Intro to Algorithms: Crash Course Computer Science #13

Hi, I’m Carrie Anne, and welcome to CrashCourse Computer Science! Over the past two episodes, we got our first taste of programming in a high-level language, like Python or Java. We talked about different types of programming language statements – like assignments, ifs, and loops – as well as putting statements into functions that perform […]

Back Of The Envelope Solution – Design of Computer Programs

[Norvig] And the answer is 20 billion. How do you do that back of the envelope? 5 factorial is 120. Let’s just round that off to 100. 100 to the 5th–that’s 5 times 2–is 10 digits, so that works out to 10 billion. And we rounded down to get from 120 to 100, so we […]

Compiling – Design of Computer Programs

Let’s quickly summarize how a language interpreter works. For regular expressions we have patterns like a or b plus, which define languages. A language is a set of strings like {a, b, ab, ba, …} and so on, defined by that pattern. Then we have interpreters like matchset, which in this case takes a pattern […]

G Suite Developer Hub, Introducing AdaNet: Fast & Flexible AutoML, & more!

Boggle – Design of Computer Programs

This homework is to play the word game Boggle. Now, Boggle is played with a set of letters that are arranged into an n x n grid–here 4 x 4– but you should accept other size as well, and your task is to find all the words that can be found in this grid. Now, […]

About the Class – Design of Computer Programs

Welcome to CS212. Now, in this class, you’re going to be learning by example. So I will pose some problems to you and you’ll get a chance to create your solution. And then I’ll show you and discuss my solution. It’s important to note that there’s more then one way to approach a problem, and […]

Learn Web Development: Algorithms & Data Structures

Hey, what’s up? John Sonmez here from Hey, I just wanted to give a quick thanks to one of our sponsors at Simple Programmer which is DevMountain Bootcamp. You should go check them out. The link is in the description. They are a coding bootcamp and they can teach you web development, iOS development, […]

Typical Day as Software Developer

Chelsea: Yeah. So what does today look like? What is a typical day as a junior dev at Q Centrix look like? Tucker: So I show up usually around 9:00, give or take, 15, 20 minutes. It’s pretty relaxed, which I like. As long as you’re there for stand-up at 10:00AM you’re good. But I […]

Hello – Design of Computer Programs

Hi. I’m Andy. I graduated college in 2009, and I started traveling the world, biking across the country, and basically living the life of a drifter. When I found out about Udacity, I decided this was the job for me. Last semester I TA’d Sebastian’s class on Programming a Robotic Car, and this semester I’m […]

All Plays Solution – Design of Computer Programs

Here’s my answer, so I took all the i, j, w pairs from the horizontal plays and just reassembled them with the i, j, putting in the indication that they’re going in the across direction and keeping the same word. Then I do the same thing for the vertical plays. They came out in the […]

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