Exact Instructions Challenge – THIS is why my kids want to kill me. | Josh Darnit

– You’re not even making any sense. He’s already ruined it on purpose, he knows how to make one. (funky music) – What’s up, the internet? You know what? I’m hungry. I could really go for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Do you guys think you can write down some instructions and teach me […]

The Expert (Short Comedy Sketch)

Our company has a new strategic initiative to increase market penetration, maximise brand loyalty, and enhance intangible assets. In pursuit of these objectives, we’ve started a new project — for which we require 7 red lines. I understand your company can help us in this matter. Of course! Walter here will be the Project Manager. […]

Roblox Plane Crash – Catastrophe Strikes (Episode 1)

Roblox Plane Crash Episode 1 Roblox Plane Crash Episode 1 Roblox Plane Crash Episode 1

Making Heat With Free Online Beat Makers !!! (Testing Free Online Beat Makers) | Sharpe

Alright guys welcome to the vlog, no I’m just playing. Okay, basically I’m too lazy to set this up with my tripod but today we are… You know what just shoutout to this guy. I know you’re like right up in my face, but shout to this guy for the video idea We are looking […]

Code Phat Gaya : A Software Engineer’s frustration over production bugs | BC Sutta Parody

Ek Software Engineer ko kya chahiye hota hai, zindagi me? Ki wo weekend pe apni drink enjoy kr sake. Aur usko sabse jyada darr kis cheez ka rehta hai? Production Bug ka. The worst thing that can happen to him is – Agar weekend pe koi production bug aa jaye. To yeh gaana maine usi […]

Weekend With Suresh : Life of a Software Engineer | Kannada Short Satire-Comedy Show | KEB

Hi! Hello!! Namaskara Welcome to Weekend with Suresh You might be wondering what this show is all about You might have seen similar programs where celebrities would talk about their success & their emotional journey,relive their memories When you watch those shows on TV, you might have imagined of being part of the TV show […]

Is Facial Recognition Software Racist? | The Daily Show

Today is the final day of The Daily Show’s A.I. Week. But there’s one aspect of the tech world we have yet to cover. That’s right, I’m talking about… facial recognition. (laughter) Facial recognition software is the newest way to unlock your phone, tag your friends, or create Snapchat nightmares. But there’s one aspect of […]

Fun at work | A Frustrated Software Engineer Moments 8

Oh motherf—always some excuses with you guys. Fix the system. How many times should I send the request? – Hey, bro The manager will approve it. – What’s up? The manager will approve it. The moment he gets time, he’ll approve it for sure. Please come and fix it, man! Bastard cut the call! What […]

Why I Stopped Animating (And Why I Started)

Hey guys, Tamago here. So, it’s been a while since my last animated video. The last one I did was the New Year’s joke PSA and as expected, I’ve been getting a lot of questions such as, when’s your next animation what happened to the animation, *ahem* I got bored. That’s the basic answer, but […]

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