Computer Software & Setup : How to Connect a Laptop to an External Monitor

Hi, I’m Robert. Now I’m going to show you how to hook up a laptop to an external monitor. In order to install an external monitor to your laptop, you need a couple of things on your monitor. You need a 15 pin logic cable on your monitor and a power cable. The logic cable […]

Free Computer Software & Accessories : How to Download AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

Did you know that there are almost a million viruses out there on the internet. Hi I’m Dan Afonso from Enfold IT and Afonso consulting. And this is how to get free AVG virus scanner. Now AVG is a fantastic little virus scanner. What I like about it is that it doesn’t go overboard. A […]

Computer Software & Setup : How to Remove a Forgotten Password on Windows XP

Hi, I’m Robert, and today we’ll show you how to remove forgotten passwords from Windows XP. Windows XP is a trademark of Microsoft, and I am not in any way affiliated with Microsoft. If you forget your passwords in Windows XP, or if you just want to remove the password, for the, for that user, […]

Decorated Wrappers – Design of Computer Programs

So here’s an idea. Let’s get rid of this line, and instead, let’s declare that n_ary is a decorator. We’ll write a definition of what it means to be a decorator in terms of updating wrappers. Then we’ll be done, and we’ve done it once and for all. We can apply it to n_ary, and […]

Calculating Costs – Design of Computer Programs

Now, we got rid of the times in the successor function, so we’ve got to put them back in someplace. I’m going to generalize a little bit, and instead of talking about times, I’m going to talk about costs for a path. I’m just thinking of maybe we might want to do some other problems […]

Lambda – Design of Computer Programs

Let’s consider a formula–I’m going to write a new one. Let’s say You equals Me-squared. We’re treating these formulas as strings. Now when we substitute numbers into this, we get something like 123 equals 45-squared. What happens when we call eval on this string? What eval has to do is it takes it’s input, which […]

Office Hours 2 – Design of Computer Programs

Hi. Welcome to the second office hours. Again we had a lot of really good questions in the forum, so let’s get started. The first question came from Matthew Atkinson. He has heard that you shouldn’t use functions like eval and exec, which we did use in unit 2. He wants to know why shouldn’t […]

Fill In Function – Design of Computer Programs

Now I want to talk about a strategy for defining the function fillin,which takes an unfilled formula and returns all the possible filled in formulas. What do we have to do? Well, let’s consider a formula, and I’m going to take one that’s simpler than one we’ve seen before. I’m going to take the formula […]

Computer Software & Setup : How to Defrag a Computer

Hi, I’m Robert and today I’m going to show you how to defrag a computer. Windows XP is a trademark of Microsoft and I am not in anyway affiliated with Microsoft. To defrag a computer, go to start, my computer, right click on my computer. Go to manage. Under storage, there’s a disk defragmenter selection. […]

Using Max Solution – Design of Computer Programs

[Norvig] And the answer is simple. We take the maximum out of all the hands, with the key equal to the hand_rank. I like this definition because it’s so simple– the whole body is just 1 line– and also because it corresponds so closely to the problem specification. The specification says, return the highest ranking […]

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