[2016 version] How to set up the Marlin firmware!

So at some point, you might need to dig into your 3D printer’s firmware configuration, whether it’s to update to a more recent version or even to get your newly-built 3D printer going at all. So where do you get started? Take my hand, i’ll show you the world of C++ configuration files that control […]

Beetel USB TV Tuner Card Software to watch TV on computer monitor

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NetSetMan – Introducing Your Network Settings Manager

Let’s say this is your laptop and you’re at home. And you have a specific configuration for your system. Taking your laptop to another network, like a friend’s place, often requires you to change those settings. Returning home again you need to change them back. And if you’re visiting that friend frequently, you need to […]

An introduction to Windows Defender Antivirus

Hi I’m Amitai rottem from the windows defender Antivirus team I want to tell you about jan, who is an IT pro who is looking to deploy WDAV. Jan’s organization is migrating to Windows 10 and after a security and license review they have decided to look more closely at the built in security capabilities […]

Omnibus F4 V2 – Firmware Upgrade

Hi everyone I am Mirko and today we update the firmware of Omnibus F4 V2 flight controller first download and intall CP210x and STM USB VCP driver also download Zadig software After installing the drivers that we downloaded connect the flight controller to PC At this point it is essential to connect the flight controller […]

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