the website for the upgrade, the link is in the […]

Windows CCTV DVR Software 1080p HD Security Camera View

The Windows client software for iDVR-PRO CCTV DVRs now supports remotely viewing HD Security cameras at 1080p video resolution. Here’s a live camera view in the software. This is a 16 channel DVR that we’re connected to and it currently has 12 cameras hooked up to it. Cameras 1 through 5 are 1080p resolution analog […]

Fujifilm 16-80mm Lens Firmware Update 1.01

– This morning around six a.m., I woke up to a bunch of emails telling me that Fujifilm has just released a new firmware update for the 16 to 80 millimeter zoom lens. (upbeat music) So our regularly scheduled programming will happen tomorrow, with another Fast Friday that you’ll see tomorrow evening. In the meantime, […]

DJI Ronin-S Firmware UPDATE

What’s up guys how you doing?! I have to drink a lot of water today because I was filming a early episode there I’m gonna post actually next week and I filmed some bit in the coffee house because it was a bit of a thank you Peter McKinnon episode and I drank so much […]

Fuji Guys – Fujifilm X-T1 Firmware Version 4.00 – New Features

Hi! I’m Billy of the Fuji Guys. In this video today we are going to take a look at Fujifilm latest firmware update version 4.0 for the XT-1 camera. Whether you own a black or graphite silver edition, this update is gonna bring some major improvements to the autofocus system and also adds a new […]

Eken H9 Firmware Update – How to (GERMAN/Eng SUB)

Hello and Welcome to Suhlmann Today we wanna talk about the newest Firmware Update for the Eken H9. What you have to do and on which points you have to pay attention will be covered in this video! First, turn the camera on and select the settings. Scroll down until you find “Version”. Now you […]

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