How to Protect Your Computer From Viruses and Hackers

These days you can never be too careful when it comes to computer security, and it seems like there are more threats than ever. Anything from phishing sites stealing your password, to ransomware that encrypts your data unless you pay up. But most of these risks can be minimized if you do the basic things […]

Microsoft security practices | Azure Security Basics

(cheerful music) One critical aspect of the shared responsibility model, is what’s your responsibility, what’s our responsibility, and Microsoft, how does Microsoft secure Microsoft? It’s part of using any type of service or system offered by a third party. You need to know what that party’s doing. What’s Microsoft doing to protect Microsoft? And what […]

Meet Sławek – SecurityGate Software Developer

Stop laughing! Hi, guys, my name is Sławek and I work at SecurityGate as a software developer. As a member of our development team, I work closely with our Chief Technology Officer. I’ve been working at SecurityGate since March and my favorite part about working here is the people that I work with. I believe […]

Check Point: Introducing Software-defined Protection | Cyber Security Software

– [Announcer] Technology is all around us, and keeps evolving on a daily basis. Proprietary systems are much more open and connected today and therefore are more vulnerable to security threats. If technology evolves fast, so do threats. Every year, they’re becoming more frequent and more sophisticated. IT environments have also evolved quickly from simple […]

Are You Secure on Public Wi-Fi If Your Antivirus Is Up to Date? | Mythbusting by F-Secure

Many people feel that if they have an up-to-date antivirus protection, they are safe in public Wi-Fi. But picture this: your antivirus is installed on your device and when you visit a website, your device communicates with a website and the website communicates back. And the traffic that’s generated by this communication, is totally outside […]

Do You Need Security Software If You Don’t Visit Unsafe Websites? | Mythbusting by F-Secure

Some people feel that they don’t need security software while on public Wi-Fi, because they don’t access unsafe websites anyway. But what are unsafe websites? Are these the websites that we end up visiting, because there was an email that arrived? Or an instant messaging that arrived, and we clicked the link and we ended […]

GermanWiper, SystemBC stealthy, beware free antivirus, and more.

Hi, I’m Paul Torgersen. It’s Monday, August 5th, 2019 and this is a look at the information security news from overnight. From For the past week, a new ransomware strain has been wreaking havoc across Germany. Named GermanWiper, this ransomware doesn’t encrypt files but instead it rewrites their content with zeroes, permanently destroying users’ […]

Business Cybersecurity Tips & Tricks – Antivirus Conspiracy

You often hear flippant claims that antivirus companies create viruses and other malware. Of course they don’t! Hi I’m Tony Anscombe a security evangelist at ESET. Having worked in the IT security industry for over 20 years I think it’s a good idea to explain some security fundamentals. Well antivirus companies absolutely don’t and more […]

A Day in the Life of a Tripwire VERT Security Researcher

So as a security researcher on VERT we’re spending all of our time really just digging into security advisories and trying to get to that extra context about what these things are about, how can they be exploited, what’s the impact going to be, and then we also dig in and figure out how can […]

Is Windows Defender actually heavier than other Antivirus?

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