Exact Instructions Challenge – THIS is why my kids want to kill me. | Josh Darnit

– You’re not even making any sense. He’s already ruined it on purpose, he knows how to make one. (funky music) – What’s up, the internet? You know what? I’m hungry. I could really go for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Do you guys think you can write down some instructions and teach me […]

New Panda 2014 Antivirus products – Not everyone can be a Panda

I’m always wanted to be a Panda. So big… So loyal… So cute… I ate like a panda… I slept like a panda… I even learned kung-fu like a panda. I had everthing it takes to be a panda. I am a panda! I am a panda! I am a panda! Oh…what a cute dog! […]

Off to the Vet (Full Film in COLOUR) I A Simon’s Cat SPECIAL

[Birds tweeting] [Birds tweeting] Meow! [Bee buzzing] [Bee buzzing] [Ping! Bee sting] Meoooow!!!! [Sigh] Meow Meow [Belly rumbling] Meow Meow Meow. Meow Off! Meow. Meow. [Chuckles to himself] Meow? [Sucking noises] Get off… [Mumbles] Mew! Rarrgghhh! Eeeugh! Meow. Mew Meow. Go on! [Simon cheerily humming] Meow. Meow. Meow! Meow. [Simon casually whistling] [ Click! (cat […]

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