Computer Software Tips : How to Keep a PC Running Smoothly

Hi, my name is Dave Andrews, today I’m going to show you a pc running smoothly. Let’s begin by clicking on the start button and going up to computer. This opens up a list of drives that are in your computer. One thing that you can do to make your computer run smoothly is every […]

Audio for Computers : Computer Audio Software

Hi my name is Tony Ramirez from Tampa, Florida and on behalf of Expert Village this is Audio for your PC. Alright let’s talk a little bit about the software your going to be using in your computer. There’s tons of stuff so it’s all preference here. Of course Apple’s got some free software and […]

Computers Programs & Accessories : What is ISO?

Hello. My name is Eric White. Today, I’m going to speak to you about ISO. The International Standards Organization. The ISO was setup originally to set standards for communication. It’s since expanded to eight-nine member countries and it tracks everything from the format of a compact disc to the threads on a screw. If you […]

Computer: Mac & PC Software Tips : How to Change a Mouse Cursor

One of the best parts about having a computer is being able to customize it to make it your own. My name is Mike, and today, we’re going to talk about how to change the mouse cursors on a Windows computer. Now, Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation, and I am in no […]

Free Computer Software & Accessories : How to Download Free Planner Pages Online

Did you know that there’s a mountain of available free planning aids on the Internet? Hi, I’m Dan Afonso from Afonso consulting and Enfold IT. And this is how to get free planning pages on the Internet. Free forms of all kinds are available on the Internet. Now with Microsoft’s Office being more interconnected. Office […]

Computers Programs & Accessories : How to Find Canon Printer Cartridges

Hello. My name is Eric White. And, we’re going to talk about how to find Canon printer cartridges. The first thing you’re going to need is the Canon model number for your printer. And, of course So, here we are at I’m going to click on America’s. Then I’m going to choose Canon […]

Computer Software & Setup : What Are Computer Viruses?

Hi, I’m Robert. Today I will explain what computer viruses are. A virus is a piece of software that attaches itself to a real program. And example would be a virus would attach to an actual application. And every time that application is run, the virus would also run and this could cause significant damage […]

Computer Software & Setup : What Is Data Compression?

Hi, I’m Robert. Now, I’m going to show you what data compression is. Data compression is a way of saving or storing data in a very compact manner. An example would be MPEG or WinZip. What happens is if you want to send, let’s say, an attachment, but it’s too large, a lot of e-mail […]

Computer Software Tips : How to Use DOSBox

Hi, my name is Dave Andrews today I’m going to show you how to use DOSBox. The very first things I’m going to show to you is that DOSBox interacts with Windows directories just like normal as though you were sitting at Windows except with a DOS interface. I’m going to open up my computer, […]

Avira Free Antivirus v10 – Reteste (Retest)

Hello everybody! You are all so welcome to another review!   I was informed that Avira Antivir Personal v10 had some improvements over last months and as a consequence is detecting more threats   So, I decided to test it again   This is the version   I have already previously installed the software […]

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