StudioBinder | Video Production Software for Filmmaking

If you’re a filmmaker, creative agency, or brand. StudioBinder is your video production workflow redefined. Manage all of your video projects in one place. You can import your script or write one in StudioBinder. Create script breakdowns with a simple click and drag interface. Identify cast, props, costumes and more. Create mood boards for whatever […]

HOW TO update your SONY A7iii A7Riii firmware 3.0

what’s up guys and I already knew this this is like a says in the title the update for the Sony a7r 3 and sony a7 3 and I was really waiting for this and I just got back from Vegas last night from NAB 2019 that was awesome I met so many cool people […]

DJI Ronin-S Firmware UPDATE

What’s up guys how you doing?! I have to drink a lot of water today because I was filming a early episode there I’m gonna post actually next week and I filmed some bit in the coffee house because it was a bit of a thank you Peter McKinnon episode and I drank so much […]

Sony FS5 RAW Firmware Upgrade with the Atomos Inferno – 4K DCI in 12-Bit CinemaDNG

The Sony FS5 camera can record 4k UHD up to 30 frames a second in 420 8-bit, it can also do full HD up to 60 frames a second in 422 to 10-bit, both internally to SD card. In terms of slow motion can do up to 240 frames a second in full HD, but […]

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