SoftCraft – Custom software development company

We are an IT outsourcing company with a solid software development experience We have started as small team to help companies reach their business goals Our portfolio consists of lots of great projects Our clients have always achieved their goals with our help shaping our team we always strive to select the best of the […]

📱 App Developers Vs Business Owner

Hi, this is a Minute of Overpass, my name is Eric and I make apps. Now, this week I want to talk about the huge difference between somebody who makes money from releasing apps, or a business owner and being a software developer. Okay, so I’ve been a software developer for a long time. So, […]

How I Learned to Code in Less Than 2 Months

Retail Manager to Software Developer

Before I started with Code Institute, I was a retail manager for Iceland food chain. Just before I started with Code Institute, I had my first daughter and I then began to realise that I was working lots, and not home a grand amount. That needed to change. Coding did excite me but I didn’t […]

7 Tips for the Coding Resume (for Software Engineers)

Hey, you there. Well come on over here and sit down. Welcome back to another episode of the TechLead. This is the second part of coffee time. That’s why the coffee has been watered down. Oh, that’s gross. I might try opening up a coffee shop to sell this stuff. The profit margins must be […]

10 Years in the Life of a Software Engineer #10yearchallenge

Year 0 I graduated with a degree in computer science I was just a normal kid, wondering what it meant to be cool I joined programming competitions. I had done internships as Sun Microsystems and Microsoft Year 1 I get my first job as Sony Pictures in Hollywood 75k Pretty good. I worked on a […]

A new Intercom Software Developer

If I didn’t have any of the experience that I gained from Code Institute I just… never would have got into Intercom in a role that requires technical knowledge When I started the course with Code Institute, I didn’t know any HTML, I didn’t know any Javascript, I didn’t know any Python, so… it was […]

What do programmers actually do?

Thanks to YouTube for supporting PBS Digital Studios “recommendations” You’re saying “graham crackers” Okay, I’m Diana and you’re watching physics girl six years ago I started this YouTube channel with a video about what to do with a physics degree But the dirty truth is that I was leaving a job at the time working […]

A Frustrated Software Engineer : 3 – An Onsite Dream

He was a great coder. Poor guy! He was a little filmy. Hmm, kept imagining himself in different films. Yeah, as Naseeruddin Shah or Arjun, sometimes Amitabh Bachchan! So much trouble since the morning. He had to die during the time I’m working here! saab Here’s what I’m thinking – now that this guy is […]

5 of the Worst Computer Viruses Ever

This episode of SciShow might make you a little paranoid about computer viruses and internet security. But that’s probably a good thing. When we talk about a computer virus, we usually mean any kind of code that’s designed to do harm and spread itself to more computers. They’re created by malicious programmers who might want […]

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