Introduction to Computer Programming – Installation – Install Software on Macintosh

>>Deborah Trytten: Now let’s install software on a Macintosh computer. Setup can be the trickiest part of this class. Don’t give up hope. We’ll help you through it. For the outline, first you need to understand your computer setup. Then you need to pick the right version of the software. Then you need to install […]

3 Awesome Reasons You Should Become a Software Developer | Origin Code Academy

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How To Go From Software Developer Bootcamp Student to Employed Graduate

– Our students are forced to figure out how to solve problems. They’re coming to Origin to get a job. We take that aspect really, really seriously. If you want to hire one of our students, I think that there’s no better way to really understand what you can get by hiring our grads by […]

Introduction to Computer Programming – Next Steps to Becoming a Software Engineer

>>If you’ve reached this point in the class doing the readings and successfully doing the exercises, congratulations. You may now call yourself a computer programmer. Welcome to a very elite club. Up to this point we’ve worked on relatively small programs. We usually measure the length of programs by the number of lines of code […]

Introduction to Synfig Studio

Synfig Studio is a powerful, open-source animation software. Synfig might not be as user-friendly as its commercial rivals… but it gives you control over every single element of your animation. Once you learn – you can do a great job with it! To help you get started, we’ve created a video course. With this course, […]

Introduction to Computer Programming – Installation – Install Software on a Windows Machine

>>Dr. Deborah Trytten: Let’s install software on a PC running Windows. Now setup can be the trickiest part of this class. Don’t give up hope! Here’s the outline of what we’re going to do. First you need to understand your computer’s setup. You need to pick the right version of the software, install Java, then […]

Overview of Arlo – Software for Training Providers

Arlo transforms your training business. It’s software that helps you promote, sell and deliver courses. With its smart automation, you can say goodbye to repetitive tasks and hello to business growth. Arlo helps your whole team reach their goals. It takes care of your admin tasks with ease. Making rescheduling courses, finding the right presenter, […]

Android Java Masterclass – Become an App Developer on Udemy – Official

Welcome to the Android Oreo Java masterclass, we’re going to learn how to create apps for Android using Java. My name is Tim Buchalka and I’m your instructor in this course along with my co-instructor Jean Paul Roberts. Now I’ve been a professional software development teacher for well over 30 years and I’ve got around […]

Prelude | New Data on the Edge | Episode 1 | Intel Software

Hi. I am Meghana Rao. And this is the AI from the Data Center to the Edge video series. This video series is based on Intel’s new featured course that covers an optimized data science path using Intel architecture. The goal of this video series is to walk through each component of the course and […]

How to make a Video Game in Unity – BASICS (E01)

So here’s the step by step guide on getting started with your first video game. What you see on the screen now is what we’re going to be making through this miniseries. It’s really simple and Arcad(ey) but it’s always easy to add more gameplay elements and cooler graphics at a later point. Right now, […]

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