Black Magic Micro Cinema Camera Firmware Update

Hello hello in the next episode, and in this episode we will update the camera Black Magic Micro Cinema Camera So the camera you see here It is a very small camera, we will see the camera without a frame and I will tell you exactly what will happen here Recently, Black Magic has released […]

Creating with Data | LinkedIn Software Engineer | Omayeli Arenyeka

thank you so much for having me as we said in my bio I’m the engineer at LinkedIn I work on a design systems team but I would like to think that is the least interesting thing about me so we’re not gonna talk about that today outside of work I consider myself an artist […]

Best Home Design Software – Top 10 List

Top 10 Best Home Design Software Top 10: HGTV Instant Makeover Top 9: Total 3D Home Design Deluxe v11 Top 8: Total 3D Home Design Premium Suite v12 Top 7: Punch Interior Design Suite v17.5 Top 6: TurboFloorPlan 3D Deluxe v17 Top 5: Punch Home & Landscape Design Standard v17.5 Top 4: HGTV Ultimate Home […]

Typhon UDX: Agile Drone Development Software

The rise of UAV technologies is changing the world as we know it. In this fast-changing market, it is becoming increasingly difficult for UAV developers to adapt to emerging needs and opportunities. But what if you could leverage the power of advanced simulation methods to develop innovative and optimized UAV systems at a fraction of […]

How to Install Plugins, and Extensions in Sketchup (software)

Hey design nation! In this session I’m going to teach you the difference between tools, plugins and extensions in Sketchup. And then I’m going to teach you how to find some, and how to install them once you do. I’m just going to start off this by saying that the difference between tools, plugins and […]

Beginning Graphic Design: Fundamentals

The fundamentals of design are the basis of every visual medium, from fine art… to modern web design… even small details, like the fonts that make up most compositions. What do these examples have in common? Some very basic elements, including line, shape, form, texture, and balance. They might not seem like much on their […]

Computer Software

Welcome into the fourth lecture in this series of logic design. here, I want to speak about Computer Software. Software is a generic term for organized collections of computer data and instructions, often broken into two major categories: system software that provides the basic non task-specific functions of the computer, and application software which is […]

Civil engineering softwares

the softwares that you should learn basically depends upon the subfield of civil engineering you are working in but there are some softwares that every civil engineer should know to work on like autocad and ms excel yes excel is also very useful don’t underestimate it apart from that the software’s which may be useful […]

Software Developer – Career Connections – WOUB

♪ My name is Jaymie Strecker, and I work for Kosada, and I’m a software developer. I work with a team of people to make apps that people use on their computers and phones and tablets. I’m involved in pretty much all stages of making the software. It’s not just, you sit down, program it, […]

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