Eyecad VR – New Realtime Render & Virtual Reality Software

What’s happening ladies and gentlemen, this is Minh from Architecture Inspirations. Today I’m going to show you a new Realtime render and Virtual Reality software called Eyecad VR. Let’s get started. Eyecad VR is a software where you can import your 3D models and quickly create realtime renders as well as Virtual Reality tours. You […]

Stan tutorial for beginners in ~6 mins: Bayesian Data Analysis Software

Stan is a software for Bayesian computation just like winbugs and jags. Take a look at winbugs or jags videos in my channel if you are interested about those software. Instead of using gibbs sampling, stan uses a method called Hamiltonian monte carlo or HMC. For complex models, HMC may be more effective than gibbs […]

POS Nation | Retail POS Software Demo by Samantha Creasy

Hello, my name is Samantha with POS Nation. Today we’re going to give you a brief overview of our retail point of sale system. Thanks for taking a few moments to watch this video. Behind me is the retail setup. We have a cash drawer, receipt printer, a barcode scanner, and our all-in-one touchscreen PC. […]

FREE! Email Marketing Software MailKing Gets Even Better

[MUSIC PLAYING] MailKing allows you to send email campaigns and mail merge using Gmail. Start by clicking New Campaign. Name your email campaign. You can enter email addresses manually or mail merge with data from a CSV or a spreadsheet. Choose from our pre-designed HTML template library or import from MailChimp. Edit the template to […]

Inventory Management Software | inFlow Inventory

Oh Hi and welcome to inFlow. I’m Thomas and my disembodied voice will be your guide in this video. We offer powerful inventory software that’s easy to use we’ve helped businesses like yours to manage inventory and keep things running smoothly to track sales and purchases to keep products moving and generate reports so that […]

DECISION TABLE Testing tutorial with examples | Software and Testing Training

Hello everyone. This video is on Decision Table Testing. In this video, we will see what is the decision table and we will see decision table example with True or False values. Then we will see another example of decision table with multiple values. And then, we will see also the process of simplifying the […]

Free CAN Bus Software: CANvas – Configure, Stream, Convert

CANvas is our 100% free supporting software tool for the CAN logger CLX000 series of CAN bus data loggers. In this video we provide a brief overview of the main features, including Configuration, Live Streaming and Data Conversion. Let’s start with Configuration: The CAN logger CLX000 is plug-and-play so you can log data out of […]

Optimize your Games with Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers | GDC 2019 | Intel Software

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, Stephanie Essin here at GDC. I’m up here with Carlos Dominguez from Intel. He’s telling us all about what’s new in the Intel Graphics Performance Analyzer. So Carlos, take it away. So we’re very excited to show a couple of new features that we’ve added to GPA. One of them is a […]

Ein CNC-Programm erstellen (Create a CNC-Program)

In this video I want to show you how you can create a simple drawing, … … How you can create from this drawing a CNC program, … … and then how you can run it at a router. For each of these three steps a separate program is needed. First, the drawing will be […]

Odesi Music Software, How To Create Your Own Chord Progressions, Melodies and Basslines

Welcome to Odesi. We’ll show you how Odesi can help you create chords, basslines and melodies. When we are done you’ll have a session that you can finish in Ableton, Pro Tools, Logic or any other music production software. I’m going to activate the chords layer and add a chord progression. You can make your […]

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