Failure, Fault, and Error – Georgia Tech – Software Development Process

The first term I want to define, is failure. A failure is an observable incorrect behavior of the software. It is conceptually related to the behavior of the program, rather than its code. The second term I want to introduce is fault, which is also called bug. And the fault or bug, is an incorrect […]

Data and Medicine

Data and Medicine This is really a magic era for software. We can use computers now to simulate so many different things. So every person has a DNA sequence that’s 3 billion letters long. That’s a really long sequence! And in order for me to study it, I can’t do it by hand. I need […]

Version Control System Introduction – Georgia Tech – Software Development Process

So first of all, what is a version control system? A version control system or VCS, is a system that allows you to manage multiple revisions of the same unit of information. For example of documents, of source files or any other item of that sort. And as the graphical depiction shows, a VCS allows […]

FORD 6000 CD Code unlock 🔓

All today, a very quick and easy little video on how to put your code on the car radio on ford fiesta so it can happen on a battery break or if you change the battery or if you have removed like me in previous episodes car radio so to put it back, we’ll have […]

How to Deal with Jitters on Your First Day as a Software Engineer

Okay so first let’s do something about those nerves. And before we do that let me just say that I’m not a doctor. These are tips that helped me but in no way is this professional or medical advice. Now, if you’re like me, you probably have a billion thoughts racing through your mind and […]

How Computers Work: Circuits and Logic

[whoosh] [ding] [music] One of the coolest things I’ve discovered about circuits is circuitry can be an art form like if I have a creative idea, I can get that creative idea out using circuits. [music] So if you have ideas, you can use technology to make those ideas come to life. [electric guitar music] […]

Condition Coverage – Georgia Tech – Software Development Process

What I’m going to do next is to introduce a few additional coverage criteria using a slightly more complex example, but still a pretty simple one. What I’m showing here is a program that reads two real numbers, x and y. And then, if x is equal to 0 or y is greater than 0, […]

Packet Radio (Post Apocalyptic Internet?) – Computerphile

I exchange my call sign with someone in Slovakia. If the conditions are just right–and that depends on weather and sun spot activity and stuff– You can really get your RF out across the world. 2 meter band is generally considered to be much closer range. (Are we looking at the post-apocalyptic internet here?) I […]

Software engineering has changed… (a manifesto)

Welcome back. Now today we have a very critical issue to talk about. It’s been on my mind for years, really. And I think a lot of us have been aware of it, but nobody really wants to talk about it. And it is about, how software engineering has changed over the years. It is […]

The Internet: Crash Course Computer Science #29

Hi, I’m Carrie Anne, and welcome to CrashCourse Computer Science! As we talked about last episode, your computer is connected to a large, distributed network, called The Internet. I know this because you’re watching a youtube video, which is being streamed over that very internet. It’s arranged as an ever-enlarging web of interconnected devices. For […]

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