Workday HCM, Financials, and Analytics in the Cloud: A Software Industry Analyst Perspective

Why is Workday important in the market? Workday was the first SaaS company that actually designed their solution. Once again, like I said, for the worker not thinking about the HR department and the finance department first. … What Workday did is Workday actually reimagined those processes, put them online with the worker being the […]

Does G Suite Protect from Viruses? Do I need Antivirus in 2019? | Google Cloud Security

– What’s up, guys? Pete Moriarty, here. And in this video, covering: Do I still need an antivirus in 2018? Great question from Ron. Thanks very much for answering. Thanks very much for asking, sorry. And let’s talk about antivirus. It’s 2018, and viruses have kinda taken a back seat to a couple of other […]

Marketing Technology: The MarTech Landscape of Tools and Software (CXOTalk #249)

Welcome to Episode #249 of CxOTalk. I’m Michael Krigsman, an industry analyst and the host of CxOTalk. Today, we are exploring the world of marketing technology and our guest is… You know, I call him, “Mr. Martech,” because he is the guy, more than anybody else, who popularized that term, and whose research has done […]

Subaru Increases Production with GE’s Automation Software

Subaru is the fastest-growing automaker in the world. We really have been tasked with increasing our production capabilities in North America. Everyone in this plant is working hard to reach that goal. So we really have been using the softwares for anything from uptime improvement to getting into some of the predictive Stuff. Like every […]

Who is Coconut Software

Hi I’m Katherine Regnier, I’m the CEO and founder of Coconut Software. At Coconut Software we’re supporting the digital transformation on how enterprises are engaging with customers and we really want to focus on working with businesses that really value relationships. For us it’s about the quality of relationships we have with our customers not […]

Transform customers’ business through Microsoft Software Asset Management

Cybersecurity threats. More personal devices accessing a company’s network. Scaling technology to meet business needs. How can you help customers secure and optimize their IT investments and drive business forward? Software Asset Management is an industry best practice that incorporates proven processes helping companies control, manage, and protect their IT assets. According to Gartner, a […]

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