Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn in 2020 to Get a Job Without a College Degree

Creating with Data | LinkedIn Software Engineer | Omayeli Arenyeka

thank you so much for having me as we said in my bio I’m the engineer at LinkedIn I work on a design systems team but I would like to think that is the least interesting thing about me so we’re not gonna talk about that today outside of work I consider myself an artist […]

Exact Instructions Challenge – THIS is why my kids want to kill me. | Josh Darnit

– You’re not even making any sense. He’s already ruined it on purpose, he knows how to make one. (funky music) – What’s up, the internet? You know what? I’m hungry. I could really go for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Do you guys think you can write down some instructions and teach me […]

Refactoring – Georgia Tech – Software Development Process

A couple of minutes ago we talked about the fact that well, we might need to change our design a lot, so how we going to do that, that’s going to be expensive. Well it’s not very expensive, if we can do efficient refactoring. Which is another one of the important xp practices. And what […]

Developer Student Clubs Leaders Summit – Goa 2018

[MUSIC PLAYING] DEEPAK SRIDHAR: Developer Student Clubs program was launched in the middle of 2017 to ensure that students are able to learn how to explore the power of mobile in so many different ways. Welcome to the first-ever DSC summit from across the globe. We on-boarded 176 leads and then expanded to 119 student […]

Open Source vs. Closed Source Software

Almost every piece of computer software is created using source code Or the technical blueprint that tells a program how to function When creators release their finished product to the public They must decide whether to make their software open source of closed source With closed source software, also known as proprietary software The public […]

How I Increase Salary Quickly | Self-taught Developer, Easy Tips

hi everyone this is Lee welcome to my channel if you want to see videos about game development or programming consider subscribing to my channel and turn on the bell then you won’t miss anything in this video I will share with you how I triple my salary in two years including what steps and […]

How I Learned to Code in Less Than 2 Months

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