How to Protect Your Computer From Viruses and Hackers

These days you can never be too careful when it comes to computer security, and it seems like there are more threats than ever. Anything from phishing sites stealing your password, to ransomware that encrypts your data unless you pay up. But most of these risks can be minimized if you do the basic things […]

Avast CommunityIQ – How we find new computer viruses

This is a typical virus analyst – finding and analyzing new computer viruses. And you need hundreds of them in a normal virus lab. At Avast, we do it differently. Imagine this lamp is you, an Avast user; Surrounded by the darkness of cyberspace. When your Avast sees something suspicious, it catches it. Gotcha! … […]

DEF CON 24 – Stephan Huber and Siegfried Rasthofer – Smartphone Antivirus and Apps

[applause]>>Oh ya that’s the kind of subdued no sleep kinda hungover response I was looking for. [laughter] So it is Defcon Sunday. Everything’s a little bit slower everything’s a little bit more chill. How many people have to go home today? Aw that’s too bad. How many people have to go to work tomorrow? You’ve […]

Are You Secure on Public Wi-Fi If Your Antivirus Is Up to Date? | Mythbusting by F-Secure

Many people feel that if they have an up-to-date antivirus protection, they are safe in public Wi-Fi. But picture this: your antivirus is installed on your device and when you visit a website, your device communicates with a website and the website communicates back. And the traffic that’s generated by this communication, is totally outside […]

Do You Need Security Software If You Don’t Visit Unsafe Websites? | Mythbusting by F-Secure

Some people feel that they don’t need security software while on public Wi-Fi, because they don’t access unsafe websites anyway. But what are unsafe websites? Are these the websites that we end up visiting, because there was an email that arrived? Or an instant messaging that arrived, and we clicked the link and we ended […]

Antivirus Software Overview – Trend Micro Security 2019

Trend Micro Security. The ultimate defense in a connected world. Block viruses, spyware, worms, trojans, ransomware, and coin-mining malware, preventing infection of your computer. Fortifies a multi-layered defense that delivers highly effective and efficient protection against ever evolving threats with Advanced Artificial Intelligence. Safeguard your valuable files and digital assets both locally and in cloud-synced […]

Mac support for Malwarebytes Breach Remediation

You know Malwarebytes crushes malware on Windows endpoints. But businesses need to secure multiple endpoints using different operating systems. Introducing Malwarebytes Breach Remediation with Mac support. Now businesses have a simple and easy-to-use solution for removing malware and nuisance programs, like adware, from their Mac endpoints. Malwarebytes Breach Remediation can be rapidly deployed onto thousands […]

PC Tools Antivirus Free 2012 – Teste (Test, CC)

Hello everybody! You are all so welcome to another review!   Today we are going to test PC Tools Free Antivirus version 2012   It counts with the protection of an antivirus, anti-spyware and with the intelliguard   I kept the default settings   And as always, nothing has been changed   I will update […]

Do You Really Need Antivirus Software and Computer Security In 2019?

we live in a world that doesn’t slow down it doesn’t stop moving and it’s always advancing technology has undergone so many changes in just these last few years it’s terrifying in a way to think about what the future holds while many of these advancements are life changing positive breakthroughs there’s a negative to […]

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