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How To Get A Programming Job Without A Degree

I know a lot of you out there have self-taught. You taught yourself how to become a programmer. That’s great. That’s awesome. I self-taught myself before I got my degree, and I got a job without a degree. I got several jobs without a degree. Some of you, maybe you’ve come from a coding bootcamp. […]

Do Software Developers Need Communication Skills? | Programming Tip of the Day – Tim Buchalka

– Have you noticed that in movies, a programmer will often be cast as someone who is lacking in social skills or hasn’t got many social skills, someone who is arrogant, perhaps, and just being socially awkward in general? So my question today is do you think it’s important for programmers to actually have good […]

Why you should Network as a Software Engineer

In this section, we’re going to talk about networking In previous sections, we’ve talked about the importance of forming constructive relationships with your teammates and how they can help you to achieve your career goals One way to really broaden your horizons and explore outside your area is to network. Networking with people outside of […]

A delightful way to teach kids about computers | Linda Liukas

Code is the next universal language. In the seventies, it was punk music that drove the whole generation. In the eighties, it was probably money. But for my generation of people, software is the interface to our imagination and our world. And that means that we need a radically, radically more diverse set of people […]

How to learn to code (quickly and easily!)

Hi and welcome back to another episode, my name is Patrick Shu and I am the tech lead our topic today is how to learn to code and There’s really only one skill that you need to have to learn to code And generally people either have this skill or not And that is really […]

How to meet other Software Engineers at Meetups and Conferences

The tech community as a whole is really great at organizing meetups and tech conferences There are so many different types of them out there and to name a few there’s events for JavaScript, mental health and tech, Lgbtqia+ Robotics and also these! A lot of the meetups in the US can be found on […]

Coding Interviews On Whiteboards

John: Hey, this is John Sonmez from simpleprogrammer.com. So I’ve got another non-question video for you today. This time I thought I’d talk about something that seems to come up quite a bit on my blog. It’s a topic that a lot of people have very high emotions about in the programmer/developer community so don’t […]

Software Developer – Career Connections – WOUB

♪ My name is Jaymie Strecker, and I work for Kosada, and I’m a software developer. I work with a team of people to make apps that people use on their computers and phones and tablets. I’m involved in pretty much all stages of making the software. It’s not just, you sit down, program it, […]

How to Kickstart Your Software Engineering Career

Hi, I’m Mayuko, I’m a Software Engineer living in the San Francisco Bay Area AKA Silicon Valley and I make youtube videos about my life as a Software Engineer! We need software engineers now more than ever, to push forward the technological bounds to unlock the potential of humanity and improve society. We’re using technology […]

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