How to quickly connect to a Linux VM with SSH | Azure Tips and Tricks

>>See how you could quickly connect to a Linux VM with SSH In this edition of Azure Tips and Tricks. If you have Linux VMs that are running inside of Microsoft Azure, let me show you how you could quickly establish an SSH connection. I would select this Ubuntu Linux VM that I have running. […]

High-Performance Software Defined Storage Over Persistent Memory | DAOS | Intel Software

Hi I’m Micah Bhakti from Intel and in this video, I’m going to share a bit about DAOS, our software defined storage engine, designed specifically around persistent memory. I’ll tell you a bit about how DAOS will benefit you as a developer, and give you some resources so that you can learn more. DAOS, or […]

Big Ass Fans: Fostering a Growth Mindset with Cutting Edge Technology

I’m Chad Hurley I’m the director of IT here at Big Ass Fans We’re an international manufacturer of commercial and industrial ceiling fans and lighting. I think people realize from our name which is a lot of fun that we are doing things a little bit differently here and when they look behind the scenes […]

What It’s Like to Build Software at Amazon Web Services?

That’s what we all come to work every day for. It’s not just turning the knobs it’s really kind of inventing your way out of problems that are at a scale that nobody else has. Day in and day out we ask ourselves the question how can we do this better? My name is Sunil […]

Does G Suite Protect from Viruses? Do I need Antivirus in 2019? | Google Cloud Security

– What’s up, guys? Pete Moriarty, here. And in this video, covering: Do I still need an antivirus in 2018? Great question from Ron. Thanks very much for answering. Thanks very much for asking, sorry. And let’s talk about antivirus. It’s 2018, and viruses have kinda taken a back seat to a couple of other […]

The Visual Cloud Conference at IBC! | IDZ Weekly | Intel Software

I’m Stephanie Essin, and this is IDZ Weekly. Intel has partnered with IBC to deliver the first ever Visual Cloud Conference as part of this year’s international broadcasting conference lineup on September 13 in Amsterdam. The Visual Cloud Conference will include talks and panel sessions presented by experts from leading service providers, content creators, system […]

Computer Basics: Protecting Your Computer

Your computer allows you to do many different things and store a lot of important files. So it’s important to protect your computer and keep it running smoothly. One of the biggest computer threats is malware. Malware is any type of software that is designed to damage your computer or gain unauthorized access to your […]

The Software-Defined Data Center

information technology has become a source of differentiation and competitive advantage in almost every industry yet today many organizations find themselves hindered by rigid datacenter infrastructures that constrain the agility of IT and a business the rise of mobile and web technologies has meant that we can collect vast amounts of information about the buying […]

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